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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Trans] 101027 SM Withdraws Album Sales Prohibition Injunction Against JYJ… Why?

SM Entertainment has withdrawn its album sales prohibition injunction against JYJ (TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu)’s first album ‘The Beginning’.
On the 12th of this month, SM filed for an album sales prohibition injunction against JYJ’s first global album ‘The Beginning’ as well as an exclusive contract suspension injunction against the contract between JYJ and CJeS. On the 21st, SM Entertainment decided to withdraw only the part of the injunction regarding the prohibition on album sales.
SM revealed the reason behind this decision by stating, “We have withdrawn the lawsuit after deciding that an album sales prohibition injunction was impractical as JYJ have already released the album.”
JYJ’s side has also confirmed this stating, “SM Entertainment filed an album sales prohibition injunction against Warner Music Korea, the company in charge of distributing JYJ’s albums, on October 12th, and withdrew the aforementioned lawsuit on the 21st through the Seoul District Courts. Warner Music Korea received an official document regarding this on the 22nd.”
However, SM will still initiate a head on confrontation with the exclusive contract suspension injunction directed at JYJ and CJeS. SM has stated that as the verdict has not been made on the lawsuit between SM and JYJ, a contract signed between the trio and CJeS would be considered a dual-contract.
Source: [mydaily+Yuaerubi]          

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[trans]JYJ twitter update oct 27th-28th

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[trans] Sleep well everyone~ 

@ 준수도잘자 형도이제자려구 ~오늘13시간이나촬영했어 ㅠ 나중에전화로재밌는얘기해줄게 우선 잘자^^
[trans] ►0101xiahtic Sleep well too, Junsu... Hyung will also sleep now too~ I filmed for about 13 hours today ㅠ I'll call you later and tell you a fun story but for now, sleep well^^

오늘은늦잠좀잤어요 오후!
[trans] I slept until late today!

누나한테전화와서깼음..고마워 !!!! 
[trans] Got awaken with a call from nuna...Thank you !!!!

@ 무슨일있어?
[trans] ►0101xiahtic What's up?

@ 형은상엽형이랑 고속보스터미널다녀왔어 ㅎ
[trans] ►0101xiahtic | hyung went to Express Bus Terminal with Sang Yeop hyung Haha

@ 뭐사러갔었어 근데욕심부려서..놓을데가없어..
[trans] ►0101xiahtic | I went to buy something but I got too greedy... and can't put down anything..

@ 음 ..이것저것..너무멋지고예쁜것들이많아서..
[trans] ►0101xiahtic | Uhmmm.. this and that... it's so cool and there's a lot of pretty things..

@ 형난 욕심쟁인가봐요..
[trans] ►kangsungpil | Hyung, i think I'm a greedy person...

@ ㅎㅎ알겠지?나중에같이한번가자 너도욕심날것이야
[trans] ►0101xiahtic | haha you know where it's at right? Next time let's go together, you'll be greedy 
@ 보기로는 1억짜리도자기같은데 가격은 6만원..
[trans] ►kangsungpil | Just by looking at it, it seems like it costs about 1 billion but it's only really 60,000 won...

@ 멋지죠..6만원..아마진품명품에나가면 엄청난가격이나올것같아요 ㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] ►kangsungpil | It's really cool, right... 60,000 won...if it's a genuine designer label, i think it'll really cost a lot hahahaha

이거에요 ! 

@ nanka yasukute yoimono !!
[trans] ►akionosuke | it's a cheap and nice thing !!

@ 6000yen desuyo !
[trans] ►akionosuke | it's 6000 yen!!

@ 보물넣을거에요 ㅎ
[trans] ►kangsungpil | i'll put a treasure in it! Haha

@ iroiro yattemitandesukedo damedesita ㅜㅜ
[trans] ►akionosuke | i want to try a lot of things but I can'tㅜㅜ

전화기도샀지요 ~아잠이안온다 
[trans] I also bought a phone~ Ah, sleep doesn't come to me

@ 그치 보자마자 눈에들어왔어!!가격이...
[trans] ►0101xiahtic | yeah the moment I saw it I can't take my eyes off it!! the price was...

