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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[trans] 101222 Jaejoong's Sisters' Twitter Conversation Regarding His Eye Infection

(4th sister to 6th sister): It's been hard on you. Take good care of him tomorrow and let him eat yummy food, then take him to the hospital ^^
(6th sister to 4th sister): Did he eat something bad? I'll let him rest well today and go over to his place tomorrow to cook him some yummy food. I have some stuff I need to talk to him about. It must've been that he missed Jiji too much and became sick~~ Jiji also doesn't eat, so right now I'm chewing up the food to feed him. He's eating pretty well~~
(4th sister to Jaejoong): You have to go to the hospital tomorrow.
(4th sister to 6th sister): Call him later on and see. Ah, there's medicine at home right? Tell the youngest that compared to there being a miracle, it'd be better to go to the hospital keke.
(6th sister to 4th sister): Did he say that it hurt a lot? Is it an eye disease? He doesn't eat medicine. I'll call him and go over to take a look.
(4th sister to 6th sister): Take care of him and make sure he eats the medicine.
(6th sister to Jaejoong): Son, it's been tough on you in such cold days ^^ Does it hurt a lot? If it does then it's not good because it makes people worried.
(6th sister to 4th sister): Should I go over? I was worried that he would be too tired.
(4th sister to Jaejoong): Should I call you now?
(4th sister to Jaejoong): Right now I don't know yet, you?
(Jaejoong to 4th sister): Yeah, I just wish my eyes would get better quickly. I can only hope for a miracle. Noona, what are you planning to do for Christmas?
(4th sister to Jaejoong): You've worked hard today. Sleep well ^^

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