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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[photos] 110120 Tears Of Heaven Musical Photobook

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[trans] Lyrics To A Song Without A Name Part 1 (With Commentary By Yoochun)

A Song Without a Name PART 1

Have I ever told you this.

After a probation period of a few months in 2003, we, the team members, finished our first task with ease
In 2004, we were the employee of the month, with countless top results, but we couldn't feel content with just that
We were unable to contain ourselves and we started wanting more.

2005, we embarked into the overseas market, we thought everything would go smoothly like it had in Korea.
On our first attempt, we had the worst results possible and that was when my confidence started to drop.

A language we couldn't even speak
Every day we'd be at our lodgings or the office
An imprisonment that they claimed wasn't an imprisonment, saying it was for our own good

An excessive amount of solitude, tears and rage
These were what made us one
Saying that we couldn't part ways no matter what happened
Saying that we should always be together
Saying that we should resemble each other's good points
We said these things in our hearts and kept running

One day, we finally reached that top position we had so earnestly wanted
We each took our phones and contacted our families and friends.

That day had finally arrived.
From then on, everything started to go so well.

Records selling hundreds of thousands, winning every award out there and harvesting the fruits of our labor.
It felt like even when we cried, those tears dropped softly

The reason we were happier than any joy or sorrow
We, who never gave up and ran till the end
The reason we were stronger than anything else, was because we were one

You have already changed. (I can't stay in that spot forever)
I'll be the first to turn my back on you. (I can't be shedding tears forever)
I'll call out your name, though you keep going so far away (Fly me high into that sky)

We had been running for quite some time.
When we were surrounded by an unexpected, big wall
And the thought, 'Has it always been this dark' stayed in my head for a long time.

Once, this happened.
With the ever growing business expenses, and the increasing debts
The situation became something I could no longer handle on my own

Our CEO had once said these words to us
Tell me whenever you need something. Because we will always be family to each other.

Tell me whenever you need something.
Remembering those words, I took the courage to call him and ask him a favor.

Though I had this strange feeling inside of me, he was the only person I could rely on back then.
Because we were a family who would stay together forever.

Though I built up the courage to ask him a favor, all I received was a cold refusal.
His words made me so mad, but I contained myself and asked him once more to help me out.

He hung up on me.

I couldn't stop the tears streaming down my face.
I couldn't think straight because he wasn't the family I had always believed he was till then.

When he needed us, we were family to him. When we needed him, we were strangers.

More amazing things happened as more time passed.
Hearing that we had finally struck gold overseas and brought in results so unimaginably astronomical,
I walked into the office with a spring in my step to receive my pay.

Our team members were looking at each other with excited gazes.
We complimented each other on how hard we had worked.

But the statement of accounts we received said we were at a deficit
I thought I had seen the figures wrong so I checked again
Everything was listed under expenses
Damn it, how could all that money have gone towards paying expenses.
What kind of expenses were there to make that much money vanish?

I couldn't believe my eyes so I asked them to show me the detailed statement of accounts that I had never seen before.
They told me they would show it to me, but I ended up never seeing those few sheets of paper as all I did was work.

The amount of questions I had grew the more time passed.
The headaches grew the more our team members got together and thought about it.

If I was to say just one last thing
Are the things we do for the company
Really and truly things that are for the company?

Sure, let's say they were. We, the kind souls, will let that one slide.
We will forget it, for the company, and for us, who have been together for so many years.
But that isn't right, those aren't things you should be saying to us.

Were you seriously planning on disappointing us till the very end?
When you called, all you did was talk about our team members behind each other's back, it was so hard to trust you.

This is exactly like what our seniors said. Did you want to keep the ones who'd still willingly make money for you?
A senior told me that the family the company always talked about, would make it hard for us to survive if we left the company
Those words refuse to leave my mind

Though I have so much more to say,
I can't because I feel so frustrated at the thought that someone will torment us more when this song is released.

Anyway, though life is hard, we are working hard and doing well.
We are trying to really smile though we continue to be tormented by someone.

This effort of ours is not the effort of a mere product.
It is the effort that is driven by the thought
That we want to die with no regrets when we leave this earth.

