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Monday, December 13, 2010

[trans] 101213 JYJ twitter updates

....Didn't anyone recognize him? I probably could have recognized him from miles away lol
(Jaejoong) I took the subway today ^^ For the first time in 6 years http://yfrog.com/h4ms6dj(7:53pm KST)

(Ji Bin)
 @mjjeje Hyung, where are you going~? (8:06pm KST)
 @Actor_ParkJiBin There was too much traffic, so I left my car behind and took the subway there and back~ I went to the bookstore~~ But there weren't a lot of people, so it was okay^^ (8:25pm KST)

Lol Oh... Nevermind...... but I would have still recognized you anyway XD
(Jaejoong) Because I didn't put on a disguise, people did the opposite of what you'd expect them to do and were less suspicious of me. But.. one lady sitting in the handicapped seating area kept looking at me with a gaze that said, "What's that guy wearing sunglasses at night for~". (8:34pm KST)

Jaejoong Shows Off his New Books (Which say Quite a lot about him)
(Jaejoong) The books are Kang Sae Hyung's "I still have a long way to go before I become an adult" and Gong Ji Young's "Like the raindrops, I was alone"! (8:37pm KST)

Jaejoong's Feeling Lonely... Nawww :( At least he talks to Ji Bin about it
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje What books did you buy? (8:40pm KST)
 @Actor_ParkJiBin I've already bought all my books and now I'm at home~ I even decorated my tree yesterday~ Christmas is approaching but I feel so sad .. Ugh.. (8:42pm KST)
(Ji Bin) 
@mjjeje Then why did you decorate your tree, when it made you feel even sadder kekeke Hyung, what are you going to do for Christmas? (8:45pm KST)
@Actor_ParkJiBin I have nothing to do, I actually wouldn't mind having some work to do that day..;; I decorate the tree because I wanted to at least get the feel of Christmas in my house..since I live alone.. haha (8:52pm KST)
(Ji Bin)
 @mjjeje Do you want me to keep you company? Or do you want to keep me company? kekekeke Pick one of the two, there are only these two choices.... kekekeke (8:57pm KST)
@Actor_ParkJiBin Ji Bin, but wouldn't it be so sad if two guys spent Christmas together alone? ㅜ (8:59pm KST)
(Ji Bin)
 @mjjeje I'll try to get my voice back to what it used to be before puberty hit keke But isn't JiJi a girl? (9:03pm KST)
 @Actor_ParkJiBin JiJi is a boy. (9:05pm KST)
(Ji Bin)
 @mjjeje Three guys..... Yeah, that's a little sad.. kekeke (9:07pm KST)
 @Actor_ParkJiBin I'd rather be alone! haha (9:08pm KST)

Jaejoong posts pictures while talking to Ji Bin ^^
(Jaejoong) The tree I decorated yesterday~~ http://yfrog.com/gynhnjj (8:45pm KST)

 It's Christmas for JiJi too~ http://yfrog.com/gz2rmmj (9:00pm KST)

People Bashed Gun Young, Jaejoong Defends Him
(Gun Young) Last of all, because people have demanded that I apologize for RTing that tweet, I will. I apologize for losing my temper (10:05pm KST)
 @zerotic0124 Hyung, you didn't do anything wrong. (10:10pm KST)

Cat Lady's Pic Spam, Leon's Out to Get Tigger??
(Junsu) Tigger and Leon, what are you doing..? http://yfrog.com/h2jwquj (10:07pm KST)

Now that I can see Tigger's face properly.. It looks like he's almost about to choke to death... Leon, Tigger's going to die...lol http://yfrog.com/h4ufzlj (10:11pm KST)

Jaejoong says hwaiting to a fellow bookworm
(Jaeyoung) @mjjeje I'm reading 1Q84 these days, but it's so thick kekeke (10:11pm KST)
 @Jaeyoung15 Don't give up! haha (10:13pm KST)
 @mjjeje Let's go eat that kimchi jjigae you were talking about. You said you only eat it after you get back from a trip overseas, so quickly go somewhere and come back lol (10:16pm KST)
 @Jaeyoung15 Okay^^ (10:22pm KST)

Kim Junsu's Busy Schedule = Left Out of the Fun Stuff, Poor Child *pat pat*
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Junsu~ We went to eat spicy rice cakes in Shindang-dong today, but it would have been nice if you could have come with us! (10:14pm KST)
 @mjjeje Eh, when?? (10:20pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic I was at Shindang-dong because I went there with Yoochun before today's meeting ㅠ Only the two of us went because our schedules didn't match up with yours as you had your production report conference (10:22pm KST)
 @mjjeje ㅠㅠ .... (10:40pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic Since what happened today couldn't be helped~ Let's go together next time~ They even gave us extra food, free of charge~ Even the ice cream was free~ haha (10:42pm KST)
 @mjjeje Sounds good~ Hyung, are you at home right now? (10:47pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic Yeah~ Yoochun came over to hang out~ (10:48pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic But you didn't.. (10:49pm KST)

