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Friday, January 7, 2011

[trans] Yoochun's UFO

Perhaps I have not been writing words to be a source of strength, but when I write letters to you, i am unable to control my tears.
Compared to what we think, I think you all are strong people. Because you are by our side...Please endure it. As the truth is always next to the right party..

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[photo] John aka Egg profile pic


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[trans] 110107 JYJ twitter updates

So cute you *pat pat*(Jaejoong) Hello http://yfrog.com/h5qgcj (11:14pm KST)

Lol Narcissistic? But so true :/
(Jaejoong) This could sound kind of laughable, but I think I have a baby face! http://yfrog.com/h5hwwj (11:27pm KST)

(Gun Young) @mjjeje Do you want me to give you a foam kiss? (11:28pm KST)
@zerotic0124 Hyung, I miss you (11:37pm KST)
(T/N: This refers to the foam kiss shared between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden^^)
Another Bromance, oh and Gun Young fails
(Gun Young) @mjjeje I miss you too~~yoyoyo (11:43pm KST)
(Gun Young) 
@zerotic0124 Joong, I already have something set kekekekekekekekekekeke (11:34pm KST)
@zerotic0124 Get rid of it (12:24am KST)

lol It seems Jaejoong talks about him having a baby face often
(Min Kyung) @mjjeje You're talking about that again, you said that last time~~ You are one though, I have a baby face too~~ (2:28am KST)
@mk_taiji But I guess I can't do anything about unidentifiable wrinkles that form ㅠ I should visit dad and mom soon.. (2:45am KST)

Source: [Jaejoong+Other's Twitter]
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[info] 110107 Jaejoong new profile info

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[trans] 110105 Micky Yoochun's Fanclub Makes A Warm Donation

On the 31st of December, the day Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun) won the Best Male Newcomer Award at the KBS Drama Awards as 'Lee Seon Joon' in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal', Park Yoochun's fanclub gifted Kim Jin Su (13), who is suffering from a brain lesion disorder, with presents and a donation. Their story was aired on KBS 2TV's News Time on January 3rd.

Though Jin Su's mother herself is fighting with cancer, she lives every day nursing her son who is unable to move his arms or legs freely. Park Yoochun's fanclub 'Blessing Yoochun' heard about the mother and son's situation through Field of Love (withgo.kr) and immediately began collecting donations. They sent 5 million Won to pay for Jin Su's treatment along with other presents to the hospital in Daegu that Jin Su is currently admitted in.

The members of the fanclub who visited the hospital with a Field of Love worker had tears in their eyes as they watched over Jin Su, who breathes through a tube in his throat and eats with a tube connected to his stomach. One member cheered on the mother and son as she stated, "I hope his mother stays strong, and I hope great things happen to them from now on."

The members of Blessing Yoochun are 'Auntie fans' and are people who overflow with love, not just for their favorite celebrity, but also for the community and those in need. Other than their donation to Kim Jin Su, they also donated 10 million Won to Park Hyun Bin (12) to pay for his burn-healing treatment fees through the Hanlim Burns Foundation.

Blessing Yoochun is a fanclub that only women over the age of 30 can join and the members unite through their love for Yoochun to help the community.

Source: [coca news+Yuaerubi]
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[news] Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong defend TVXQ on Xiah Junsu’s tweet

Ever since Xiah Junsu tweeted an emotional series of messages to U-know Yunho, it seems like more and more SM Entertainment artists are coming out to defend the two TVXQ members. The latest of these public dissidents are Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong, who each took to their Twitter or mini-hompy to express their thoughts on the controversy.

On January 7th, Sungmin wrote,
“After keeping it in after sometime, I’m leaving this message because I feel this has gone too far. Does (he) not remember the old days when we said we’d work hard together? We were happy even when we were practicing. Did (he) really forget the times when we thought going on broadcast even just once felt like a dream? I’d like it if (he) could look in the mirror once again and think whether (he) has forgotten his rookie mindset~ I understood and forgave them for leaving us without a single word so they could find their own paths, but I don’t know why they are making a fool out of themselves by quietly saying all kinds of these absurd lies and hurtful sayings.”
Meanwhile, Shindong, who followed BoA and retweeted Black Beat’s Sim Jaewon’s tweet, also added,
“Enemy (敵): An opponent who wants to fight or hurt another.
Ingratitude (背恩忘德): An attitude of one throwing away their indebtedness to someone and betraying them.
In other words, saying that my family wants to fight or hurt another is an attitude of one throwing away their indebtedness to them and betraying them!”

source: newsen via daum cafe
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[news] Black Beat’s Sim Jaewon & BoA indirectly respond to Junsu’s tweet?

