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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[photo] jaejoong changed his ava..again..

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[news] 101117 ‘Jaejoong look-alike’ Kim Byung Ho to debut in a male group

Jaejoong look-alike’ Kim Byung Ho is currently preparing to debut as a singer early next year.
Kim Byung Ho is a sensation on online community sites due to his similar looks to JYJ’s Jaejoong; he’s also attracted much attention for his anime-like features.
His agency, BBO Entertainment, revealed, “He’ll be debuting under a four member boy group early next year. Kim Byung Ho will be the group’s leader and is currently undergoing intense vocal and dance training in order to shed his image as an ulzzang and to truly become a talented singer.
With ulzzang-turned celebrities being quite the trend lately, many are anticipating how his debut will fare.

 source + photo: Newsen
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[photos] 101114 JYJ showcase in LV 3

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[photos] compilation of JYJ pics from elbowyeish~

 sexy jae....arnggggg~~

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[trans] 101117 JYJ twitter updates

Well, at least he's not confused right now like he was before ;)
(Shane) @mjjeje What are you doing today? #JYJMC (4:29am KST)
 @shaneyoon We're practicing choreography today for the concert~ What are you doing today, hyung~~! (7:42am KST)

Jaejoong's love for John <3
(Jaejoong) @elbowyeish Oh~ You finally uploaded it~! Thanks, hyung haha (7:46am KST)
(English Tweet/Arden)
 @elbowyeish @mjjeje Hehe you guys are so silly! :] (7:55am KST)
 @arden_cho @elbowyeish haha It's because I feel good after meeting him for the first time in a while (8:00am KST)
 @mjjeje @elbowyeish hahaha I saw John oppa yesterday~~ You two are so funny (8:03am KST)
@arden_cho He's a really good guy~ You'll know, Arden, when you get to know him better~~^^ (8:07am KST)

Jae (of all people) is telling us to sleep?!
(Jaejoong) There is still a while before morning so go to sleep!! (8.11am KST)
(T/N : I'm assuming hes talking to his fans since he wrote this around 3pm LA time XD)

They're off~!
(Jaejoong) We're off to our dance rehearsal now^^ (8:15am KST)

Yoochun's Feeling Hungry
(Yoochun) @elbowyeish Hyung!! Hm~I'm hungry (8:32am KST)

Yoochun feels the urge to show his emotions through pictures
(Yoochun) ㅠㅠ http://yfrog.com/fk8bzij (8:43am KST)

 It's cold~!!! http://yfrog.com/mj9ropj (8:46am KST)

Junsu.. probably has no idea what John's Tweet is About but Whines with Yoochun :P
(English Tweet/John) http://twitpic.com/37gz5z hmm.. was trying to see what I could take a picture... how bout JJ's shoes? Haha (8:10am KST)

 @elbowyeish I'm hungry, too~~~ (8:46am KST)

(Junsu) @mjjeje Hyung....................Maerong~ (:P) (8:49am KST)
 @6002theMicky Hey......................Maerong~ (:P) (8:50am KST)

Jaejoong Sees Junsu's :P now
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Junsu, I just saw your tweet..You posted it 5 hours ago,, (2:38pm KST)

And He *gasp* Goes to Bed EARLY?
(Jaejoong) T: Twitter jungmal jaemitda. Wi: Wi(We) are the Twitter Tuh(tter):Tuhjilgutgateun nae shimjangeul~hoo~naneunupseotsung~blahblah And now I'm done because I'm so tired! Goodnight !^^ (2:53pm KST)
(Translation: Twitter's really fun. We are the Twitter (...okay Jae, sure) My heart, that feels like it's gonna burst~Hoo~I wasn't there~Blah blah)

Jaejoong Believes in the Power of Positive Thinking!
(Jaejoong) (>_<) (4:04pm KST)
 (^________^) Positive thinking is good! (4:06pm KST)

Jaejoong's Japanese Tweets (Going pretty Yoochun deep)
(Jaejoong) I'll stop/quit (4:07pm KST)
 I won't do the same bad things twice. I will work hard and readily move on with my life. (4:10pm KST)
 However, I don't really know what bad things I've done (laughs) Anyway, the fact is that I will work hard. (4:14pm KST)

