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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 110120 JYJ's Fans Collect 100 Million Won In 4 Days For Advertisement - "The Power Of Fans"

Fans of the group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have done personal fundraising just for JYJ, collecting more than 100million won in under 4 days, showing the tremendous power of fans.

They used the scale of the fundraising to decide on the bus routes and number of buses, and the advertisement uses the phrase "Supporting your youth" together with the names of the three members.

The fundraising account is jointly managed by JYJ fans and all the details of the deposits will be printed clearly in the books, ensuring transparency by posting them publicly on the JYJ support advertisement fundraising blog.

The fundraising lasted from the afternoon of the 14th until the 18th and they broke 100million won in collection. Due to requests from overseas fans to extended the collection period, as of 20th January, the funds have exceeded 140million won. 

As the fundraising project raised more than 100million won under 4 days, and related people were astonished by such immense strength from the fans. The fans arranged and completed this project based on their own initiative, and this behaviour was a big surprise to the staff of JYJ's management agency. 

Also, JYJ fans are preparing to provide radio broadcasts via the Internet. Due to their troubles with their former management company SM Entertainment, JYJ's activities have been blocked and the fans are currently establishing a privately owned broadcasting station. The bus advertisements are also currently underway and the broadcasting station will begin on 3 March.

Source: [DNBN + BaiduTVXQ]
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