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Friday, January 14, 2011

[trans] 110114 JYJ Jaejoong's Pride: "I Won A Prize In A Science Competition During High School"

Jaejoong from the male group JYJ said that he won a prize in a science competition during high school, and he's proud of it.

At 11AM on 13 January, JYJ attended the ambassadors' investiture for the robot competition held by FLL KOREA. After the ceremony, Jaejoong said, "When I heard that we were going to be the PR ambassadors, I was very concerned because this is something that all 3 members have been interested in since we were young." 

Later on, Jaejoong also expressed, "Although I'm not sure whether I should be proud of it, but I took part in a science competition during high school and won a prize for putting together a helicopter. FLL has reached this status today because of their work with the youths." 

When asked whether he has plans in participating, Jaejoong replied, "Now I'm already 26, 27 years old. If it were 10 years ago while I'm still a high school student, then I would want to participate and try but as it is now, isn't it too hard? I already hear that there are a lot of creative youths so I'll have doubts about whether I can compete with that," drawing laughter from everyone.

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[trans] 110113 JYJ Fans "If They Can't Get On TV, We'll Make A JYJ Exclusive Broadcasting Company"

JYJ fans are out to create a 'JYJ exclusive internet broadcasting company'.

On the 13th, fans of JYJ gathered at an online community for the creation of the 'JYJ exclusive broadcasting company'. Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, who are currently active under the name JYJ instead of TVXQ as they are locked in a dispute with SM Entertainment, have held successful showcases and concerts after the release of their album but are facing trouble with TV appearances.

JYJ have been raking in high album sales with their first worldwide album 'The Beginning', which was released on October 14th, and their music essay 'Their Room Our Story', which is set to release on January 17th. But we have been unable to see JYJ or hear their songs on TV. The only chance they received was their celebratory performance of the SungKyunKwan Scandal OST 'Found You' during the KBS Drama Awards held on December 31st.

Fans have stepped up to take charge. JYJ fans gathered to create the 'JYJ Exclusive Internet Broadcasting Company' with their own money. They are planning to have it up by March 3rd and are currently searching for staff members who can take on jobs such as DJs, writers and web designers.

One fan who is in the middle of this project stated, "It will be in the same kind of format as Radio21, and we have prepared a server with a large capacity so that the server does not crash even when a large number of people gather at the site at once. We'll make it so that smartphone users can access it too."

Another fan involved in the making of the 'JYJ exclusive broadcasting company' expressed that, "We perseverant fans will present JYJ, who are facing troubles with TV appearances, with a broadcasting company. We will play JYJ songs the whole day and be dedicated solely to JYJ. We will give this all we've got, and we hope it receive a response so hot that JYJ will forget about those TV broadcasting companies."

The fans uploaded an announcement searching for a webdesigner for the broadcasting company's homepage that stated, "Someone has already finished purchasing the needed equipment at her own expense. As this is a nonprofit project, if you are not prepared to work with no pay, then we can't accept you as a member of our staff even if you showed us your doctorate from Harvard."

The announcement arouses laughter from the reader for its wit as it says, "JYJ will see the homepage that you create (Do you honestly think they wouldn't be curious?)"

JYJ fans who heard this news stated, "If a miracle is needed, then we'll make one. JYJ and fans, fighting!" "Fans are amazing", "Aren't you collecting donations? I want to help in any way that I can", "You're in the makings of a miracle. You have my respect."

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[news] 110114 JYJ - The Trio That Struck Out Independently From Idol Groups

JYJ members Kim Jun-su (left), Kim Jae-joong (center) and Park Yoo-chun hold commemorative plaques at the appointment ceremony as goodwill ambassadors for the robot competition FLL KOREA in Seoul on Thursday. (Park Hyun-koo/The Korea Herald)

Trio that struck out independently from idol group seems unfazed by recent controversies

Mired in a never-ending string of scandal-driven buzz, JYJ ― the boy band formed by three TVXQ idols-gone-independent ― put in a brief press appearance for their appointment ceremony as goodwill ambassadors for the robot competition, FLL KOREA. 

A mere eight days had passed since S.M. Entertainment’s three-less TVXQ ― currently helmed by U-Know and Max ― dropped their controversially-titled album, “Keep Your Head Down,” on the masses. 

The album jumped to the top of the charts, with the album’s title fueling a scandal-heavy fire about a potential battle of the bands between JYJ and TVXQ.

What started off as a lawsuit filed against S.M. Entertainment by Park Yoo-chun, Kim Jae-joong and Kim Jun-su over their 13-year contract in July 2009, led to rumors about the possible disbandment of the popular five-member boy band.
Releasing an album, aptly titled “The Beginning” ― which included a much-hyped collaboration with famed rapper-and-record producer Kanye West ― that was aimed at a global audience, the trio then followed it up with a music essay featuring their own compositions and unreleased tracks. 