Cat Lady's Pic Spam Part 2: During his Convo with Jae
(Junsu) Tigger is alive.. His sexy tongue~ http://yfrog.com/h0ef3ej (10:22pm KST)

 Tigger's imposing facial expression http://yfrog.com/h2v5afej (10:43pm KST)

 Tigger reminds me more and more of a white tiger these days.. http://yfrog.com/gyr1zxhj(10:44pm KST)

 Leon and Bakira get along well~ http://yfrog.com/gy7d7vj (10:45pm KST)

Junsu is Amazed by Jaejoong's Bling Bling Tree
(Jaejoong) Junsu, you should make a tree, too~~ㅇ^^ http://yfrog.com/h3y4glj (10:47pm KST)

 @mjjeje Woah...It's so pretty...;; Where did you get it? (10:55pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic I bought it at the mart~ I almost died decorating it ㅠ It's 150 meters tall~(10:56pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic Ah..1 meter and 50 centimeters..haha (10:58pm KST)
 @mjjeje Wow.. It's so pretty!! Shall I make one, too? (11:04pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic Make one, make one, it'll probably only take you about 30 minutes! It's Christmas..The least we could do is enjoy the atmosphere~haha (11:08pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic I hung at least 50 baubles.. Alone, at home.. It was so depressing..(11:10pm KST)

LOL What are you doing you creeper?! XD
(Jaejoong) Tada~ http://yfrog.com/h49qolj (11:09pm KST)

Jaejoong is proud of his Xmas tree^^ 
(Akio) @mjjeje It's a huge tree, but someone is there... (11:18pm KST)
 @akionosuke I worked hard on it^^ (11:21pm KST)
 @mjjeje Could it be, that you did all of this?^^ (11:26pm KST)
 @akionosuke Yes that's right^^ (11:34pm KST)
 @mjjeje It's huge~ Is that you behind the tree??^^ (11:47pm KST)

Nawww Family Love♥
(Suk Jin) @mjjeje I'm watching the drama Sunao Ni Narenakute and our baby brother is such a good actor keke You're the best! (11:20pm KST)
 @kkjj4 I feel embarrassed.. haha (11:23pm KST)

Cat Lady's Pic Spam Part 3: He's finally done and heading off to bed
(Junsu) The last Leo picture of the day..^^ Peek-a-boo!! haha Goodnight http://yfrog.com/h46halj(12:03pm KST)

Junsu Gives Advice to his Sunbae ^^
(Lyn) I want to ask those of you who have had Lasik surgery before, does it hurt a lot-? (12:22am KST)
 @lovelyn_twt Noona, it doesn't hurt at all~ I strongly recommend it (1:14am KST)

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[photos] 101213 Junsu At "Tears Of Heaven" Press Conference

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Limited to 1,000 people only
Fanmeeting Seoul Tour
2011.01.28 (Friday) & 2011.01.29 (Saturday)
JYJ (Jejung・Yuchun・Junsu) Seoul fanmeeting participation tour, in collaboration with Mnet!

In collaboration with: Mtour & Mnet
Event planner・organizer: Lotte Duty Free
Travel planner・operations: JTB


1. (※)Special fanmeeting for this tour only (※)Lotte invitees only; official staff excluded.
2. JYJ talk show ・ mini-concert (4 songs).
3. High touch with JYJ (t/n: high five).
4. Lotte CM DVD (JYJ participated in the song) & JYJ clear file will be given. 
5. JYJ poster will be given; 1 per person.


Name: Jejung・Yuchun・Junsu  2011 JYJ LOTTE PREMIERE TALK SHOW
Artist: Jejung・Yuchun・Junsu
Organizer: Lotte Duty Free
Venue: Children's Grand Park, Dome Art Hall
Date/Time: 2011.01.29 (Saturday) / 2PM
Participant count: Tour package customers (1,000) + Lotte invitation (TBC)


(Summary by translator)

  • There are 2 groups for this tour. 
  • The first group starts off their tour on 28 January and the second group starts off their tour on 29 January. 
  • Both groups will overlap & attend the same fanmeeting that will take place on 29 January (as above). 
  • There will only be ONE fanmeeting with JYJ.

t/n: Terms & conditions and flight details omitted.

Source: [JTB]
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