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Friday, December 10, 2010

[photo] 101210 Junsu - Tears of Heaven Promotion Picture

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[news] 101210 JYJ's Junsu Cast in Leading Role for Musical "Tears of Heaven"


JYJ’s Junsu will be heading overseas next for the Great White Way, as he’s been casted for a leading role in the Broadway musical, “Tears of Heaven“.
Considered to be the ambitious work of Seol Company’s CEO, Seol Do Yoon, and Core Content Media’s Kim Gwang Su, the production revolves around a love triangle set during the Vietnam War between a Korean soldier, a female Vietnamese singer, and an American officer. Junsu has been casted for the role of ‘Jun Hyung’, the Korean soldier that falls in love with the Vietnamese singer, ‘Lin’. ‘Jun Hyung’ later becomes a famous composer and the father to his daughter that he had with Lin.
Seol Company reportedly set aside $10 million USD for production costs alone. The musical is scheduled to open for December 27th in Korea, and will run for a month there before being taken overseas to Japan and Europe. A performance in the States by 2012 has been pinned as their ultimate goal.
Representatives of Seol Company revealed on December 10th, “We cannot give a confirmation statement right now regarding the cast line-up. All final casting decisions will be made public at the production conference to be held on the 13th. By February, this musical will be performed all over Asia, including Japan and Hong Kong. The ultimate goal is Broadway.”
Composer Frank Wildhorn of “Dracula” and “Jekyll & Hyde” will be producing the songs, while Junsu will be working alongside Broadway star Brad Little.

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[info] JYJ Fansign Event on 21st December 2010


Date: 19th December (noon)
Venue: To be announced
Participation method: From 11th December to 18th December (11am – 9pm), anyone who purchase a JYJ C version(The Beginning New Limited Edition) at synnara records will stand a chance in lucky draw to become one of the 200 lucky fans
Winner’s Notification: 18th December

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[news] 101210 JYJ's Xiah Junsu is Heading to America Next Year


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[trans] 101208 If JYJ Do Appear On ‘KBS Drama Acting Awards’?… “They Can’t Sing Two Songs”

JYJ, whose three members are formerly from the group TVXQ, have been nominated to perform at the ’2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards’.

Lee Kang Hyun, the KBS Drama EP, met with our reporter at a restaurant in Seoul on the 7th and stated, “It is true that JYJ have been written down for consideration as singers invited to perform at the 2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards,” but kept cautious as he said, “However, it has not been confirmed or finalized yet.”

Following this, he explained that, “If JYJ do appear on stage, they will sing one song just like all the other singers,” and “JYJ’s side asked if JYJ could sing two songs, the ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ O.S.T ‘Found You’ and another group piece, but they cannot sing more than one song as we must keep it fair for all singers.”

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