Little did they know that a song from the essay would spark speculative buzz about whether or not some of the lyrics were aimed at S.M. or U-Know and Max.

Then, when TVXQ released their album on Jan. 5, rumors spread that the title of the S.M. duo’s new release was an indirect and aggressive warning to JYJ, telling the trio to keep their heads down. 

When Park Yoo-chun, Kim Jae-joong and Kim Jun-su made their public appearance Thursday, they gave no indication that such rumors had affected them. 

Decked out in matching black suits, Park and the two Kims gave off an air of unified solidarity as they posed for pictures at the Grand Hilton Seoul in Hongeun-dong on Thursday. 

Looking unintimidated by all the media attention that has been trailing them into the new year, they focused on their roles as goodwill ambassadors for the competition, which is slated to be held at Ilsan’s KINTEX on Jan. 29. 

Reporters were restricted from asking questions during the event, but that did not remove the massive elephant in the room, a silent presence amplified by FLL KOREA project manager Nam Lee-joon’s innocent question, “Do you all do Twitter?” 

To which the trio responded, “Yes.”

Nam then suggested that JYJ express their interest in FLL KOREA via their Twitter accounts. 

The brief exchange recalled the controversy fueled by a recent tweet posted by Kim Jun-su and what the press interpreted as a potential ensuing response by S.M. members that gave rise to speculation about heightening tension between the entertainment company’s brethren and the trio. 

In the midst of all the brouhaha, all five idols have been forging ahead: Park Yoo-chun showed off his acting chops in KBS’ “Seonggyungwan Scandal” last year; Kim Jae-joong put in an award-winning performance in a Japanese drama; Kim Jun-su will be in a musical starting February; Max is starring in SBS’ “Paradise Ranch” and U-Know will be starring in the upcoming television drama, “Poseidon.” 

FLL KOREA is organized by the FEST Creative Engineering Education Association, part of the global competition called the FIRST LEGO League. This year’s challenge, called “Body Forward,” asks participants to delve into Biomedical Engineering to look into improving one’s physical health. 

By Jean Oh (oh_jean@heraldm.com)

Source: [koreaherald]
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[trans] 110112 SBS's Official Statement, "JYJ's "Good Morning" Episode Cofirmed To Air On The 20th"

It has been confirmed that the JYJ episode of 'Bae Gi Wan-Choi Young Ah-Jo Hyeong Gi's Good Morning' will air on the 20th.

A SBS representative revealed on the 12th that, "It has been confirmed that JYJ's 'Good Morning' episode will be aired on the 20th." 

Though the episode was filmed on December 27th last year and was set to air on the 5th this month, the 'Lee Beom Soo' episode was aired instead on this date and was met by complaints from viewers. The episode was postponed to the 19th, but the chances of this happening slimmed and JYJ fans were not pleased with this.

PD Jo Dong Seok of 'Good Morning' wrote on the Viewers' Thread on the 7th that, "Though we posted an official notice confirming the airing of JYJ's episode on the 19th, we realized that this decision was made disregarding the government's confirmation hearings that will be held from the 17th to the 20th," and "There is a high possibility that the hearings will be aired from the 17th to the 19th as this is an important event. It would be safer to assume that JYJ's episode will air on the 20th."

PD Jo continued to add that, "To ensure that JYJ's episode receives the full 80 minutes that are usually allotted for the show, it has been decided that the 20th would be the best date."

Many expressed skepticism at this remark but SBS has confirmed on the 12th that the episode will air on the 20th.

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[trans] 110109 PD Yoon Gyung Cheol "Are Idols These Days Gangsters?"

OBS Seoul-Incheon TV's PD Yoon Gyung Cheol left a few choice words regarding the intensifying battle of tweets between JYJ and the singers of SM Entertainment.

On his personal Twitter, PD Yoon Gyung Cheol wrote, "I laugh at the idols of today. Are they gangsters or something. Why do they keep ganging up on each other and fighting. Why do third party persons write about the issue when they're not the ones involved. Either act the way a public figure should, or have a proper battle. There's a reason laws exist. Don't use fans' love for your personal benefit xxdol."

Netiznes speculate that PD Yoon is referring to the battle of tweets between the singers of SM Entertainment and JYJ's Junsu, which began after Junsu left a few tweets on Twitter.

Following this, PD Yoon also added, "Idols are hilarious. Who do they think are the people who got them to where they are now? They probably think it was all thanks to themselves or their CEO. Fools, the people who got you there are fans, you ungrateful things."

