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Sunday, October 31, 2010

[NEWS] 101031 JYJ talks freely and have wonderful relationship

JYJ other than having a lot to talk about, having great relationship, even in front of Taiwanese media they continue to to speak freely, funny episodes were plenty. On the 30th in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center showcase JYJ performed for 70 minutes and earned 15 million, before leaving Taiwan received interviews by the media, the three of them talked freely and very very funny, also continued the drinking topic from the showcase, about Junsu doesn’t like drinking and doesn’t pay, so the don’t ask him to go drinking again, and Jaejoong was recognized by the other two as poison tongued king replies “Sometimes the food is more expensive than the drinks!”

It’s their first time producing a English album, JYJ said were learning English while recording, and said when they were the happiest this year when they received this album. The three of their relationship is super good, in the short half hour talk, they continued talk freely to each other. When talking about drinking, they revealed they have been meeting privately for drinks, but Jaejoong said Junsu is like if you don’t drink, you don’t pay, so he starts to not ask him to go for drinks. At that time Junsu argues “Its almost all money for drinks”, and Jaejoong couldn’t help but respond “the food cost more than alcohol.” When asked about who is the poisoned tongue king in front of media, other than Junsu and Yoochun pointing to Jaejoong, even Jaejoong admitted he has a sharp tongue.

In addition to chatting about their new album and their recent activities, they talked about their deepest memories from their acting challenges. Yoochun reminisced filming “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, there was a romance scene on water, but his entire headdress fell off, instead of a romance scene it made everyone on site laugh. Junsu felt refreshing participating in his first musical. At this time Jaejoong said while laughing: “Yoochun and I did go watch, but we sat too far in the back so we only saw Junsu’s head.”

JYJ were careful when answering questions, always using their JYJ activities from this year as topic, seems that they want to temporarily avoid talking about the past, but when Jaejoong was asked about the meaning of his tattoos, he answered it was a memorial for their debut. Because they are now touring around the world, the three of them expressed they want to learn more languages, and be able to have better connection with fans.

Source: yahoo 
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[TRANS] 101031 JYJ kept joking with each other, JaeJoong is said to have a "poisonous tongue"

During the media interview in Taiwan, the three members kept joking with each other and even continued talking about the drinking issue that was mentioned at the Showcase.

This is the first time that they have released an English album, so you can say that they were recording and learning English at the same time! And so receiving this album was the happiest thing this year for them. The 3 members had an extremely good relationship with each other and kept on making jokes during the short 30min interview, especially when talking about the issue of drinking alcohol. They always go out to drink on their own, but JaeJoong said that because Junsu doesn't really drink and does not pay, they have started to stop inviting him along. At this point, Junsu cut in, saying, "almost 80% of the bill is for the drinks!". JaeJoong could not resist replying, "the snacks that we eat while drinking are even more expensive than the alcohol!".
It was also asked which member had the most "poisonous tongue". Junsu and Yoochun pointed at JaeJoong and even JaeJoong himself admitted that his comments are rather sharp.

Other then talking about the new album, the various individual projects each member had undertaken were also discussed and each member was asked about any lasting impresssions they had. Yoochun talked about filming SKK Scandal; there was a scene on the water which was supposed to be very emotional but his entire headpiece dropped off causing the emotional scene to become a funny one.
And Junsu said the musical he was in was a refreshing experience. At this point JaeJoong joked again, saying, "I went with Yoochun to watch Junsu's musical, but we sat too back and could only see his head.". {LOL!}

JYJ were very cautious when answering the questions and most of the questions had to be based around "this year's" JYJ activities. There were also some they tried not to answer. When JaeJoong was asked about the meaning of his tattoo, he just briefly remarked that it was to commerate the launching of his career that year.
And with regards to them starting to tour various countries, JYJ said that they would like to learn more languages to be able to communicate better with the fans.

Credits: Yahoo Taiwan
Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 101031 JYJ Exposes Each Others’ Secrets: Yoochun’s Crabby In The Morning

With Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun forming the group JYJ, they successfully finished their Taiwan showcase on October 30. They accepted interviews before they left Taiwan, exposing secrets of one another.

