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Sunday, November 14, 2010

[photos] JYJ 2011 calendar 2

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[trans] 101114 JYJ twitter updates

Now we have a new time zone to get used to XDDD
The boys have arrived in Las Vegas for the second leg of their US tour!!~
Soon as the boys arrived, they started tweeting XDDDD But of course. :P 
Was quite surprised that Jaejoong’s friends with Mir of MBLAQ too!!~ And yeah, Nicole of KARA!!~ He was away from Korea for quite a while but he still got to be friendly with them~~~ Jaejoong’s really a social butterfly XD I think he got to know Mir through Mir’s sister, Go Eun Ah who is Jaejoong’s friend and is a talent from SM Entertainment too… but Nicole? I dunno how. XDDD
Anyway… the biggest shock of my life today was of Jaejoong practically telling the fans to stalk him in his hotel room!! He tweeted a picture of his latest toy, Kokki Kokki the elephant and I think, unintentionally, he included his hotel’s notepad (which contains the address) and part of the picture included his hotel room number. >..<

We see more of Yoochun tweeting in English here and what is this.. is he flirting with designer Aparna Dasgupta? And that is none of our business hahahaha~~ From what I heard, she worked with JYJ while they’re in the US… she’s a fashion designer and you cancheck out her designs here!!~ Well I’m excited for what the boys will be wearing XDDD Funny thing though, the way Yoochun talks to her.. it’s like she’s his homey haha it’s soooo funny!! XDDD and I’m happy Yoochun’s tweeting in English a lot XDDD
Now we have Junsu the fanboy. I really love how he is a fan of Yoochun and Jaejoong… but of course Yoosu fans would be celebrating more cos he’s obviously a bigger Yoochun fan XDDD
First thing he did when he arrived at Vegas? Tweet us a pic of the nightscape!!~ Soooo Junsu!! XDDD He loves nightscapes a lot, no? and then he spazzed about Yoochun.. haha~ that’s sooo cute of him. He’s starstruck again now, and he hasn’t been for a loooooong time (of course being the top star he is, being starstruck would be hard now, would it.)… and who else would have him like this? None other than Park Yoochun. XD
It’s so funny how he got hooked to the drama and was spazzing and can’t believe Lee Seon Joon the character is actually his friend Park Yoochun who’s always by his side. XDDD He’s so funny specially at the part where he said he’d pull out all his hair for Yoochun if he just says so. XDDD
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