He also stated, "The problem is that idols are acting all presumptuous but none of the older idols are stopping them or saying something about it. It's a problem. Just because you call yourself an adult idol, doesn't mean you really are one," and "Idols are presences that give us dreams and hopes. I wish they would just stay that way and love everyone so that there are no misunderstandings amongst fans, who look up to such idols as their role models."


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[trans] 110108 SM Singers' 'Concentrated Fire' On JYJ For The First Time In 18 Months.. Why?

SM Entertainment's singers are in the spotlight for revealing their feelings of disappointment all at once towards JYJ's Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who left the agency and their places in TVXQ one year and six months ago.

Shim Jae Won, a former member of Black Beat and current choreographer at SM, left a comment on his personal Twitter on the 7th that seemed to be directly aimed at JYJ's Junsu as he said, "You're going too far there... Little brother, what you're doing isn't right... Who are you to point fingers at others, don't act like you're disappointed. Can't you see who is really hurting right now... Even ingratitude has its limits."

Following this, 'Asia's Star' BoA, who has been in SM for over 10 years, retweeted what Shim Jae Won said, implying that she agreed with his stance on the issue.

Fellow SM singer Shin Dong from Super Junior also retweeted Shim Jae Won's tweet and left his own words targeting JYJ as he said, "Enemy(敵): A person you wish to fight or harm. Ingratitude(背恩忘德): Having an attitude that betrays those they are indebted to. It means that calling one's family a person you wish to fight or harm means that you have an attitude that betrays those you are indebted to."

Sungmin, another member of Super Junior, left a note on the same day on his homepage that seemed to be towards JYJ as it said, "I'm leaving a few words on here because I can't take it anymore. Are you incapable of remembering the days till now when we told each other to work hard and said fighting together. We used to enjoy even just rehearsing. Have you forgotten when we used to dream about being on TV, even just once... I hope you look into the mirror once more and think whether or not you've lost your original intentions."

He continued to say, "Thinking of the affection we stacked during our time together, I forgave you and understood you for leaving us without a word, saying that you were off to find your own path, and scarring us. But I don't understand why you're using lies and hurtful words to make even those, who are silently working so hard, look like fools."

Jung Mo of TRAX, another SM singer, left words on his homepage as well that seemed to pinpoint JYJ that said, "I'm leaving a few words because I feel frustrated. No matter which way I look at it, this just isn't right. There are even limits to repaying kindness with revenge. People can always change but I feel more scared by the day. Don't they realize the presence in their lives that they've left behind and how much that presence took care of them?"

Many are speculating that Junsu's tweet was the catalyst to this burst of disappointment publicly shared by SM singers, one year and six months since JYJ and SM's dispute began.

On the 6th, Junsu left a tweet on his personal twitter that read, "Till now, I believed that.. it wasn't true.. it couldn't be true.. We all used to share the same thought that.. they are the enemy of all five of us ..It seems they were not the enemy to all of us.. To show thanks.. to that which we all once considered to be our enemy... Many things must have happened during the times we were not together.. I feel so worn out."

Following this, he also left another tweet saying, "I'm trying to think.. hear.. and see only good things.. I've been doing that till now.. But I'm finding that so hard to do today.. Though we are apart ..This isn't right hyung... We used to share the same thoughts.. Why.. Why.. Why are you doing this.."

The majority of netizens state that Junsu was referring to TVXQ and was directing the tweet at the group's leader U-Know Yunho. Therefore, it could be said that Junsu was showing his disappointment towards the new 2-member TVXQ who made a K-pop comeback on the 5th with a new album.

Some fans of K-pop have stated that Junsu was tweeting in response to U-Know's 'Thanks To' section in the special edition album that said, "Changmin, you know what I want to say even without me saying it, right? I love you! I feel so strong because I have you by my side," and "Shall we show them all just how much we've grown? So! Act 2 of TVXQ! Starts now!"

But Junsu's words have instead irritated various singers from SM who have been staying silent on the issue of JYJ and many speculate that this was why they simultaneously left words aimed at JYJ on various social networks.

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[photos] 110114 Yoochun And Jaejoong Endorsement For Sieg Fahrenheit

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[photos] 110114 JYJ Photoshoot For NII


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[photos] 110114 Yoochun's Interview With Chosun


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[trans] 110114 JYJ twitter updates

Well Hello there Lu
(Jaejoong) This is Lu http://yfrog.com/h7m3jlj (4:57pm KST)


NO REALLY? You're wearing him? I thought you were eating him -__-
(Jaejoong) I'm wearing Lu http://yfrog.com/h39d5rj (7:25pm KST)


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