A member of SM Entertaiment's choreography team and fomer Black Beat member,Sim Jaewon, left an indirect message for JYJ through his personal Twitter.

 On January 7th,he wrote,"I cant just hold back any longer..Hey,Little brother ,that's not right at all..
who do you think you are pointing fingers at?Dont act like you're so upset.who's the real one's that hurt in here..? so ungrateful,how could you do this?"

fans have speculated that the tweet was responding to an earlier tweet made by junsu in regards to Yunho's "Thanks to."

BoA later re-tweeted Sim Jaewon's tweet,and suggested that her followers take a read.

source: Newsen 
credit: allkpop
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[news] Xiah Junsu’s ambiguous tweets to TVXQ’s Yunho concerns fans

JYJ Xiah Junsu’s recent series of ambiguous tweets have alarmed fans, as they may have been directed at TVXQ’s leader Yunho.
On December 6th, Xiah Junsu wrote on his Twitter, “Until now, I kept believing that it wasn’t true, I believed that (it) was the enemy of all five of us, but I guess it wasn’t really the enemy of all. To see that (they) expressed their gratitude to something I thought was both our enemies.. I guess a lot of things happened in the time we weren’t together. This is so tiring.”
He continued, “I keep wanting to think, hear, and see only good things, but it’s very hard to do that today. Even though we’ve been apart, you know that wasn’t right, hyung. We thought the same. Why are you being like this.”
In TVXQ’s ‘Thanks to’ section of their new album, Yunho expressed his gratitude towards SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man. Yunho also wrote, “Lastly~ You’ve been waiting a long time, right? Our Cassiopeia! I’m really really thankful that you waited for us to spring back. I heard this somewhere, but I heard it’s best to rest a bit before climbing a wider and taller mountain! Everyone~ Should we all hold each others’ hands tightly and climb up together? I’m so thankful, and thankful once more~ LastlyChangmin-ah~ You’d know even if I don’t say it, right? I love you! I get so much strength when you’re next to me. Should we show them how much we’ve grown? Okay! TVXQ’s second coming starts now!”
Additionally, Jaejoong was noted to have also changed his Twitter profile description to, “You keep your head up and keep an open mind”, and he tweeted, “I’m just hoping to be. I close my eyes, ears.” Many are speculating that these words were in reference to TVXQ’s comeback title track, “Keep Your Head Down.”
source: NEWSEN
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[news] Netizens buzz over JYJ Yoochun’s lyrics for “Untitled Song”

Although their album has yet to be released, a specific track from JYJ has been garnering a lot of speculation.
Untitled Song Part 1” was composed by member Yoochun and features lyrics expressing his experience under SM Entertainment.
A segment from his lyrics state:
In 2003, we finished our first match after months of rehearsal
By 2004, we were the rookies of the month
But unable to be satisfied with all of the rookie awards,
We began desiring for more
In 2005, we advanced into Japan
Thought it would be as easy as Korea
But after selling only 4,000 copies of our first single
Our confidence dropped to the floor
We couldn’t even speak Japanese,
Every day consisted of pacing between our dorm and the company
It was an imprisonment under the disguise of what’s best for us
Excessive loneliness, tears, and anger
We said those were what turned us into one,
That no matter what would happen, to never disband..
But I’m going to turn my back to you, since you already changed
While it’s clear that Yoochun was recounting his frustrations with SME, netizens have been puzzling over whether or not the song was an indirect statement involving TVXQ as well. Jaejoong’s lyrics for “Pierrot” received similar attention, but an interview clarified that the song was about  ”the reality of the education system“.
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[news] 110106 MBC’s “Radio Star” writer under fire for hate message against JYJ

A writer for MBC’s variety program, “Radio Star“, has become entangled in a controversy with JYJ fans over a series of tweets she wrote on her personal Twitter account.
She wrote, “Honestly, you guys really need to fail.  That’s the only way the world can continue revolving around promises and loyalty.  Your excuse stating, ‘They did not treat us like human beings,’ is only because you guys weren’t humans to begin with.  Don’t act like you’re the victim, sociopaths I hate you guys so much, I can’t even sleep!  This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen someone as disgusting as you guys.
Netizens immediately criticized her tweets by leaving comments such as, “As a variety program writer, she should not be speaking as if she knows everything that is going on with the members.  No matter how personal her thoughts are, it’s shared in a public environment online, and it’s extremely embarrassing to the JYJ members,” and “She also previously wrote, ‘I feel like throwing up, I feel disgusted even reading your lyrics.  I’m miserable, my parents are watching the drama I hate the most (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), and I can’t even change the channel.  It’s not like they know my anger.‘”
Livid fans flocked to the “Radio Star” message board and scolded the writer furiously, which led to a formal apology. “I’d like to apologize.  It’s public, but I didn’t think that so many people would read my tweets.  I really am pathetic.  Since it was just a pathetic instance from a pathetic person, please be generous with your understanding. Since it’s the New Year now, let’s put this in the past.  Have a Happy New Year.”
She has since deactivated her Twitter ac
Source + Photos: Chosun via Daum, Newsen via Daum
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[trans] 110103 TVXQ Vs JYJ's New Song Battle, All That Gets Hurt Is The Fandom

Five guys once soared as TVXQ. Now, their battle of nerves is bruising their fandom.

