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Monday, January 24, 2011

[news+trans] JYJ, Through their Music Essay, confesses about their feud with SM. "An imprisonment which wasn't an imprisonment" 110107

Group JYJ shows their feelings about their discord with previous agency, SM, attracting attention.

In JYJ’s Music Essay ‘Their Rooms Our Story” album, the members’ frank thoughts about their resolution for JYJ’s activities, strong feelings regarding their America Concert and first concert in Korea etc are included.

Also, they reveal their complete feelings about their discord with SM etc. through their essays and self-composed songs.

In particular, Park YooChun’s self-composed song “Song without a Name”, includes his frank emotions, without any adjustments, about DBSK’s discord with SM and their new start. It is expected that many will be startled by this.

Park YooChun explained about his song, saying, “There were many things that I kept in my mind but I did not want to say it out. Because we were family. But now, I want to say it. I really want to say it very much. Not about anything else, but only about our story.”.

This is part of the lyrics he wrote himself:
“In 2003, for a few months, we finished our rehearsal stage, and the members easily cleared the first competition.
In this month of 2004, there were so many Newcomer Awards for Newcomers, such that we couldn't be satisfied.
We weren't able to endure anymore and we started wishing for more things.
In 2005 we branched into Japan, and we thought it would be easy like how it was in Korea.
But when our first single only recorded sales of 4000 copies, our confidence dropped.
Our Japanese couldn't even make it, Every day the place we were living at and our company was an imprisonment that wasn't supposed to be an imprisonment.
Extreme loneliness, tears, rage; all of these made us united as one.
Even if anything were to happen by chance, we said that we would not leave each other...”

Also, “Because compared to any kind of sadness, we were happy.
Till the end, we do not give up and come running.
Strength greater than any other strength.
As expected, one reason.
You who have already changed (You will always be unable to stand in that place)
I will turn my back on you first (I couldn’t stop crying.)” finishing the song.

Kim Junsu labeled SM as “family” and used the “Our Story” titled essay in the album to reveal their complications with SM.

Kim Junsu in his essay, “Because we thought that our actions might hurt our family’s feelings, we acted with more caution and followed our family’s words unconditionally. (Omitted)
One day, we found out too many truths. We, who were kids with big bodies only, were thrown into chaos by those truths and we were unable to contain our anger.”
Subsequently, “The family that we knew during that period weren’t the family we thought they were. Our hearts were bruised and we felt sick.” explaining why they left SM metaphorically.

In the midst of his essay, Kim Junsu said, “Despite the obstructions we faced from the people who used to be our family, with the help from our new family, we are now able to sing again.”

On the other hand, JYJ and DBSK’s complications have been brought up again through twitter etc.

DBSK’s U-Know Yunho, in his Thanks To for their album released on the 3rd, said, “The second start of DBSK. Begins now.” This statement became a cause of the commotion.

Kim Junsu, in his personal twitter, said, “I thought that we had the same enemy but it seems it was not the enemy for all of us. Even though we got separated, this wasn’t supposed to be it, Hyung. Didn’t we have the same thought?” expressing his disappointment.

On the 7th, Shim Jaewon from Black Beat, who is now doing dance choreography for SM, said in his twitter, “Who is pointing fingers at who. Don’t pretend to be distressed. Who is the one who was really hurt. Talk about being ungrateful.” causing it to become a situation which has now expanded to other singers.

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[info] 110103 JYJ's Music Essay Lyricists and Composers Revealed

Lyricist, Composer: Xiah Junsu / Rap Making: Micky Yoochun

Lyricist, Composer: YoungWoong Jaejoong

Lyricist, Composer: YoungWoong Jaejoong

Fallen Leaves
Lyricist, Composer: Xiah Junsu

Lyricist, Composer: YoungWoong Jaejoong

Nameless Song Part 1
Lyricist, Composer: Micky Yoochun
you can order from here:
Credits: TVXQBaidu
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[news] 110123 JYJ Delivers Controversial Lyrics for "Untitled Song Part 1"

“When you need us, we’re family, but when we need you, we’re strangers.”

JYJ’s latest album,”Their Rooms, Our Story,” was finally released today, and as many predicted, lyrics from a particular song has been causing some buzz in the media due to its negative portrayal of SM Entertainment.

