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Friday, January 7, 2011

[trans] 110104 JYJ's Love Lives Become Talking Point; Talks About Ideal Type

The group JYJ [Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu] has been garnering a lot of interest recently.

They, who used to be a part of the 5-member group TVXQ, released their first album "The Beginning" in October last year. Park Yoochun also excelled in his role in the drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal", gaining a lot of support from the audience. JYJ, who originated from TVXQ, enjoys high popularity not only in Korea, but around the world as well. As such, after they went solo, it was a great loss to the cultural and arts industry. They performed for the first time during the "2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards" last December and earned positive comments from TV audiences. Especially for Park Yoochun, who starred in his first TV drama, we reveal their thoughts regarding the rumours that surfaced in the interview below.

TVD: With regards to the rumour between Park Yoochun and Park Minyoung, what are the members thoughts? Do you feel envious?

JYJ: We think it's nice. As for being envious, we knew how difficult it was during the process of filming, so we were more worried than anything else.

TVD: The members talk about Park Yoochun's acting.

JYJ: We think he really has a flair for acting. We saw images of the filming and went down to the filming site to cheer him on. From then on, we were not just members of Yoochun, but fans who have immersed in the drama and hoped that it could be longer.

TVD: JYJ expressed that there is no one in particular that they have been in close contact with recently and they basically don't have situations where they try to match-make the other members. In this cold winter season, they are still single. For JYJ who don't have lovers, what are their ideal types?

Jaejoong: Even if she only has average looks, she must have beautiful hands and feet. As for girls who are exceptionally pretty, she must have a pair of hands that is suitably pretty to match her beauty. Also, during summer, there are always a lot of girls that I develop positive feelings for because during summer, everyone bares their feet, so I can see if their feet are pretty or not. Also, it's important that she's fit and healthy.

TVD: What is Junsu's ideal type like then?

Junsu: The type where I can fall in love with at first sight. There's no fixed type, as long as she has a cute style and has a bright and bubbly personality. Someone who is enthusiastic about the work that they do. For example, actresses Kim Jeung Eun and Han Ye Seul are my ideal types.

TVD: Yoochun is also no exception.

Yoochun: I'm also not too sure what my ideal type is, but I guess if I have to say it, it will be Kim Tae Hee. While filming "SungKyunKwan Scandal" I saw the reports that said she was watching the drama and that she felt it's not bad, and that made me really happy, so I worked really hard to film it. Haha.

TVD: The girl he wants to date is?

Yoochun: I've never brought a girlfriend home to meet my mom, so if I really do fall in love this time, I definitely want her to meet my mom. I think my girlfriend will have to be someone wise and easygoing. 

To JYJ who are still single currently, their love lives have garnered a lot of interest from everyone.

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