They have split into '2:3' and released new songs, causing an unseen friction between the two sides. This is because both new songs contain lyrics that seem to attack the opposite side. This feud is scarring the fans who have supported all five members unchangingly till now; some say that they feel confused from the two sides splitting and pushing the blame onto each other.

The controversy exploded on the 3rd when the title song <Why (Keep Your Head Down)> of the 2-unit TVXQ's new album was released. The song is expected to cause a ripple effect as its lyrics seem to be attacking JYJ, the members who left SM Entertainment.

The controversial lyrics includes parts such as 'You probably think I'll crumble without you/That's a delusion you've had from before/Why are you acting like this, I reasoned with you', 'I was really sad/That you, who are immature, might meet a bad person', 'Have you ever thought that someone might worry about you, who lets go of love so easily'. Though they have explained that the song is about a man and woman faced with a painful parting, JYJ come to mind when these lyrics are heard.

The same goes for JYJ. The song Pierrot, that ws released during JYJ's concert, contains lyrics that raises speculation such as 'I hate those days that were like living in a prison. Bye bye bye forever'.

One entertainment representative stated, "Both sides probably have deep emotional scars from this issue," and "But if they attempt to resolve an issue in such an emotional way, they will hurt fans and give them scars that will never heal."

Source: [sports hankooki+Yuaerubi]
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[trans] 110104 JYJ's Love Lives Become Talking Point; Talks About Ideal Type

The group JYJ [Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu] has been garnering a lot of interest recently.

They, who used to be a part of the 5-member group TVXQ, released their first album "The Beginning" in October last year. Park Yoochun also excelled in his role in the drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal", gaining a lot of support from the audience. JYJ, who originated from TVXQ, enjoys high popularity not only in Korea, but around the world as well. As such, after they went solo, it was a great loss to the cultural and arts industry. They performed for the first time during the "2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards" last December and earned positive comments from TV audiences. Especially for Park Yoochun, who starred in his first TV drama, we reveal their thoughts regarding the rumours that surfaced in the interview below.

TVD: With regards to the rumour between Park Yoochun and Park Minyoung, what are the members thoughts? Do you feel envious?

JYJ: We think it's nice. As for being envious, we knew how difficult it was during the process of filming, so we were more worried than anything else.

TVD: The members talk about Park Yoochun's acting.

JYJ: We think he really has a flair for acting. We saw images of the filming and went down to the filming site to cheer him on. From then on, we were not just members of Yoochun, but fans who have immersed in the drama and hoped that it could be longer.

TVD: JYJ expressed that there is no one in particular that they have been in close contact with recently and they basically don't have situations where they try to match-make the other members. In this cold winter season, they are still single. For JYJ who don't have lovers, what are their ideal types?

Jaejoong: Even if she only has average looks, she must have beautiful hands and feet. As for girls who are exceptionally pretty, she must have a pair of hands that is suitably pretty to match her beauty. Also, during summer, there are always a lot of girls that I develop positive feelings for because during summer, everyone bares their feet, so I can see if their feet are pretty or not. Also, it's important that she's fit and healthy.

TVD: What is Junsu's ideal type like then?

Junsu: The type where I can fall in love with at first sight. There's no fixed type, as long as she has a cute style and has a bright and bubbly personality. Someone who is enthusiastic about the work that they do. For example, actresses Kim Jeung Eun and Han Ye Seul are my ideal types.

TVD: Yoochun is also no exception.

Yoochun: I'm also not too sure what my ideal type is, but I guess if I have to say it, it will be Kim Tae Hee. While filming "SungKyunKwan Scandal" I saw the reports that said she was watching the drama and that she felt it's not bad, and that made me really happy, so I worked really hard to film it. Haha.

TVD: The girl he wants to date is?

Yoochun: I've never brought a girlfriend home to meet my mom, so if I really do fall in love this time, I definitely want her to meet my mom. I think my girlfriend will have to be someone wise and easygoing. 