-Commentary by Yoochun-

Yes, in the end, it's JYJ.

Yesterday and tomorrow, though I've thought about it all day long
I can truly feel the difference between then and now at 25, my age

I will now put this pen down.
But my heart it at ease right now.

Because I am able to feel the love of our fans......
I'm thinking of sharing the load I have kept in my heart all this time.
Though nothing is ever easy, my heart is at ease.
I'm happy because we have our fans for our family,
I'm always thinking of you all......
I love you.

So could you believe in us till the end.
Could you tell us that you love us.
We'll work hard till forever, so could you stay by our side.

Because we still have you
And you still have us

I promise, that I'll show you everything eventually.
Yes, we are JYJ.

"You have raised the palace walls and firmly closed the door
They say that love is not imprisonment
Love is letting go to fly freely
But I don't even expect that much
For we, who you made, are not even worth half of half of half of that.
We are nothing but eternal frogs living in a well."
(Excerpt from the musical 'Mozart!')

Though I still have so much to say
I will end it here.

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[trans] 101122 Yoochun & 2PM's Nickhun, Wearing The Same Wool Top

After images of JYJ’s Yoochun and 2PM’s Nickhun wearing the same top during broadcast were put online, it has become a hot topic.

Nickhun, while appearing in MBC’s “We Got Married,” wore a wool top which had prints of the faces of English rock band The Beatles on it. 

Yoochun wore a similar top during the SBS “Good Morning” broadcast. Unlike Nickhun, he matched it with a muffler, drawing more attention. 

Netizens have been debating on “Nickhun & Yoochun – Who wore it better?” and have come to different conclusions. As both Yoochun and Nickhun are outstanding, representative pretty boys, it is hard to decide between one of them. 

Netizens said, “They are both outstanding,” “The grey muffler Yoochun matched it with makes him look a bit cooler,” and other varying comments. 

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[trans] 110122 JYJ twitter updates

OMFG HI KIM JAEJOONG *waves frantically*
(Jaejoong) Dae~HanMinGuk!! Goal!! (3:38am KST)

omg too cute for words XD
(Jaejoong) Hurray~~ (3:55am KST)
(T/N: Korea won the soccer match against Iran!)

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[trans] 110121 Gmarket Exclusive! JYJ♥NII Sales Begin!

Gmarket Exclusive! JYJ♥NII Sales Begin!
Gmarket Original Photo Set Present for All!

Sales begin 21 January 1400 hours!!

Gmarket Exclusive – Latest NII Products! Hot items worn by JYJ!

Purchase any of the items from 1-6 and receive an unreleased JYJ Photo Set Present!

1) Junsu’s Vest ¥3,500
2) Jejung’s Vest ¥3,500
3) Yuchun’s Vest ¥3,500
4) Junsu & Jejung’s Outer Wear ¥6,500
5) Jejung’s Long-sleeved Tee ¥4,300
6) Jejung and Yuchun’s Hooded Tee ¥5,700

Upcoming Sale! Check the Mail Magazine! Jejung’s Lu T-Shirt

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[info] 110121 JYJ Schedule Update

26 January : JYJ MBN Interview
28 January : JYJ Essay Release Commemorative Fansigning

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[trans] 110120 JYJ's Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu Takes On Dramas & Musicals For 2nd Half Of 2011

Continuing their host of activities, JYJ will be taking on the role of actor/performers in 2011. A representative of JYJ’s management company met with OSEN, and said that Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu will be extending their activities to movies or dramas as well as musicals. 

Firstly, Park Yoochun, who successfully took on an acting role in the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” is planning to take on another drama. The management said, “After Sungkyunkwan Scandal, there have been many projects making love calls,” and “since his first project was a period drama, we are looking forward to another project which can allow him to show a different kind of charm. At its latest, we will find another drama project by the later part of this year.”

Due to his role as Lee Seon Joon in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Park Yoochun, as a rookie actor, has received much praise for his acting skills. Furthermore, he bagged the Best Newcomer Award, Netizen Award and Best Couple award, at the 2010 KBS Drama awards, showing his possibility and potential in becoming a star actor. 

