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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 110119 Jaejoong: "Members Are Difficult Friends; As Expected Drinking Relieves Stress"

JYJ's Jaejoong participated in the broadcast of the SBS talk show "Good Morning" this morning (19 January) and explained that he relieves stress by drinking alcohol.

Jaejoong's comments were made when the host of the talk show posed the sudden question, "Everyone, do you drink frequently?" Yoochun gave his honest answer of "I love it" and Jaejoong continued from this, showing his agreement, and said, "I need alcohol to relieve stress." To the question "What other methods do you have to release stress?", Jaejoong replied, "Alcohol, alcohol, nothing but alcohol," and received laughter all around the studio.

Also, Jaejoong was chosen as the member who cries the most. Junsu revealed, "Last year, during the after party for our solo concert, while saying 'Thank you', he kept crying continuously." Here, Jaejoong explained, "I express my emotions more intensely when I drink. At the point in time, after we completed big performances like the American showcases, all kinds of worries and thoughts would explode all at once." During Jaejoong's explanation, Yoochun chimed in, "He's just a drunkard," causing the members to laugh.

Jaejoong said, "Back then, it would have been really difficult if I had been alone, so when I saw these 2 who have been by my side, the tears just came. This period of time that has passed was really difficult because as the oldest hyung, I endured it all in my heart. It was really tiring." He continued to comment, "The time that Junsu and Yoochun have spent together has exceeded 10 years. But even now, they are still 'difficult friends'. There are also a lot of times when these two don't talk because of mistakes they made. On the contrary, I get angry."

Today's broadcast comes after their guest appearance at KBS's Drama Awards last year, during which a lot of interest had been brewing to see if they will continue to be seen on other broadcasting stations. However, this episode was not broadcasted on the original date and when the confirmation of the broadcast schedule was not decided after quite some time, fans were worried that they would never see this day come.

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