To JYJ who are still single currently, their love lives have garnered a lot of interest from everyone.

Source: [TV Daily + HeyJJ]
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[trans] 110106 JYJ Recording Of SBS "Beautiful Morning" Will Air On 19 January

After many twists and turns, it has been decided that JYJ's recording of SBS "Beautiful Morning" will air on 19th January.

Awhile back, the recording for JYJ's first talk show on SBS "Beautiful Morning" was completed. Recently, after performing at the KBS2 Drama Acting Awards, the fans' calls for JYJ to be allowed to participate in proper variety shows have grown stronger. However, the broadcast time for the recording kept being postponed, causing anxiety among the fans. After many twists and turns, it was finally decided that JYJ's recording of SBS "Beautiful Morning" will air on 19th January.

An official said through a telephone call, "JYJ's segment will be aired on the 19th, the probability of the broadcast being delayed is almost zero." 

Moreover, after U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who regrouped into the 2-member TVXQ, released their new song, the war of words between JYJ and TVXQ fans has been intensifying. Many are also wondering what issues JYJ will touch upon during this programme. 

t/n: Fans were anxious because it was supposed to air this week but got postponed.

Source: [NEWSEN + BaiduTVXQ]
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[trans] 110106 'Thank You, Park Yoochun' - A Poem Dedicated To Him By A Korean Author

This excerpt is taken from a Korean author, Yoo Min Eun's, compilation of poems "The Lack Of Time Everywhere" - focuses on Yoochun

Thank you, Park Yoochun
Like fireworks, blossoming on television
I bypass Park Yoochun, the man who makes my heart flutter like my first love
And sit on a street nearby
Unable to hold onto the lover's screams
In this clamorous world, where should I go?
Unnamed flowers bloom everywhere
His smile makes the rustling wind stop
His tears melt the frost from the glass windows
Park Yoochun as Seon Joon 
Reading the classics in television at SunKyunKwan
The girls who use Maple leaves as makeup
Bustle with excitement searching him up on the internet, embracing him
Through the years like the turning of the wheel
They look upon him
When it turns into a deep scar, when it turns into a sin
Thank you, Park Yoochun 
Not knowing shame even at my age
Looking at your smile, makes me embarrassed
Thank you, Park Yoochun
You allow my heavy heart to turn into the sunshine of Spring 

Source: [baidutvxq]
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[trans] 110106 JYJ twitter updates

This is another batch of tweets I'm leaving up to you guys to interpret
(Junsu) Till now, I believed that.. it wasn't true.. it couldn't be true.. We all used to share the same thought that.. they are the enemy of all five of us ..It seems they were not the enemy to all of us.. To show thanks.. to that which we all once considered to be our enemy... Many things must have happened during the times we were not together.. I feel so worn out; (5:27pm KST)

 I'm trying to think.. hear.. and see only good things.. I've been doing that till now.. But I'm finding that so hard to do today.. Though we are apart ..This isn't right hyung... We used to share the same thoughts.. Why.. Why.. Why are you doing this..(5:30pm KST)

 I must love everything.. I must embrace everything.. I must embrace all of that.. That's what I should do.. ^^ (6:40pm KST)

On our beautiful dream, all this is, is an ordeal we must face right now.. When the flowers fall, we will start again.. start again.. start again.. again.. we have to(6:42pm KST)

Source: [Junsu's Twitter]
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[trans] 110105 JYJ twitter updates

He's tweeting so much these days. SO PROUD ;A;
(Yoochun) After eating breakfast~ let's listen to some music!! Brocolli Neomajeo(5:59am KST)

Five thirty ... Not even the words I love you can comfort me... I'm currently listening to these two songs... (6:41am KST)

 There are times when I go crazy because I want to embrace you~ Autumn break and Cactus~ Epitone project ~DongHaeng~Ham Boo Yeong. These are the songs I like.... (6:51am KST)

 Al otro lado del rio~Jorge Drexler~ Listen to this song too~ (6:55am KST)

 Today's last song recommendation..thirteen senses~ The salt wound routine(7:23am KST)

And I have just one favor to ask... Can anyone tell me the location where the characters are feeling the last gust of wind... and the restaurant where the character had his first date with Jamie in the movie A Walk To Remember... I'm planning on going there... It's a movie I saw while I was in the US... and I feel like I have the time now to visit the place ^^ (7:26am KST)
 @6002theMicky Did you not sleep, or did you wake up really early?? keke(7:30am KST)
@CooooLDY I woke up early^^ Around 4am!!^^ What about you, hyung??(7:51am KST)
@6002theMicky I can give you a song recommendation but you have to listen to it while watching the video. Playing for change - stand by me , one love. Playing for change stand by me's talking part at the beginning is a work of art keke(8:03am KST)
 @CooooLDY Oh oh oh oh~ Call!!! I've heard it before~ I'm looking for it right now!^^ (8:09am KST)