Also, performing on 1 February in the musical “Tears of Heaven,” Junsu has plans to be more active in the musical field. The management said, “Although he has been offered roles in dramas and movies, Junsu plans to continue steadily in the path of being a musical actor,” and “his abilities have been recognized via his projects, and also his affirmation by ticket power, but the task at hand is to complete “Tears of Heaven” successfully. It is possible that he will be greeting the audiences via other musicals for the later part of the year.”

Acting in the Japanese drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” together with top actors and receiving a great response, Jaejoong may also be making his local (T/N: Korean) debut this year. Jaejoong, whose appearance in “Sunao Ni Narenakute,” equipped with the foundations of acting, is the envy of many local producers. The management said, “Jaejoong’s charm and his acting experience has gained him some attention from the producers, and he has been getting love calls,” and “Dramas are a given, but even for movies, all kinds of scripts have been sent. For dramas, the good suggestions are now being seriously considered. In the later half of 2011, the chances of him greeting the audiences via a drama is very high.”

Source: [BaiduTVXQ] + [Osen] 
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[trans] 110117 JYJ Will Succeed 85%, TVXQ Will Succeed 14%

TVXQ, the forerunners of the second Hallyu Wave, have more or less disbanded. JYJ (Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong), who have been granted the freedom to pursue independent celebrity activities, have begun to do so and the remaining two members (Choikang Changmin, U-Know Yunho) have restarted their activities as a duo.

We asked people on Twitter whether they thought 'Left Shinki' or 'Stayed Shinki' would be more succeesful. The 'Left Shinki (JYJ)' side won by a landside against the 'Stayed Shinki (Changmin+Yunho)' side with the former receiving 85% of the votes (1026 votes) and the latter receiving 14% (170 votes) of the votes. (The poll was done with twtkr.com users logging in and voting, and there is a possibility that those who participated were people from the respective fanclubs)

With December 31st came the revival of 'Left Shinki'. Micky Yoochun(Park Yoochun), who appeared on <SungKyunKwan Scandal> received three awards including the Best Newcomer Award, and JYJ made their debut on TV by singing the drama OST <Found You>. Following this, SM Entertainment released teasers of TVXQ's comeback.

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[trans] 110120 JYJ's Fans Collect 100 Million Won In 4 Days For Advertisement - "The Power Of Fans"

Fans of the group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have done personal fundraising just for JYJ, collecting more than 100million won in under 4 days, showing the tremendous power of fans.

They used the scale of the fundraising to decide on the bus routes and number of buses, and the advertisement uses the phrase "Supporting your youth" together with the names of the three members.

The fundraising account is jointly managed by JYJ fans and all the details of the deposits will be printed clearly in the books, ensuring transparency by posting them publicly on the JYJ support advertisement fundraising blog.

The fundraising lasted from the afternoon of the 14th until the 18th and they broke 100million won in collection. Due to requests from overseas fans to extended the collection period, as of 20th January, the funds have exceeded 140million won. 

As the fundraising project raised more than 100million won under 4 days, and related people were astonished by such immense strength from the fans. The fans arranged and completed this project based on their own initiative, and this behaviour was a big surprise to the staff of JYJ's management agency. 

Also, JYJ fans are preparing to provide radio broadcasts via the Internet. Due to their troubles with their former management company SM Entertainment, JYJ's activities have been blocked and the fans are currently establishing a privately owned broadcasting station. The bus advertisements are also currently underway and the broadcasting station will begin on 3 March.

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[trans] 110120 KEPA "Deeply Concerned By JYJ's Contract Invalidity Confirmation Charge Against SM"

(SM Entertainment 'TVXQ')

The Korea Entertainment Producers Association and its members are deeply concerned by the charge filed to the Courts by certain members of TVXQ, singers under SM Entertainment, regarding their exclusive contract including matters such as invalidity confirmation. If the verdict is made favoring the side of the trio who filed an injunction as well as a lawsuit, countless celebrities will abuse these results to file lawsuits against their respective entertainment agencies, regardless of the fact that the initial injunction and lawsuit were filed by the trio for the sole purpose of attaining individual financial profits by abusing the erroneous public preconception of slave contracts.
Therefore, we urge you, the members of this association, to leave your signature on this petition if you share these same beliefs.

