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Monday, November 22, 2010

[trans] 101121 JYJ twitter updates

Yoochun Seriously Misses Brian, I Nawwww
(English Tweet/Brian) It's snowing in Korea... Wow... (9:39pm KST, Nov 8)
 @Brianjoomuzik Hyung!!! Have you been well?? I really miss you!!!!ㅠㅠ (6:25am KST)

Jaejoong Gloats about the Awsomeness of the JYJ Concert, Fans who can't go (Like me) Weep
(Jaejoong) There's a problem....I think the concert is going to be too awesome.. (narcissism..;; ) A stage on which South Korea, USA and Japan meet..Pit-a-pat^^ (11:43pm KST)

Jae really likes this emoji: ^^
(Jaejoong) @fuku0501 Fuku!! Your picture is cool~~!^^ (11:44pm KST)
(T/N: He should be referring to Fukutaro's new DP)

Jaejoong Keeps Gloating, I Keep Weeping. Someone buy me a ticket to Korea
(Jaejoong) This concert will be an amazing stage performance that will make everyone, even those who are far away, happy! Because I've never experienced such a top-quality stage before and because of our amazing staff, my heart is already .. haha Anyway, I'm off to exercise gogo! (11:51pm KST)

Jae really likes this emoji: ^^ Part 2
(Naoya) @mjjeje Have you recovered from your cold?? (11:53pm KST)
 @UN1982 It's not completely healed but it's okay^^ Thanks for your concern^^ I'll be back after a bit of training^^(11:57pm KST)

Jaejoong's Clears up a Misunderstanding (Clearly reading fans' replies again)
(Jaejoong) By the way..I was talking about the nationalities of our staff members when I said Korea, USA and Japanㅠ Nothing to misunderstand and sulk about, guys..haha I'm really leaving now~ (12:00am KST)

Took me a Moment to Figure out What they were Talking About...;;
(Gun Young) We are I.D.-墓!!!!!! (2:17am KST)
 @zerotic0124 I.D.-墓 is the best! (3:15am KST)
(T/N: I.D.-墓 is the name of the dance team Jung Gun Young is part of)

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[trans] 101120 JYJ twitter update

sorry for the delay..

Oh my egg? lol Junsu
(English Tweet/Junsu) Oh my egg~!!hahaha (6:59am KST)

A little Randomness
(Jaejoong) I want to eat Katsudon (10:04am KST)

We are saved, his voice is back!!
(Jaejoong) My voice popped out two hours before the concert ...! I'll work hard! (11:38am KST)
 Today was the best. I really thank everyone's passion that brought my voice, that was troubling me for the past 32 hours, to its best condition!! (2:11pm KST)

Jaejoong Cheers Mir On
(Mir) MBLAQ are having a hard time preparing our album.. We're working hard.. http://plixi.com/p/57981410 (2:17pm KST)
 @BangMir I'll cheer for you a lot, Mir^^ (2:39pm KST)
 @mjjeje When the album comes out, I'll visit you with a signed CD, hyung ㅠㅠ Please enjoy it.. ㅠㅠkeke (4:04pm KST)
@BangMir I'll put the songs in my iPod and listen to them frequently^^ We're headed back to Korea now, I'll call you(4:14pm KST)

The Drama Queen Thinks Fans are His Cure (What a Cutie♥)
(Jaejoong) If your voice doesn't come out for 32 hours, that's like an incurable illness! (2:46pm KST)
 But how did my voice suddenly get better two hours before I had to appear on stage??* (2:48pm KST)
 It seems that fans can even cure incurable illnesses.. (2:59pm KST)

Arden thanks Jaejoong, Jaejoong thanks Arden ^^
(English Tweet/Arden) Wow. What an amazing show, won't lie kinda sad its all over.. Gonna miss you guys! @shaneyoon @mjjeje @0101xiahtic @6002themicky #JYJMC (3:01pm KST)
 Thanks Arden! It was a stage created by each and every one of us working together! (3:05pm KST)

First dogs, then cats, now I have to be jealous of women married to eggs
(Junsu) With our egg's wife^^ Thanks noona~ Let's meet up again the next time we come to LA•!!! http://yfrog.com/45zgmej(4:14pm KST)
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[photos] 101119 Junsu in LA showcase

whooopsss!!!LOL..epic expression ever!!hahaha

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[photos] JaeSu epic pics

these are from my fancam during JYJ worldwide showcase in Malaysia Oct 17th,2010 ^^
just wanna share it with you guys~

LOL his sweat all over his shirt~~

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[photos] 101121 JaeChunSu at Incheon airport

thank god they reached Seoul.missed them at Asia Region time.hahaha LOL

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[photo] American JYJ Dancer Telisha in Seoul

On my way back to Chicago after seeing the JYJ showcase in Los Angeles, I had the incredible good fortune of meeting the JYJ dancers and choreographer Jeri Slaughter in LAX. They were on their way to Korea for JYJ's tour finale on the 27th and the 28th. Despite the long day and long flight ahead of them, they were all very excited! They are now in Seoul rehearsing for the concert. Wish them all the best!

 here is Telisha Shaw in front of Nature Republic Seoul on her first day there^^
*i bet she loves junsu oppa..hihi.in twitter,for now,she only followed junsu oppa*

Follow her on twitter at @telishashaw
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Credit: DBSKnights
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