(Yoochun) Ah~ I like Cyworld because you can listen to music there~ (5:56pm KST)

Source: [Yoochun's Twitter]
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[trans[ 110104 JYJ twitter updates

He tweeted more than twice in one day, I am amazed *clap clap*
(Hyun Cheol) Ah, our beautiful boards kekeke... http://twitpic.com/3mv5ng (1:55pm KST)

@sudas19 Mine~ is the fourth from the bottom!! Ha~ (2:57pm KST)
(Hyun Cheol)
 @6002theMicky Did you wake up after a good night's sleep~kekeke Have you eaten yet?? (2:58pm KST)
 @sudas19 hahahaha^^ I just ate!!^^ I was going to go boarding~ but Sangho hyung!! Is sleeping!!!!!! Should I go in the early morning instead?? (3:03pm KST)
(Hyun Cheol)
 @6002theMicky Then just come over kekekeke We'll take off the kicks and play~ In front of the shop~kekeke (3:06pm KST)
@sudas19 I'll be there later~ I'm going to master up to the 180 today!!!(3:09pm KST)
(Hyun Cheol)
 @6002theMicky My student Yoochun, be safe on your way home kekekeke Don't be disappointed that you didn't end up mastering the 180^^ because you can try again next time. Work hard and don't be sick (7:38pm KST)
@sudas19 hahaha ^^ I'll be back soon!!! Winter sports~ I should enjoy them as much as I want to!! While enjoying work at the same time~ I'll go wakeboarding in the summer!!! Anyway, thanks hyung!!^^ Please pass on my thanks to the other hyungs and noonas^^ (7:41pm KST)
(Hyun Cheol)
 @6002theMicky I get this feeling every time, but why do I feel so sad when it's time to send you off kekeke (7:43pm KST)
@sudas19 haha^^ But WangBao yesterday~ was so nice!! ^^ (7:47pm KST)
(Hyun Cheol) 
@6002theMicky kekekekeke We can go back the next time you come kekeke We'll listen to your acceptance speech again keke (7:49pm KST)
@sudas19 hahahaha okay okay Call!!! ^^ (7:50pm KST)

Newbie Love~
(Junsu) The two newbies are getting along^^ Odd and Pard http://yfrog.com/h0sm9zhj(4:51pm KST)


(Junsu) Now they've fallen asleep liks this, side by side~ haha!! Pretty Odd and JjeokBeolNam Pard!! ^^ http://yfrog.com/h8a2oezj (4:59pm KST)

(T/N: JjeokBeolNam 쩍벌남 is a name that describes a 'Guy who spreads his legs wide when he sits')
(Oh Reum)
 @0101xiahtic Pard looks sexy haha (5:04pm KST)
 @zzzkissme I know right? kekeke (5:38pm KST)

He's a male! Thank God, imagine 5 males and one female O__O
(Suhwa) @0101xiahtic Is Odd a female cat? Odd is so pretty^^♥ (5:38pm KST)
 @JunSuhwaS2 Odd is a male cat too^^ (5:38pm KST)

Lol DO IT. DO IT!!!!
(Hyun Cheol) Student Park Yoochun, I will be taking good care of your girlfriend. I had no choice but to hold this screwdriver to look a little threatening. If you happen to contact the police, I will turn the heater on. Present your fans with good songs and acting. Good luck lol http://twitpic.com/3mxg77 (7:53pm KST)

@sudas19 hahahahahahaha She's melting..... Aigoo... This is sad!!! (7:56pm KST)
(Hyun Cheol) 
@6002theMicky So treat me well kekeke Before I decide to crank up the heater kekeke I won't ask for any ransom keke (7:57pm KST)
 @sudas19 A person I can only see... on days when it snows! (8:02pm KST)

lol This person wants to talk to Yoochun's manager more than him, WTF IS THIS SOME KIND OF REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY??
(Daeyoung) @6002theMicky Yoochun, who I'm not that close with. Will you tell Sangho hyung, who I want to get to know better, to drive safely. And I went and talked to the guy about the boots, so call me. Bye~~ (8:34pm KST)
@CooooLDY hahahahaha But I like you hyung!!.... ^^ Okay okay~ Thank you hyung~~!!!! ^^ (8:36pm KST)

Leaving this one up to you all to interpret
(Jaejoong/English Tweet) I'm just hoping to be ... I close my eyes, ears. (10:46pm KST)

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