When asked what the biggest challenge for them since they debuted, and when was their most exciting moment, Jaejoong answered with, “can we just talk about what happened this year?”, trying to avoid talking about TVXQ. When asked about his tattoos, Jaejoong replied, “I have the letters of TVXQ on my back. Most of them are words, and I only put things on that have meaning to me.” He showed off the tattooed wings while bending over, which makes one think of his current rumor with Ayumi Hamasaki. When asked about his ideal type, he said, “I am always surprised of girls who have pretty hands. They need to always be fresh and clean.” Yoochun remarked, “it would be exhausting for those girls!” Junsu said that he liked energetic and cheerful girls, while Yoochun likes gentle ladies who takes care of their families. But he doesn’t forget to add in, “sexy would be nice too.”

Although Jaejoong earned number 1 spot for girls wanting to “offer their lap for him to lie on”, he still believes that the popularity of the other two is higher than his. He said, “although I have the most number of rumors, those aren’t real. The girls around me normally like Junsu and Yoochun better.”

The members showed their close relationship by saying how Jaejoong has the sharpest tongue, Yoochun is crabby in the morning, and Junsu is stingy in not wanting to pay the drinking money. Junsu helplessly said, “because I didn’t even drink, and sometimes the alcohol is even more expensive than the side dishes!”
Source: [udn.com]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 101030 Micky Yoochun's twitter touches Fan's heart

Micky Yoochun, whom acted as Lee Seon Jun in KBS2 drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal" started to make a twitter account recently. And he has successfully grabbed the attentions of fans.

Yoochun uploaded a picture of him on his bed, covered with his blanket and revealing only his eyes.
He also tweeted " Goodnight everyone ^^ ! Keep the faith always!! No matter what!!!".

Fans started to leave comments such as "So cute", "Only reveal his shiny eyes" etc.

Especially after he tweeted the phrase, "Keep the faith always". This phrase is usually use by him when he wants to convey his feelings to the fans, and it would get enthusiastic responses among Dong Bang Shin Ki's fans.

Source: TVXQBaidu + Yoochun's twitter
Translation: BaoJaeSoul @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[FANART] Jaejoong with Jiji on a treadmill

credit: as tagged
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[PHOTO] Jaejoong's New Tattoo

what can i say?he loves MICKY & JUNSU very much

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[trans] 101031 JYJ Showcase in Taiwan - Jaejoong, Junsu and Jiji

this conv is based from a video:

  • Junsu saw how cute Jiji was and bought himself 4 kittens
  • Junsu took care of Jiji for a while and Jiji was really good, so Junsu asked if he could give Jiji to him
  • Junsu says that Jiji really likes him and that Jiji would choose him over Jaejoong if the two of them sat together and asked him to come over
  • Then they asked if Jaejoong gets jealous and he said 'I can't control that cat'
Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[trans] 101031 jaejoong twitter update

대만도추워 ㅠ
It's also cold in Taiwan ㅠ

이제대한민국으로 날아갑니다.보고싶다..
We're flying off now to Korea. I miss you.<--i dont know this tweet refer to fans or...JIJI!!!

Oh Jiji...

오늘은너무피곤해서일찍잘게요 잘자요^^
I'm very tired today so I'll sleep early.. good night ^^

trans by: joe jjang @twitter
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[NEWS] 101031 JYJ’s Storm in Taiwan, Earning 15000K Yet Yoochun Keeps Pushing Drinking Bill Away

Performing without the big name of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu formed group “JYJ” which is still widely popular.

They held a showcase in Nangang Exhibition Centre on October 30th, with 5000 tickets all sold leaving no empty seats in the venue. In their 2 days 1 night, 29 hours Taiwan trip, the members earned NT 15,000,000 with ease, singing 6 songs in the showcase. Although so, Jaejoong blathered that his fellow member Yoochun had been stingy, as he never pays the bill when they drink.

800 Fans Welcoming them at the airport
JYJ arrived in Taiwan yesterday and 800 fans came to welcome them. With hundred securities to maintain the crowd’s order, lucky fans who were able to take pictures with their idols, cried out of happiness.

As implied that the trip was tight in time, the moment they checked into the hotel, Junsu went showering, ate Korean cuisine, and everyone soon proceed to the venue for rehearsal.