선인장도 심었어! 
[trans] Cacti were planted too! 

 LOL..weird with his latest hobby..maybe i'm the one who not know him well yet..kekeke

@ 준수야 나이제 잘게요 ^^
[trans] ►0101xiahtic | Junsu-ya I'm going to sleep now ^^

@ 유천이도무슨일있니 ㅠ
[trans] ►6002theMicky | Yoochun-i, what's up with you too ㅠ

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우리티거 어렸을때 ㅎ 
[trans] When our Tigger was young haha 

커피마시면서..여유를 즐기는중^^ 
[trans] Enjoying my free time...while drinking coffee 

유천이도 재중이형도 모두 굿나잇 !
[trans] Yoochun-i and Jaejoongi-hyung... to everyone, goodnight!

[trans] wahahahaha........I have nothing to say..

@ 아니..ㅋ 그냥 말그대로 별 쓸말이없다고 ㅋ
[trans] ►mjjeje | nothing..ㅋ just that i don't have anything to say ㅋ

@ 거긴왜..?
[trans] ►mjjeje | why there?

@ 아하 알겠다~ ㅋ 한번 가야하는데
[trans] ►mjjeje | Aha, I know now~ㅋ I have to go there once

오!!! 이쁜데~^^
[trans] Oh!! It looks pretty~^^

@ 멋지면된거야^^
[trans] ►mjjeje | if it's cool then it's okay^^

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설레임이가득할수있수있다면...기쁨도 슬픔도...그래서 난 분명 바쁜지금이 행복한거야...
[trans] If you're full of anxiety... happiness, and sadness too... that's why it's clear that I'm happy because I'm busy now

@ 안녕하세요^^선배님!!!유천입니다 잘지내셨어요??ㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] ►doc0102 | Annyeonghaseyo^^ Senior!! I'm Yoochun.. have you been doing well?? hahahaha

@ 형 안자고모혀??
[trans] ►mjjeje | hyung, you're not sleeping, then what are you doing??

@ 잠든겨??ㅎㅎ^^잘자고 난 해뜨면 끝날꺼같아^^바로이동해서 또촬영^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅡㅡ;;
[trans] ►mjjeje | are you sleeping??haha^^ sleep well i think I'll finish when the sun's up^^ we're moving just now and we'll shoot again^^ hahaㅡㅡ;;

@ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ형~술마시고있지??좋겠다^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] ►zerotic0124 | hahahaha hyung~ you're drinking now right?? good for you^^ hahahahaha

@ 촬영가따오께용^^
[trans] ►zerotic0124 | I'll be back from shooting (@ note: said in a childish cute manner XD)

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101027 2010's Most Creative Performing Artist, Kim Junsu

Kim Junsu, Singer and Musical Actor

The first surprise was during the first performance of the musical “Mozart!” in January. When the selling started, the sold-out tickets for the performances showed the ticketing power of “Xiah Junsu.” That was the first shocking event. The second surprise was the recognition based on his abilities that Kim Junsu got from people who were initially prejudiced against idols advancing into musicals.
Though it was “celebrity idol” Xiah Junsu who showed powerful ticketing power, it was the “rising musical star” Kim Junsu who melted the hearts of the audience. He received recognition from the 4th Musical Awards, as well as the Newcomer’s Award and Popularity Award in the 16th Korean Musical Daesang.
A four-day “Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay With Friends” concert was held by the proposal of composer Sylvester Levay. Though Kim Junsu has appeared on concert stages numerous times as a singer, performing onstage for the first time as a musical actor is a very new and exciting experience for him as a musical gives him more opportunities to be exposed to more diverse genres of music.
Despite being involved in all the controversy surrounding TVXQ in 2010, Kim Junsu still has a lot of things to be thankful for and happy about. After experiencing the satisfaction of performing onstage in a musical, there is a high possibility of him returning as musical actor “Kim Junsu” in the future.

Source: EMK Musical Company +BaiduTVXQ
Translation: halo92 @ OneTVXQ.com
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