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Monday, November 22, 2010

[trans] 101121 JYJ twitter updates

Yoochun Seriously Misses Brian, I Nawwww
(English Tweet/Brian) It's snowing in Korea... Wow... (9:39pm KST, Nov 8)
 @Brianjoomuzik Hyung!!! Have you been well?? I really miss you!!!!ㅠㅠ (6:25am KST)

Jaejoong Gloats about the Awsomeness of the JYJ Concert, Fans who can't go (Like me) Weep
(Jaejoong) There's a problem....I think the concert is going to be too awesome.. (narcissism..;; ) A stage on which South Korea, USA and Japan meet..Pit-a-pat^^ (11:43pm KST)

Jae really likes this emoji: ^^
(Jaejoong) @fuku0501 Fuku!! Your picture is cool~~!^^ (11:44pm KST)
(T/N: He should be referring to Fukutaro's new DP)

Jaejoong Keeps Gloating, I Keep Weeping. Someone buy me a ticket to Korea
(Jaejoong) This concert will be an amazing stage performance that will make everyone, even those who are far away, happy! Because I've never experienced such a top-quality stage before and because of our amazing staff, my heart is already .. haha Anyway, I'm off to exercise gogo! (11:51pm KST)

Jae really likes this emoji: ^^ Part 2
(Naoya) @mjjeje Have you recovered from your cold?? (11:53pm KST)
 @UN1982 It's not completely healed but it's okay^^ Thanks for your concern^^ I'll be back after a bit of training^^(11:57pm KST)

Jaejoong's Clears up a Misunderstanding (Clearly reading fans' replies again)
(Jaejoong) By the way..I was talking about the nationalities of our staff members when I said Korea, USA and Japanㅠ Nothing to misunderstand and sulk about, guys..haha I'm really leaving now~ (12:00am KST)

Took me a Moment to Figure out What they were Talking About...;;
(Gun Young) We are I.D.-墓!!!!!! (2:17am KST)
 @zerotic0124 I.D.-墓 is the best! (3:15am KST)
(T/N: I.D.-墓 is the name of the dance team Jung Gun Young is part of)

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