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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 110117 Park Yoochun : “If there is Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2, I will definitely participate.”

Park Yoochun has started 2011 with great flourish. Meeting on the 13th, he looked very cheerful. Through his debut drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” he was awarded the “Best Newcomer Award,” “Best Couple Award” and “Netizen Award,” and recently his group JYJ’s essay collection has been selling well at various bookstores, he has been really busy.

Congratulations on winning 3 awards. Especially the Best Newcomer Award, where you faced fierce competition, and you being the only winner has caused quite a buzz. 

I was really shocked then. I thought that they would announce someone else’s name together with mine, and we would go up on stage together to get the prize. I did not have 100% confidence in getting the award, so I felt burdened. This feels different from getting awards as a singer, and sitting in front of so many seniors, I felt embarrassed and a bit helpless.

You picked a period piece as your debut drama, and what surprised me was the fact that everybody’s attitude towards your “acting ability debate” was not strong, but was simply passed over.

I didn’t pick a period drama specifically, it was just that I felt that this was a good project, so I decided to take part in it. Initially, I was not asking too much of myself, just hoping that they wouldn’t criticize me too badly. There are very few singer-turned-actors, and the production team was worried at first, suggesting that I take another role instead of the key role of Lee Seon Joon. But, by the second day, I sent the producers a really long text message, telling them that I really wanted to do this role.

Which part of Lee Seon Joon attracted you? 

The reason why I really liked this role was the fact that he was faced with a painful internal struggle. When I was shooting, I felt like this role was very similar to me in reality. For example, sitting in the room quietly pondering, and not showing the pain inside, etc. But Lee Seon Joon is a person who isn’t afraid voice out his feelings immediately, but I would hold it in till the end, then it would just all come out at once. 

I think that throughout this lawsuit incident, you must have suffered. At the end of last year, when you were on stage, not as the 5-man TVXQ but as the 3-man JYJ, how did you feel?

If it had been a sudden incident that occurred just before we went on stage, the impact (on me) would have been great, but it was something that we had spent a lot of time thinking about, and we were mentally prepared, so it was not as much of an impact. Singing as three, the feelings cannot be expressed by words like “Sadness”or “Happiness.” But it was a big regret. 

Recently, the two members of TVXQ have said that they hope JYJ will be able to settle their issues with SME, and return to their side. What are the chances of a reunion?

When I was young, H.O.T. disbanded. Later, when they were being interviewed and were asked about a possible reunion, they said that personally, they really wanted to be together, but due to management issues, it would be very difficult in reality. I agree with these words a hundred percent. More than anyone else, I too hope for a reunion, and I’m suffering inside. I think that settling this issue will still take some time. I think that the most important thing is that both sides need to start bridging the divide between us. 

On the internet, TVXQ and JYJ’s verbal battles have become extremely intense,

That is why I decided not to go online, but to a villa in Gyeonggi-do and stayed there for a while. I only heard a little about what happened on the internet from Jaejoong and Junsu. A while ago, I heard “Why” (TVXQ’s new song) while snowboarding. As I hear more about these issues, I just treat them as a kind of motivation, telling me to work harder. We can’t even call them, but I hope that the members can get together and have a few drinks. 

The atmosphere is too serious, let’s talk about something else. Were you ambitious about acting from the beginning?

I’ve always wanted to act, but there was never time. Especially when I was going through a period of emptiness, I became even more enthusiastic about acting. I am officially studying acting under Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Kim Ha Kyun (T/N: Choi Shin Mook in Sungkyunkwan Scandal). Initially, senior Kim Kap Soo asked me very sternly, “Did you read your script?” then he taught me some breathing techniques, eye contact and movements etc. But for the first four episodes, I still find it embarrassing and cannot watch (the show) properly (laughs).

If “Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2” is being produced, would you participate?

Of course. I hope that the Jalgeum Quartet will be able to appear again. If I had to change roles, I would like to play Seol Go Bong. He made his character really interesting, and I envy him. I even attempted to imitate him secretly while in the bathroom. 

A female poet wrote a poem “Thank you, Park Yoochun,” and it became quite a topic.

I feel like it was done with the feeling of how you would treat a son! I’m really thankful to her. Although there are still many things that I am lacking, but to be able to touch them in some way, I am really satisfied. Actually, I have never thought of myself as good looking. After a shower and standing in front of the mirror, I look at myself and feel, “Ah, it’s really nothing much.” I even seriously considered going for plastic surgery. But I have to thank my father for giving me long eyelashes. (Laughs)

Compared to previously (during TVXQ times), you look brighter and more active. 

It has been really interesting recently. Then, we had no control over time or money. I felt like it was simply working for the sake of a duty. Now, I have ambitions about my work, and I feel like I’m doing this job for myself. Furthermore, my parents aren’t working, but my mother does not need to worry about living expenses anymore. 

What are your future plans. 

The JYJ US promotions and World Tour are scheduled for the first half of the year. For the second half, if there are any good drama projects, I will meet the television viewers once again. I want to challenge a role which leaves a deep impression, such as a serial killer that looks kind on the outside, or a mental patient, etc. When I was working on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” it was overwhelming and I was really nervous, but I feel that now I will be able to take on a role in a romantic comedy. 

The eternally youthful Park Yoochun, is still a good brother that constantly gives his younger brother advice. With regards to his younger brother Yoohwan’s debut as an actor next month, he told Yoohwan, “Don’t just look at the shouts on location, and the outward appearance of the performers, but think about it a bit more.” He hopes that in his upcoming activities, he will not have to pretend that he is someone he is not. We suddenly realize that he has grown from a youth to a mature man.

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