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Friday, January 14, 2011

[trans] 110109 PD Yoon Gyung Cheol "Are Idols These Days Gangsters?"

OBS Seoul-Incheon TV's PD Yoon Gyung Cheol left a few choice words regarding the intensifying battle of tweets between JYJ and the singers of SM Entertainment.

On his personal Twitter, PD Yoon Gyung Cheol wrote, "I laugh at the idols of today. Are they gangsters or something. Why do they keep ganging up on each other and fighting. Why do third party persons write about the issue when they're not the ones involved. Either act the way a public figure should, or have a proper battle. There's a reason laws exist. Don't use fans' love for your personal benefit xxdol."

Netiznes speculate that PD Yoon is referring to the battle of tweets between the singers of SM Entertainment and JYJ's Junsu, which began after Junsu left a few tweets on Twitter.

Following this, PD Yoon also added, "Idols are hilarious. Who do they think are the people who got them to where they are now? They probably think it was all thanks to themselves or their CEO. Fools, the people who got you there are fans, you ungrateful things."

He also stated, "The problem is that idols are acting all presumptuous but none of the older idols are stopping them or saying something about it. It's a problem. Just because you call yourself an adult idol, doesn't mean you really are one," and "Idols are presences that give us dreams and hopes. I wish they would just stay that way and love everyone so that there are no misunderstandings amongst fans, who look up to such idols as their role models."


Source: [Mydaily+Yuaerubi]
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