Titled ‘Untitled Song Part 1,’ the song was self-written and composed by member Yoochun. According to Korean media outlet, Kuki News, the lyrics state:

“After finally being met with jackpot success overseas and finding out that we had created unimaginable results, I headed to the company on the day of our pay with light steps. But on the statement of accounts that I received that day, the results were a minus. I thought maybe I read wrong and checked again, but everything was written as an expense. Damn, all that money was written off as expense. Exactly what kind of expense was it that all that money disappeared? I still can’t forget the higher representative’s words that told me that it would be difficult if I left the company. What the seniors said were right: Would you want to keep the ones that still willingly want to make money for you?“

It continues, “This is never our efforts as a product. The day I die as a human being. It’s an effort made because I don’t want to be left with regrets.”

The album is currently ranking in on the ‘Top 5′ of weekly best seller charts.

Source: Kuki News via Nate
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JYJ’s newest CD and music essay book, Their Rooms, has debuted at #1 on the Hanteo Real Time Charts after being released today.
All of the songs were composed, produced and directed by the trio and the lyrics were written by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu as well.
JYJ originally created this for their fans as a gift and it appears to have even made a huge impact in the publishing industry — it’s been compared to the Harry Potter books in terms of popularity.
Also included in the album and essay book are handwritten messages and photos from their everyday life.
Credits: Hanteo + MTVK
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[news] 110124 JYJ’s “Their Rooms, Our Story” records 150,000 in pre-orders

JYJ’s latest release, “Their Rooms, Our Story” has ranked in as a best-seller moments after its release, as it recorded 150,000 copies in pre-orders alone.

The album features six tracks that were all self-written and composed, along with a photobook that gives fans a unique glimpse into the day-to-day lives of the trio.

JYJ commented, “The tracks included in the essay have a lot more meaning to us since they’re created in Korean. It was a joyful production, as we were able to fill it with our honest thoughts. It contains what we’ve been wanting to say through music, and although all of the songs contain our story, this album is our genuine honesty towards our fans.”

CJES Entertainment further added, “Although it’s disappointing that they haven’t been able to show off their songs to their fans through broadcast appearances, we’re glad that we were able to create better content for them instead. Since their schedules are not filled to the brim, they’re able to deliver better quality in their performances and music activities, which is why we’re satisfied with the album’s release.”
The trio will also be holding a fan meeting in celebration of the album’s release on January 28th.

Source + Photos: Chosun
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[trans] 110124 Fukutaro 2 day trip to Korea

This time’s trip to Korea, I completely understood the reason why he is loved by everyone
Long time no see, the day of reunion we drank until there’s daylight, and then went home
Together we made music, chatted, and slowly I became sleepy, and fell asleep on the floor.

Don’t know how long later, I woke up, realized I was covered with a blanket
Korea is really cold, if you sleep without being covered by a blanket, you will certainly get a cold…

But what surprised me was not that he covered me with a blanket, but he was sleeping by my side, with me…
Clearly he could have slept in his own bed, but he deliberately got the blankets, and slept with me on the floor….

Even though there’s only one blanket, but this made me feel, his gentleness, this is probably why everyone loves him.

I always thought before, there’s no good person like this in the world. So I felt from the bottom of my heart, this is a person worth being eternally trusted.

The person that can make people feel such warmth

Please always be my important friend

Everyone’s thoughts, I have already delivered.

We will meet again, laugh with everyone
You, shining with light, is our sun!!

Best Friend see you next time…

source: fukutaro’s blog
credit: herobar
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[news] Pictures of JYJ’s Jaejoong playing with his nephew revealed

With all the controversy surrounding JYJ recently, sometimes it’s hard to remember that these boys are family members too. Pictures of Jaejoong posing affectionately with his sister’s child have been circulating on the net ever since scans were uploaded onto an internet community site on January 24th.
The first picture is cutely captioned, “I’m born and already my uncle is Jaejoong~“. The magazine also features an interview with the parents.
Netizens commented, “What a lucky child, so jealous!,” “I’m pretending I’m the child.. pretending..,” and“Why am I jealous of that child?“  Other fans praised the way he handled the child by commenting, “Jaejoong is a good potential father,” and “I can feel his caring father force~”
He certainly looks like he’ll be a great uncle to that child!
source: Newsen
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[photos] 110124 JYJ's Posters At NII Shop

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

[info] 110123 JYJ unleashes music essay, “Their Rooms, Our Story”!