2011 January 20th
The Korea Entertainment Producers Association

The Korea Entertainment Producers Association (KEPA) has voiced their deep concern over JYJ's exclusive contract invalidity confirmation charge.

The KEPA held their regular general meeting on January 20th and revealed that "The Korea Entertainment Producers Association and its members are deeply concerned by the charge filed to the Courts by certain members of TVXQ, singers under SM Entertainment, regarding their exclusive contract including matters such as invalidity confirmation."

They continued to say, "If the verdict is made favoring the side of the trio who filed an injunction as well as a lawsuit, countless celebrities will abuse these results to file lawsuits against their respective entertainment agencies, regardless of the fact that the initial injunction and lawsuit were filed by the trio for the sole purpose of attaining individual financial profits by abusing the erroneous public preconception of slave contracts."

Source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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[trans] 101119 Love Song From 7 Auntie Fans To Park Yoochun

"To have been able to meet you, is already one kind of blessing!" 
"As long as you're there...."
"When a woman reaches 40 years of age, are there still things that will move her heart?"

(Seoul=Yonhap News) If we have to choose an "auntie fanclub" that is currently the most passionate, it has to be the online fanclub "Blessing Yoochun". 

This club, which was formed in order to support Park Yoochun, the lead actor of the drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal", is where 5000 30-60 year old women who are "doing fanclub activities for the first time in their lives" do the fan activities.

There are more than 100 new threads created in the club daily, with thousands of new replies, and there are small groups who meet up at different locations, deeply into the "Yoochun sickness".

In the past, these women who used to like Shin Seunghun and Seo Taiji and Kids, they were simply content to buy the music they liked back then. 

So what was it that set their hearts aflame?

On the 11th of this month, in order to hear their "love song", this reporter met up with Blessing Yoochun members Kwon Dae Hyan (40, primary school nutritionist), Kim Eun Hee (42, housewife), Yoo Soo Yeon (42, businesswoman), Lee Myeong Sook (48, school learning department), Lee Mi Young (43, housewife), Na Gyeong Ee (42, housewife) and Hon In Ha (38, researcher). 

◇Have you ever had any experience doing fan activities?

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=Participating in fanclub activities; this is a first! During university, I liked Seo Taiji and Kids for a short while. They were the leading cultural icon then. 

▲Lee Myeong Sook=This is also my first time participating in fanclub activities. During university I liked Byung Jin Sop so I would watch his concerts. But for fanclub activities, this is a first.

▲Lee Mi Young=I had that sort of experience in the past. Bae Yong Joon started out in 2001 with Hotelier. I guess Hotelier can be said to be where the auntie fans originated from! Hotelier was Bae Yong Joon's comeback work after 2 years and at time my impression of him was "Who is he? He's really smart, not bad." That's how I fell in love with Bae Yong Joon. At that time, the Internet was not as developed as it is now and I even got my husband to teach me how to get into MBC's forum. Then, there were already cafes on Daum (t/n: cafes = fanclubs) and for the first time, auntie fans gathered and Japanese fans also joined, so that's how it grew.

▲Kwon Dae Hyan=It's the first time for me. While schooling, I've never once liked any actor, singer; I didn't even have a crush on any male teacher. I've only ever loved my husband, but after watching "SungKyunKwan Scandal", his elegant looks and way of speaking and the way he faces reality, made me fall. Then from "SungKyunKwan Scandal", I slowly got to know about JYJ, TVXQ. I see the way these children are facing the realities of their situation and a strong sense of justice comes pouring forth from my heart.

▲Na Gyeong Ee=This is the first time I've liked an artist so much. During Junior High and High School, I liked Duran Duran. Then, there wasn't any web culture, so there was no way I could actively seek to collect information. At that time my hobby was to collect foreign magazines and that's how I spent my youth. However, to let me understand a star through a TV drama and fall so helplessly, this is really a first. At the beginning I couldn't really accept that I had such a side to me and I needed a little time to get used to this mentality. But by the time I've slowly adjusted, my heart is comfortable with it and I spend each day happily. 

