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Friday, January 14, 2011

[trans] 110114 JYJ Jaejoong's Pride: "I Won A Prize In A Science Competition During High School"

Jaejoong from the male group JYJ said that he won a prize in a science competition during high school, and he's proud of it.

At 11AM on 13 January, JYJ attended the ambassadors' investiture for the robot competition held by FLL KOREA. After the ceremony, Jaejoong said, "When I heard that we were going to be the PR ambassadors, I was very concerned because this is something that all 3 members have been interested in since we were young." 

Later on, Jaejoong also expressed, "Although I'm not sure whether I should be proud of it, but I took part in a science competition during high school and won a prize for putting together a helicopter. FLL has reached this status today because of their work with the youths." 

When asked whether he has plans in participating, Jaejoong replied, "Now I'm already 26, 27 years old. If it were 10 years ago while I'm still a high school student, then I would want to participate and try but as it is now, isn't it too hard? I already hear that there are a lot of creative youths so I'll have doubts about whether I can compete with that," drawing laughter from everyone.

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