JYJ has got fans at the edges of their seats in anticipation for their music essay, “Their Rooms, Our Story” (우리 이야기 “Our Story”), and with its release, the public has brand new tracks to feast on!
As a self-composed album, the credits recognize Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu for the production, directing, lyrics, composition and chorus. Furthermore, the piece reveals handwritten messages and a collection of casual photos, giving fans an intimate look at their everyday lives.
this is the link to download the album but please support them by buying their original album!!
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[news] 110123 A day in the life of JYJ’s Junsu

Out of the three members in JYJ, Junsu is known as the ‘quiet one’ in the group. In interviews or press conferences, Junsu always maintained an image of mystery, as he usually gave short and sparse answers.
Recently, reporters of Sports Chosun received the opportunity to spend 24 hours in what they called his ‘rare presence’. The star has been juggling a bevy of individual activities (such as rehearsing for his musical, “Tears of Heaven“), in addition to his efforts for JYJ.
In tailing Junsu for 24 hours, the reporters sought to lessen the gap between his true, friendly image and his Hallyu star image.

▶ Kim Junsu enjoys the computer?
Junsu’s day starts at 10:45 AM.  The minute he wakes up, he heads over to the Red Carpet Hair Salon, located in Apgujung.  He’s been a frequent client of the salon ever since TVXQ began using it in 2004, and is on friendly terms with the stylist and staff members.
No matter where he goes, one could always find the script for “Tears of Heaven” in his hands. Junsu explains, “Sitting on a chair in the salon can sometimes be a waste of precious time, so I try to make use of it lately by reading over my script.
With just a single glance, it’s easy to see that he’s been practicing hard, as the script already looks worn out. Junsu commented, “The script changes often.  They said that the script for our next rehearsal changed a lot too.  I sometimes sing the wrong lyrics since we have to go through sudden changes when we’ve been practicing something else for days already.”
▶ “Son Ye Jin is really pretty…”
At 1:45 PM, he heads to a restaurant for a late brunch. Judging by his physical appearance alone, you’d think that he’d enjoy a morning coffee with fresh fruits and toast – but as it turns out, his tastes are all Korean.
I’m not picky with what I eat.  Potato stew, kimchi stew, and rice noodles are my favorite dishes.”
The restaurant he’s visiting today is ‘Samwoojung‘, which is located in Yeoksam-dong. “This place has the best kimchi stew,” he claims with a thumbs-up.  He also ordered an extra side dish of rolled eggs.

At the mention of some of the reporters wanting a nice glass of soju, Junsu declines and explained: “I can’t even put alcohol close to my lips. When I sometimes want to enjoy the atmosphere, I’ll order virgin, gold medalist, or pina colada drinks with no alcohol at the bar.
He also reveals that although he doesn’t enjoy drinking, he’ll pay for the entire meal himself, as his personality just naturally wants to take care of others. “I just think it’s great having fun with everyone.”
One friend of his reveals, “He doesn’t even buy his own clothes, he really spends nothing on himself.  But he doesn’t hesitate for even a moment in buying luxury goods for his close friends.”  UnlikeJaejoong and Yoochun, who both enjoy shopping at the malls near their dorm in Kangnam, Junsu claims that he detests shopping.
On the topic of flirting, he reveals, “I look at personality.  It’s difficult to decide on an ideal woman with just her physical appearance.  First of all, I hate women who smoke.  Drinking is okay.”  There’s an exception, though, as he claims that he’ll eliminate a woman that is too good at drinking.

When I once visited France, I saw little blonde girls calling out ‘papa,’ which I thought was so cute that it even made me dream of interracial marriage.  As opposed to physical appearances, I’m more attracted to their speech or actions.
But does he really not look at physical appearance? “The only person I thought was particularly attractive was Son Ye Jin and Han Ye Seul.  They both have different charms, since Son Ye Jin is pretty like a puppy, while Han Ye Seul is cute like a cat…”
▶ Ping Pong King Kim Junsu?
After completing his meal at 3:30 PM, he stops by Caffe Bene in Nonhyun-dong for a five-grain latte.  He’s only been wearing a thin leather jacket this whole time, and he finally notices the blistering cold as he heads straight back to his office.
The minute he walks inside, he heads over to a ping-pong table and begins to play a match.

Normally an avid fan of soccer and bowling, he claims to have fallen in love with the fun of ping pong. The reporter suggests a death match on the spot, to which Junsu responds by taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves for the impending battle of pride.
Throughout the match, he cocks his head to one side while explaining that his spin isn’t working as well as it usually does. “On my last birthday, Jaejoong and Yoochun-hyung bought me a really good ping pong table.  They ordered the best no matter what and set it up in the living room after getting rid of the dresser, running machine, and sofa.”
 He quickly gets back into the game, and like his title of ‘#1 Ping Pong Player of CJES Entertainment,’ he wins with a score of 21 to 17.
source: Sports Chosun
credit: allkpop
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