▲Hon In Ha=It's also my first time participating in fan activities. I love listening to music and for my generation, that's when Shin Seung Hun and Kim Gunmo were active, but I only bought their music to support them. Actually, I was really hesitant in the beginning, but as my liking grew bigger, I placed this liking and words of support onto the online forums. Nearing my 40s, for the past 10 years, my life revolved only around my job and my family and I rarely meet my friends. Through Yoochun, I could now express from this previously repressed heart and I even discussed my fan activities with my husband, which helped to dissolve the knots of misunderstanding that had formed between us over the years. It increased my confidence manifold!

▲Kim Eun Hee=It's my first time too. It was also the first time I entered KBS' forum, then I got to know about cafes. In the beginning I didn't join, I just surfed, but in the end, I couldn't curb my curiosity and joined the fanclub. Even until now, I'll check it everyday. However, I have children so I can't spend long periods of time in the club, but I'll check it at least 2 to 3 times daily!

◇The reason you like Park Yoochun? 

▲Lee Mi Young=Park Yoochun's portrayal of the character "Lee Seonjoon" gave me this thought: "How should I pass my youthful days?" The reason why the aunties can fall so deeply for "SungKyunKwan Scandal" is because youth has become a thing of the past, and there are some parts of ourselves that have been forgotten because we have been constantly living out our lives in the role of an auntie, or losing our sense of self as someone's wife, or regretting the wasted years spent in motherhood. Seeing such a bright youth like Seonjoon, we'll have regretful thoughts like, "I had times like these too, I used to have dreams too..." This is why we want to protect Yoochun; so that he can fulfill his dreams. Don't you think it's a really difficult thing to move the heart of a 40 year old woman? Our passion for marriage life and other activities had already cooled down. But now, this passion has returned to our hearts, so we want to look for things that we can do for him because that makes us feel happy.

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=The people in their 40s (t/n: referring to her generation) have lived their entire lives constantly running forward. My mother always used to tell me "Don't live a such hard life." At that time, I didn't really understand what she meant by that. I accidentally came across the scene where the lead of the drama placed his hands on his chest and felt his heartbeat. That action of his; I unknowingly mimicked him. At that time, I suddenly felt "It's time to rest a little." Actually, this thing called life is merely this, yet I made myself so crazily busy. It's also time that I gave myself time to listen to the sounds of my heart. Because of the drama and its lead, I managed to change myself and I really think I'm fortunate for that!

◇The reason you joined the fan club?

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=To be honest, there's really nothing that the aunties of Korea can't do. For 20 years, the real estate market was immovable and even though the government raised the bar for the entrance test, they ignored it and inflated the private education market. Is there anything the aunties of Korea can't do if they're together? It's just as well, we can use this opportunity to make changes to the cultural market and satisfy your eyes, so that you can constantly see the people you wish to see. Our interest in real estate and higher education has already gone stale, so let the aunties gather to do this. It so happens that the highly educated aunties have nowhere to go so isn't it a win-win situation if we can help each other out? I keep thinking of these things that will give purpose to life.

▲Na Gyeong Ee=This is the strength that Yoochun gave to us. During this time, it's not that we didn't do such things because we didn't know how to, but it's because there was nothing that could excite us into doing it.

▲Kwon Dae Hyan=Because we're all mothers, that's why we have such a thinking. Now, the dream for majority of our youths is to become superstars. We're not just doing it for these children (t/n: JYJ), but we're also building the foundation for "our children" (t/n: of society) who will eventually become artists, so that they can do their activities in the entertainment world under healthy conditions. 

◇Are there any interesting episodes?

▲Lee Mi Young=I'm an operator for the fanclub. I once started a thread "Who got tickets to the Drama Awards?" and at that time a lot of people raised their hands. People in their 40s are active in all walks of lives in society, so it's easier to get tickets. At that time there was a rumour that said that it was especially hard to get entrance tickets to the awards. In the end, 50 seats out of the 300 seats were filled with our members - that's a big difference!!!

