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Thursday, November 25, 2010

[photos] Jaejoong - Bus

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[photos] Junsu's cuteness

as everybody knows,YES!junsu is cute in anything he does.hihi.so here, i wanna share some pics with all of u especially to junsu oppa lovers!!


so cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee~~~

[trans] 101125 JYJ Become Honorary Duty Free Branch Managers?

Group JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have become honorary branch managers for Lotte Duty Free.

Kim Jaejoong is the honorary manager for the Incheon Airport branch, Park Yoochun is the honorary manager for the Gimhae Airport branch and Kim Junsu is the honorary manager for the Busan branch.

Netizens who saw this left funny comments such as, "If there was a real manager like them, I would do anything it takes to be hired there...", "Incheon Airport is going to be more hectic than ever before because of Kim Jaejoong" and, "The honorary manager is so handsome... He makes me want to go to the airport every day!"
Source: [TVDaily+DNBN]
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[fanart] JaeChunSu

cool oppa~~

too cute!!hihi~~

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[trans] 101125 Yoo Ah In and JYJ Yoochun show off close friendship that was formed through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah In who proceeded to their own schedule after starring in “SungkyunKwan Scandal” which had ended its broadcast, continued to express concern over each other through Twitter, which attracted many attention.

Last Monday, Park Yoochun left a message for Yoo Ah In on Twitter, saying “You didn’t bring your handphone? Before I went to US, I gave you a call but your phone was switched off.” Afterwhich Yoo Ah In mentioned that “I’m anticipating this coming Saturday, Yoochun-ah, Chunchun, Small Chunchun, Yoo Sweetie”, mentioning many intimate nicknames, expressing his anticipation for JYJ’s 27th November concert and also support for Yoochun.

Hence fans said “Yoo Ah In is also coming this Saturday”, “Both of them seem close”, “I also want to use intimate nicknames for Yoochun”. At the same time, informing Yoo Ah In that there is a flash mob in the concert where audience have to dance to the song “Be My Girl” and mentioned “You must practice the dance before you come, please do not come unprepared.”
Meanwhile, JYJ is rehearsing intensely for the concert.

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[trans] 101124 Korea’s Tourism Numbers For Nov Increases As Japanese Fans Flock To Korea For JYJ’s Concert

[TV Daily] Large numbers of Japanese fans have been coming down to Seoul, Korea, these days in order to watch the concert of the Korean group JYJ, and this has given a large boost to this month’s foreign tourists’ numbers.

The travel magazine “travel TIME” reported, “There were as many as 20,143 Japanese visitors to Korea. JYJ’s Seoul concert was a large factor.” Also, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation, “Out of 4113 people, at least 2,500 people were ‘Hallyu Tourists’ who were going to Korea to watch the concert”; showing JYJ’s immense popularity.

Now, JYJ are in preparation for their concert,’JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’, which will be held on 27 and 28 November, in the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium.

Other than JYJ, the fans are also practicing the dance steps. Not long ago, a video of the dance steps for “Be My Girl” was revealed through the JYJ members’ Twitter accounts, so that the fans could also participate. It is reported that the fans will also coordinate the flashing of their light sticks in accordance to the song’s melody and lyrics in order to show support to their idols.

Source: [TV Daily + Naver + Hey!JJ]
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[video trans] 101124 Channel V - JYJ Taiwan Interview

Today in our show, let us look at the interview with JYJ. The host said later we will see something that he showed to JYJ during the interview. The something was the ticket of the Tokyo Dome concert in June that JYJ held. He kept the ticket till now and he shown them while he was interviewing them and told them that he went to see the concert and he remember Jaejoong teared at the end and he saw it. When he told them these, he said the members were surprised that he followed them. Host said he believed they left a deep impression on everyone when they were here in Taiwan. He said he had the biggest reward because he had the chance to talk to them at backstage because of work. Hence before they left Taiwan, they took his ticket and autograph for him. He is thankful to them and later when they were taking a photograph together, he felt that they treated him as a friend because during phototaking, he had no idea what to pose as he was shy standing together with the three of them, hence he made a thumbs up pose and suddenly Jaejoong held his thumb and did a thumbs up sign too, then Junsu and Yoochun followed along and did the same gesture(hence they took a picture like this at 01:54) He said he shared this picture on his Weibo(something like Chinese version of twitter) before. Then he wished them good luck as they are entering the international market and hope they can visit Taiwan and see everyone soon again.
Start of interview at 2:10
Host: Please introduce and greet your fans using some Chinese that you all know.
Caption on Yoochun at 02:39 – Trying to escape
JS: Hello everyone, I am Kim Jun Su. Are you busy with work?
JJ: Hello everyone, I am Kim Jae Joong. Do you want to jump? You, You all, We, Them, Thank you.
YC: Hello everyone, I am Yoochun. *Tries to pass mic over*
Host: Yoochun at least know 3 words right, a kind of food.
YC: Xiao Long Bao

Host: Still Xiao Long Bao *laughs*

Host: Visit time in Taiwan is very short, but before they leave Taiwan, are there any feelings they want to share?
JJ: We have not visited Taiwan for about 5 years, have not been here for long but there are still many fans waiting for us, supporting us, felt very blissful yesterday.

