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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 101122 Yoochun & 2PM's Nickhun, Wearing The Same Wool Top

After images of JYJ’s Yoochun and 2PM’s Nickhun wearing the same top during broadcast were put online, it has become a hot topic.

Nickhun, while appearing in MBC’s “We Got Married,” wore a wool top which had prints of the faces of English rock band The Beatles on it. 

Yoochun wore a similar top during the SBS “Good Morning” broadcast. Unlike Nickhun, he matched it with a muffler, drawing more attention. 

Netizens have been debating on “Nickhun & Yoochun – Who wore it better?” and have come to different conclusions. As both Yoochun and Nickhun are outstanding, representative pretty boys, it is hard to decide between one of them. 

Netizens said, “They are both outstanding,” “The grey muffler Yoochun matched it with makes him look a bit cooler,” and other varying comments. 

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
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