▲Na Gyeong Ee=Even Park Yoochun's mother only got standing tickets but I heard that someone from Blessing Yoochun had 2 tickets so I gave one to her. 

▲Kwon Dae Hyan=The concert date and the season to make kimchi coincided. We went to so much trouble to get the tickets but my relatives and in-laws kept making plans to make kimchi and as wives and daughters, we had to go. We had no choice but to give our tickets to the younger fans. This is why our members all have such troubles. (Every winter in Korea, the people will make kimchi in huge batches, enough for them to eat one whole winter, so it's a big process.)

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=It was also really difficult for me to get my ticket from someone. The person who gave me my ticket said - The tickets for the Drama Awards were mostly grabbed up by Park Yoochun's fans. In addition, the fervor of their support was really strong, so it was very surprising. Bae Yong Joon and Lee Byung Hun also have very high popularity in Japan, but to witness such a strong auntie fanclub, this was a first. - When I heard words like this I felt really content.

▲Kim Eun Hee=Every year, during the end of the year, I would never watch the award shows. But I really wanted to see the Drama Awards for myself. So I asked for a favour from someone I know and I called her everyday asking "Did you get a ticket?" I even got a scolding from her husband (laugh). So I said, "I'm doing this for my daughter" but I still got caught in the end. When I got the ticket, unfortunately, my husband caught a cold. I had to run to the supermarket at night to buy pear, ginger and honey and return home to sincerely cook it before serving it to my husband who was sleeping. In my heart I was secretly cursing, "Hurry up and get better!" I was shocked by my own actions (laugh).

▲Na Gyeong Ee=During the period of time when the Yeong Pyeong Island incident took place, I went to watch JYJ's concert. On the first day, the opening was delayed for an hour, so I just stood there in the cutting cold, waiting. In front of me were two Japanese fans and behind me were two Malaysian fans and the people around me knew some Japanese and English so we spent our time chatting with these international fans. If it were not for JYJ, we would not have had any common topics. We chatted really happily. A few days ago, the Malaysian friend even gave me a long distance call, asking me if I had any latest news. I made an international friend! At the time of the concert, things were a little unstable because of the Yeong Pyeong incident but these foreign friends didn't mind all that and came to watch the concert; I really admire them.

Source: [Yonhap News + BaiduTVXQ]
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[trans] 110119 Jaejoong: "Members Are Difficult Friends; As Expected Drinking Relieves Stress"

JYJ's Jaejoong participated in the broadcast of the SBS talk show "Good Morning" this morning (19 January) and explained that he relieves stress by drinking alcohol.

Jaejoong's comments were made when the host of the talk show posed the sudden question, "Everyone, do you drink frequently?" Yoochun gave his honest answer of "I love it" and Jaejoong continued from this, showing his agreement, and said, "I need alcohol to relieve stress." To the question "What other methods do you have to release stress?", Jaejoong replied, "Alcohol, alcohol, nothing but alcohol," and received laughter all around the studio.

Also, Jaejoong was chosen as the member who cries the most. Junsu revealed, "Last year, during the after party for our solo concert, while saying 'Thank you', he kept crying continuously." Here, Jaejoong explained, "I express my emotions more intensely when I drink. At the point in time, after we completed big performances like the American showcases, all kinds of worries and thoughts would explode all at once." During Jaejoong's explanation, Yoochun chimed in, "He's just a drunkard," causing the members to laugh.

Jaejoong said, "Back then, it would have been really difficult if I had been alone, so when I saw these 2 who have been by my side, the tears just came. This period of time that has passed was really difficult because as the oldest hyung, I endured it all in my heart. It was really tiring." He continued to comment, "The time that Junsu and Yoochun have spent together has exceeded 10 years. But even now, they are still 'difficult friends'. There are also a lot of times when these two don't talk because of mistakes they made. On the contrary, I get angry."