At the night of album showcase performance that lasted for 70 minutes, all songs performed were in english. The venue immediately became crazy with the music from opening song “Empty” being played. Junsu even used Chinese to greet his fans: “How are your parents’ health? (你爸爸妈妈身体好吗)”, evolving laughter among audiences.

When they were asked about their recent whereabouts, Yoochun laughed and said that while he was filming “Sungkyunkwan and Scandal”, Jaejoong and Junsu brought 160 fried chicken while were visiting him. It seems that the other members have been generous to him, yet he himself was being babbled for being stingy.

Jaejoong splurted that everytime he went drinking with Yoochun, he would be the one who pay, “Because Yoochun always appear earlier at the arranged location, thus when I got there, he is already drunk, hence does not have to pay. There was once when I found a chance to let him pay, I still got to repay in the end.”

Junsu has been attracted to…
Recently, Junsu has been attracted to own cats, and as he saw Jaejoong’s cute cat, he bought 4 cats all at once, “I think Jaejoong completely does not know how to look after cat, therefore I asked him to pass and sell his cat to me, his cat is cuter than mine.”

Jaejoong admitted that he is no expert in bringing up cats, “My cat is too fat, I put him on treadmill to make it losing weight once and got scratched by him, leaving a scar on my hand.”

The members left Taiwan by Cathay Pacfic flight CX420 after the showcase.

Credit: Chinatimes
Trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[photos] junsu with his bestfriend,eunhyuk super junior


friendship that no one can break even it is SMe!!

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[NEWS] 101030 the most viewed twitter users in Twitter goes to...JYJ!

as of today,7.10 PM KST:
@mjjeje- 125,514
@6002theMicky- 111,682

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[TRANS] 101030 JYJ on a 29-hour visit to Taiwan

On their first visit to Taipei as 'JYJ', TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu brought with them chaos at Taoyuan International Airport and 5000 fans at Nangang Exhibition Centre.

Due to their hectic schedules , JYJ's stay in Taipei will only last a total of 29 hours, and the members expressed their hopes to revisit Taiwan for a concert.

Despite this being a showcase, JYJ gave the audience their 100%. They made their way to the venue for rehearsals after taking a short rest. In a showcase that lasted around 70 minutes, they performed a total of 6 songs.

The introductory background music which preceded their performance of 'Empty' had their anxious fans screaming in excitement.

During the showcase, footage from their recording sessions in the US over June and July were shown. The trio are excited to be back in Taiwan and Junsu said 'How are your moms and dads?' in Chinese, showing his love and kindness towards the fans.

The three members thanked the fans' support when they were informed that the tickets to their showcase sold out within minutes. In a conversation about their recent activities, Yoochun revealed that Jaejoong and Junsu visited him whilst he was filming his drama 'Sungkyunkwan and Scandal', bringing with them 160 servings of fried chicken. In terms of their personal lives, Jaejoong laughed and said that he was always the one paying whenever they would go out for a drink. Junsu not only said that he bought himself four kittens after seeing Jaejoong with Jiji, but also complained about Jaejoong not taking good care of Jiji, arguing that he should give Jiji to him.

The showcase concluded with a performance of the remixed version of 'Empty'.

JYJ are scheduled to attend press conferences and various interviews on the 31st and will be departing Taiwan on Cathay Pacific the same night.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Yahoo
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[NEWS] 101030 JYJ 5th on United World Chart

Credits: HeyJJ
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[twitter]junsu baby really miss his old friend,hyukjae~

he started to feel depress at this moment:

@ 대만엔 내가원하는 치킨이없는듯..ㅠ
►kangsungpil | Taiwan doesn't have the chicken that I like..ㅠ

어느날 우리 은혁님께서..방송에서 내가 술을 마셨다고..그말이 와전되어서 내가 술을 즐겨마시는걸로 되어버렸어..켁..확실히 말하지만..난 술을 마셔본적이있을뿐이지 지금도 난 좋아하지않고 마시지않아 ~ ㅋ얘기하다보니 우리 혁재가 보고싶네..에긍
One day our Eunhyuk said in a program that I drank... that I liked drinking was a misinterpretation..ugh..though he did really say it..t'was only that I've tried drinking,not like I like drinking or I really do drink~ㅋ&now that we've talked about it,I miss Hyukjae.aigoo

방금..호텔방안에서..콘서트때 첫 선보일 곡의 가사를 썼어..왜이렇게 뜬금없이 예전 생각이 물씬 나는지..
Just now..inside the hotel room... the first song we will show off is a song I wrote.. Why is it that out of nowhere the atmosphere felt like bringing back old memories...

