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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 110119 Fake Twitter For Jaejoong's Pet Jiji - "I'll Starve You" Conversation

The fake Twitter account for Jaejoong's pet Jiji has surfaced and attracted strong response and interest amongst the fans. The Twitter account was actually made by a fan, pretending to be Jaejoong's pet Jiji. 

Jaejoong, who usually communicates with his fans through his Twitter, regularly updates with Jiji's photos and information through his account. Thus, Jiji is already extremely famous among the fans.

In the fake Twitter, Jiji addresses his owner Kim Jaejoong as "Butler Kim" and together with Jaejoong's picture, posted the words "Our butler seems to be very well suited to the phrase 'Japanese Vampire'", "our butler doesn't even give me massages, I'm angry again" and "our butler took the clothes that were meant to be handwashed and dumped them all into the washing machine; this house needs a woman", and more, inciting a lot of laughter.

In particular, what caught people's eyes was that Jaejoong and fake Jiji's Twitter accounts are following each other and Jaejoong even tweeted, "Jiji, where are you? Come out now!" and "I'll starve you".

Fake Jiji's Twitter account already has 8,000 followers, amassing great popularity. 

Fans who have seen the conversation between Jaejoong and fake Jiji, left comments saying, "I'm completely jealous of the fan that created Jiji's Twitter", "I'm too envious", "creative people will succeed", "Jiji, you're just a cat" and more, expressing their jealousy and envy in their responses.
Source: [nate news + BaiduTVXQ]
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