Today's broadcast comes after their guest appearance at KBS's Drama Awards last year, during which a lot of interest had been brewing to see if they will continue to be seen on other broadcasting stations. However, this episode was not broadcasted on the original date and when the confirmation of the broadcast schedule was not decided after quite some time, fans were worried that they would never see this day come.

Source: [k-plaza]
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[trans] 110120 JYJ Music Essay Their Rooms - Message

Dear You,

Hello everyone~
For us JYJ, who always put in all our strength in chasing our dreams,
we are always thankful to you, who has always supported us.
We have released our music essay that is filled with truth, just for everyone.
However, the release date was pushed back a little, and we wanted to express our apologies, so we personally wrote a letter.
From now on, rather than "we will not disappoint you",
because of everyone's love and support, we will become (people who are) devoted to "always repay your love".
We love you.

Source: [koolkei]
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[trans] 110119 Fake Twitter For Jaejoong's Pet Jiji - "I'll Starve You" Conversation

The fake Twitter account for Jaejoong's pet Jiji has surfaced and attracted strong response and interest amongst the fans. The Twitter account was actually made by a fan, pretending to be Jaejoong's pet Jiji. 

Jaejoong, who usually communicates with his fans through his Twitter, regularly updates with Jiji's photos and information through his account. Thus, Jiji is already extremely famous among the fans.

In the fake Twitter, Jiji addresses his owner Kim Jaejoong as "Butler Kim" and together with Jaejoong's picture, posted the words "Our butler seems to be very well suited to the phrase 'Japanese Vampire'", "our butler doesn't even give me massages, I'm angry again" and "our butler took the clothes that were meant to be handwashed and dumped them all into the washing machine; this house needs a woman", and more, inciting a lot of laughter.

In particular, what caught people's eyes was that Jaejoong and fake Jiji's Twitter accounts are following each other and Jaejoong even tweeted, "Jiji, where are you? Come out now!" and "I'll starve you".

Fake Jiji's Twitter account already has 8,000 followers, amassing great popularity. 

Fans who have seen the conversation between Jaejoong and fake Jiji, left comments saying, "I'm completely jealous of the fan that created Jiji's Twitter", "I'm too envious", "creative people will succeed", "Jiji, you're just a cat" and more, expressing their jealousy and envy in their responses.
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[trans] 110119 JYJ's Park Yoochun Regrets Publicizing Brother Park Yoohwan's Picture

On the 19th, the episode where the group JYJ guested on SBS Good Morning was broadcasted and their member Park Yoochun expressed some regrets with regards to revealing his brother's photo through his own Twitter account, "I put it up and now that my younger brother is working hard preparing to be an actor, I don't know if I've become a stumbling block in his way, so I'm very worried," showing his love and care for his younger brother.

Also, during the interview, with regards to Park Yoochun who has transformed into an actor, members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu also expressed warm criticism that was evidently filled with close friendship, causing non-stop laughter at the site.

Jaejoong said, "With regards to Yoochun's image on the drama, it's completely different from usual so it was very hard for me to get used to it." Junsu, who was beside him, said, "The actual Yoochun is not someone who looks so intelligent when you look at him." Jaejoong said, "That's right. in the drama, weren't there some scenes where he's reading the books from the olden days? They're all filled with Hanja (t/n: Chinese characters) and at that time I thought that Yoochun definitely wouldn't know how to read the Hanja, yet he had to pretend to read it so seriously," also causing everyone to burst out into laughter.
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[info] 110118 Jaejoong To Participate In Elle Photoshoot

[Jaejoong] Elle Photoshoot (Photoshoot is on 24 Jan)

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[trans] 110118 Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong - Their Rooms - Already 10th Place Based On Pre-Orders Only

The group JYJ's music essay "Their Rooms - Our Story" as achieved 10th place solely based on the 3 phases of pre-orders. This book, which hit the shelves officially on the 17th*, includes self-composed songs that were showcased during their concert last November, as well as hand-written essays, photos of their daily lives and more.

According to yes24, Interpark, as well as 9 other online book sites, on the overall ranking charts for 7-13 January, JYJ's "Their Rooms - Our Story" is in 10th place.

* = It was supposed to be released on the 17th but it was postponed to 20th.

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