Host: How about Junsu? How do you feel?
JS: Firstly, we miss Taiwan and yesterday was together with many fans, seeing them on stage and also being able to sing on stage, really felt blissful.

Host: How about Yoochun?
YC: Actually what they mentioned is what I want to say, we came and held a showcase, although time was short, I hope if possible we can hold a concert and can be together with everyone for a longer time, feel that we should do that. It’s a pity we didn’t get to eat Xiao Long Bao(LOL)

Host: If you all have chance to come again, tell me personally, I will bring you all out.
JS: Then must remember to leave your contact.
JJ: We all think that in Asia, Taiwan has the most beauties.
Caption: Sweet Tongue
Host: Yes, that’s right, that’s right.
JJ: You dont seem to think so *laughs*

Host: There is a lot in Taiwan
YC: Most of the people think so.

Host: Yes, that’s not wrong. If we have chance next time in private, I will introduce you all some Taiwan friends. Yes, people like Guo Cai Jie, Jolin Cai(both are singers) etc
To me, it is a very special feeling to be able to work with them yesterday on stage.
JS: Me too, me too(LOL)

Host: Thank you, thank you.
In June this year, I specially went to Tokyo to see their concert. *shows them the ticket*
JS: Ah, Tokyo Dome.

Host: For the show, to bring back news to the fans as their first concert in Tokyo Dome with the 3 of them.
All: Thank you.

Host: I queued for a long time to buy their Tshirts.
All: Thank you.
YC: Whose did you want to buy?(LOL)
Host: I bought all 3.
All: Thank you.

Host: When the concert was ending, because they were very touched, they teared and he saw many fans crying along with them. From that time till now that I see you all again with this new album, being able to set records, do you all have any thoughts? The first to tear that time was Jae Joong.
JJ: In the Korea showcase, I have mentioned in front of the media too that that period was really a long time that they had not stood on stage, hence really felt blissful when they were able to. Also, didnt a lot of things happened last year, because of those things that they cant say anything, the fortunate feeling to stand on stage and also sadness, hence tears drop together.

Host: This time, they collaborated with many international musicians, so we hear a big difference in this album, in the beginning when they had to sing this type of songs, do they feel that there’s difference in the ways they are familar in singing?
JS: If there is a difference, the foremost is that we’re not singing in Korean, but had to sing in English, so we were not used to it and spent a lot of effort on it. This is also one of the it, the recording was done in US which to us is something we are not used to including working with foreign staffs, but everything, everyone, every staff was really friendly to us, they are nice people, therefore we were able to release our album in Asia and made us work hard in promoting.

Host: As they are so busy with work, I believe their stress levels are huge and I know that for Junsu, he has 4 cats, should be to relief stress.
JS: This is one of the reason, plus home is a little big, a little, a little, just a little big(LOL), hence there is feelings of emptiness, so I had cats to accompany me, it can reduce the feelings of loneliness. When sleeping, they will play beside you and mood will become good that time and also they were cute.

Host: Ok, Yoochun, anything to mention?
YC: Dog.

Host: Has dog. Usually the time you all spent away from home is long, will you all miss your pets?
Translator: Yoochun said its still alright(LOL)
JS: They can live well themselves.

Host: Jae Joong showed his scar that his cat scratched him.
JJ: By his claws. Yesterday at the showcase, didnt I said I have to let the cat exercise, hence I put him on the running mill right? I said I did this with good intentions for the cat but yesterday I went on twitter and everyone said it was my fault.(LOL)

Host: Today, let us hear their future plans, because till now, all the fans were very supportive, so what are the plans in future?
JJ: For the moment, to complete the showcase held for this worldwide album is the most important thing. Also, the decided second concert in Korea, preparing for JYJ concert.
Host: We look forward to the concert and also happy to be able to meet them in Taiwan today, hope to see them often in Taiwan meeting the fans. There’s many beautiful girls to introduce to them. Ok thank you JYJ for coming on our show.
All: Thank you.

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[news] 101124 JYJ Concert Gives Discounts to University Exam Takers

JYJ concert will give special discount to every university exam takers.

On the upcoming November 27th and 28th for two days ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ will take place at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium, while to heighten the expectations among fans, every candidates of university exam this year will be rewarded a shocking 40% discount of the ticket price.

For the total two days concert in Olympic Stadium, JYJ’s Seoul concert covers a stunning 100,000 seats scale. The first and second round of ticket sales had received an explosive reaction as both were sold out in less than 20 minutes, meanwhile currently the third round sales is still in selling process.

The discount is given to the exam candidate him/herself including one companion, and it applies only to seats at A, B, C categories. Any exam candidate who wishes to receive the discount should make ticket reservation at the official website Interpark (http://ticket.interpark.com) and present the ticket at the venue on the concert day to receive the discount.

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