Jaejoong whines to John about Yoochun's lame jokes♥
(Jaejoong) @elbowyeish Hyung, did you enjoy the soft tofu? I should really sleep now ..I would have fought it off if I could but.. I'm lying here holding my eyes again..(Yoochun said something about it) Anyway, I'm going to bed, hyung.. ㅠ (4:17pm KST)

Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww♥ WAI SO PRESH YOU ;A;
(Jaejoong) There were times when I thought..Fans are just fans, but that's not true. I would see people having a hard time or feeling happy because of me, and when I looked back on myself, there were many times when I would have a hard time or would feel happy because of my fans. We have a existence like that of nature~There is no No.1. Though we each have names that were given to us.. (4:24pm KST)
(Jaejoong) From a certain time, and from a certain point, if we think of something different, respect each other.. and love each other, everything eventually..everyone will become brighter. Thank you so much! The end to a 25 year-old's diary entry. (4:26pm KST)

(Jaejoong) Hahaha. There were times when she thought of me as just another celebrity ..To the person who wrote the same words as me after I finished writing. I know how you feel. It would have been a great misfortune if I had ended my career as a celebrity without ever knowing that such a bond could exist. (4:31pm KST)

(Jaejoong) I'm reading your replies, and you keep calling yourselves Ppasooni, Ppasooni (빠순이 equivalent to 'Stan').. Then I'll be Byuldol-i (별돌이 Fan of a Star=Cassiopeia's fan) ! I'm really going to bed now~Goodnight^^See you お休み(Goodnight) (4:35pm KST)

Oh. My. God. Chun.
(Yoochun) "@elbowyeish: http://twitvid.com/T7H1R - Micky Christmas everybody!!! Have a warm Micky Chirstmas this winter"(4:46pm KST)

Oh. My. God. Chun. Part 2
(English Tweet/Yoochun) "@elbowyeish: http://twitpic.com/37khcg Micky Presley!" (5:03pm KST)

Yoochun Wants Us to Cheer Up (I so believe this is totally directed at Jaejoong)
(Yoochun) Even if you want to cry^^ Let's all laugh together, at least just for this moment.... (5:29pm KST)
(Ji Yeun) 
@6002theMicky Make us laugh~^^ (5:30pm KST)
 @ssongjiyeun If you make me some hot chocolate~I'll make you laugh^^ (5:37pm KST)

Cheer Up Yourself bb <3
(Yoochun) Though I feel sad....I'm glad that you all can laugh.... (7:06pm KST)

Junsu wishes his cousin good luck!
(Ye Eun) Our maknae Joo Seung's taking the University Entrance Exam tomorrowㅠㅠㅋ Pray for him so that he's not scared and so that he does his best!! Everyone, hwaiting!!♥ (6:15pm KST)
 @iamyenny8 Joo Seung, good luck on the University Entrance Exam~!! The least I can do is send you my support from the US!!! Hwaiting^^ Noona, please send him my message~ (7:55pm KST)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Brian!!! ...who?
(Junsu) Brian, you dance really well~ Your groove and rhythm are precise! You're speedy but that doesn't mean any of your moves are careless, each move is exact and controlled..and to add to that, you're kind-hearted, You really are the best~! (Yoochun-sama makes an appearance lol) http://yfrog.com/5a6jjbuj (8:03pm KST)

 By the way, Brian's nickname is.. Rooney+Justin keke We made it for him...hahahaha~ Make a bang with your dance moves at the Jamshil concert~!!yo~!! (8:06pm KST)

Junsu contacts Kyung Jong ^^
(Junsu) @StarBell87 Kyung Jong, I hope you're doing well^^ Let's go eat something delicious when I get back to Korea~(8:26pm KST)

Why is Jaejoong up at 5am? 
(Jaejoong) It's now 10 o'clock in Seoul. Here, it's around...5 o'clock in the morning? (10:20pm KST)

omg... Junsu FAIL!!!! *pat pat* Thanks Yoochun!
(Yoochun) @0101xiahtic His name isn't Brian~ It's Ryan... (12:54am KST)

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