오늘은 이 슬픈기억을 소중히 하며 잠들어야지...
Today I have to sleep as I cherish this sad memory

오늘 내 마음..그날 콘서트장에서 .........들려줄께
At the concert venue on that day, I will let you hear how my heart felt today...

2010.10.31 오전2시29분의...지금 이 순간 나의 마음을.
2010.10.31 2:29 AM... Right now at this moment, my heart....

after that,he finally followed @AllRiseSilver in twitter!!

today's tweet:

@ 우리의 대주교 영기형!!팔로우 했어요^^
►poimin73 | Our archbishop Younggi hyung! I followed you^^

@ 야!!신하야!!!!
5.25 pm KST 101031
►AllRiseSilver | Ya! Trustworthy(servant) one!!!

@ 과찬의 말씀이십니다....우리 꼭 다시 같은 무대에 서요 형!!!그날을 기다릴께요^^
 6.02pm KST 101031
►poimin73 | You're very generous with your compliments... Let's definitely stand on the same stage again, hyung!!! I'll wait for that day ^^

trans by: jyunshyu @twitter
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

[INFO] JYJ launches official Youtube Channel + first contest

JYJ has just announced their first contest! THe winners will receive 2 tickets to any of the US tour dates. The deadline is Thursday, November 4th! To enter, just create a 'creative video' and subscribe to the JYJ Youtube Channel. Check out the details below:

Video Contest #1: WHY ARE YOU THE #1 JYJ FAN IN THE WORLD??!!

1) Make a creative video
2) Ask & link to "SUBSCRIBE TO http://facebook.com/JYJtour"
3) Share it with us here!
...4) We'll add you to our YouTube playlist!


Deadline Thursday, November 4th, 2010. Winner and new contest will be announce on the 5th! Winner will receive 2 tickets to from any of the US tour dates.

JYJ's management team has just announced that the trio has opened their official Youtube channel! They'll be holding contests, events and more on their page. JYJ's team says you'll be able to "WIN FREE TICKETS & MUCH MORE!".

So far, the page only has one video uploaded, which is an intro video to JYJ's World Tour and debut album.

Source: JYJ Tour Youtube Channel
Credits: Koreaboo
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[TRANS] 101020 Kim Gura’s Mixed Up, “2PM Junsu turns not to be the double role of Xiah Junsu”

MC Kim Gura told about his misunderstanding towards 2PM Junsu.

On the 20th airing of MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star, 2PM members Taecyeon – Woo Young and Miss A members Min – Jia made appearance as guests, while Tony An came up as special MC.

In the show broadcast, Kim Gura showed an unusual interst towards 2PM. “When the first time I knew your group’s main vocal’s name was Junsu, I just later realized that he’s not the double roles of Xiah Junsu.” he said referring to TVXQ member Xiah Junsu.

Kim Gura then asked to both Taecyeon and WooYoung “What is the reason Junsu is hardly noticed by public” at which Yoon Jong Shin replied, “Probably everyone is still trying to find out the real charm of Junsu himself.”

To the subsequent attacks from the MC, WooYoung told his own perspective, “(It’s hard for Junsu because) in face department, there’s already Nichkhun, while Taecyeon has better body shape.”

Credit: news nate
Trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[photos]JYJ at taiwan airport *drools*

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Fancam of JYJ’s MV for ‘Ayy Girl’ featuring Kanye West revealed

101028 Jaejoong got too Twitter happy XD

p/s: read from bottom to top
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[JAEJOONG/YOOCHUN/JUNSU] 101030 JaeJoong is still in love with elephants and JYJ's having fun in YooChun's hotel room.

(Abt 8AM KST) JaeJoong says: 오늘은TAIWAN!!오랜만이다 ㅠㅠ
Today Taiwan!! It's been a long time hehe ㅠㅠ

(Abt 1PM KST) JunSu says: 호텔도착..옷벗고 침대에누웠는데 시원하고 기분이 좋아..^^
Reached the hotel.. Took off the clothes and laid on the bed. It's cooling and I'm in a good mood .. ^^

(215PM KST) 6002theMicky says: 아~~~이~~~~온~~~~!!!하고파!!
Ah~~~ Yi~~~ On~~~~!!! Stretch out your hand!! (T/N: It is actually a type of hand game)

(233PM KST) YooChun to JunSu: 준수야~너도다시시작해!우리레기 섭전한다~
Junsu-ya ~ you too start over again! Let's have a match~

(238PM KST) JaeJoong says: 코끼리♬우리끼리♬
Elephant♬ Just us♬ (T/N: He's singing ^^)

(242PM KST) JaeJoong says: 끼리끼리코끼리♬ http://yfrog.com/7bkhfxj
Herd by herd the elephants ♬ (T/N: Still singing ^^)

(250PM KST) JaeJoong says: 준수야 유천이방으로모여!고고고
JunSu-ya, come to YooChun's room now! Go go go

(459PM KST) JunSu says: 난 그냥 잠들어버렸었어.........ㅋ

(501PM KST) JunSu says: 성필이형님 촬영 화이팅요~!!!^^
SungPil Hyung-nim, hwaiting on your filming~!!!^^

Source: JaeJoong's, JunSu's, YooChun's Twitter Accounts
Translation: InHye87 and mel @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[JAEJOONG/YOOCHUN/JUNSU] 101030 JYJ tweeting up a frenzy after their Taipei showcase

(1020PM KST) YooChun says: 건영이형^^난 형이참 좋아요!!!선물~~ http://yfrog.com/6wh5enj
Gun Young Hyung ^^ My Hyung whom I really like!!! Gift~~

(1021PM KST) JaeJoong says: 끝났다 너무신났어 대만 고마워!
It has ended. It was so much fun. Thank you Taiwan!

(1022PM KST) JunSu says: 대만..마음으로 느꼈습니다..^^
Taiwan.. I felt it with my heart.. ^^

(1023PM KST) JaeJoong says: ^^ 응?이라고하는 지지 http://yfrog.com/49urlkj
^^ Eh? JiJi who said "eh"

(1026PM KST) YooChun says: 기쁨보다 더욱 기쁜 기쁨을 받았어요...너무고마워요!!아~~좋다!! http://yfrog.com/f5q24aj
It was so much happiness, more than just plain happiness. Thank you very much!! Ahhh~~ It feels good!

(1027PM KST) JunSu says: 어느날 우리 은혁님께서..방송에서 내가 술을 마셨다고..그말이 와전되어서 내가 술을 즐겨마시는걸로 되어버렸어..켁..확실히 말하지만..난 술을 마셔본적이있을뿐이지 지금도 난 좋아하지않고 마시지않아 ~ ㅋ얘기하다보니 우리 혁재가 보고싶네..에긍
On some day our EunHyuk-nim.. He said on-air in a program, that I drank alcohol. That comment has now come true. I have come to know and enjoy the taste of alcohol.. Kekek.. To put it right.. It's only just that I've tasted alcohol.. I still don't like it now and don't yearn drinking it~ Now that I'm talking about this I miss HyukJae...

Source: JaeJoong's, JunSu's, YooChun's Twitter Accounts
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

101030 JYJ Taiwan Showcase - Review by Taiwanese boyband Lollipop & Choc7 members

  • @LilJay廖俊傑:優秀的團體!
  • (An excellent group)
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • @LilJay廖俊傑: 他們紅是應該的!我被他們的表演震撼到!不虧是天團!
  • (It is rightful that they are popular! I was shocked/ amazed by their performance! No doubt the best group!)
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • @邱翊橙毛弟:真的…唱歌表演沒話說…眼睛視線沒離開過他們!配服…
  • (Really... The singing performance is speechless... The eye sight has never left them at all! Impressed...)
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Liljay is from Taiwanese Boyband Lollipop while 毛弟 (Maodi) is from Choc7
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Translated by sally2808 @ UnspokenJaeJoong.tumblr.com

[photos]101030 JYJ at Taiwan airport-xiah biased

[photos]JYJ showcase in taipei

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[PHOTOS] 101030 Stalking JYJ in Taiwan

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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[PHOTOS]101030 collection of JYJ - Airport to Taiwan

Credits: TVXQBaidu + as tag
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