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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[news] 101228 JYJ To Release New Album in the form of a "Photo Essay"

JYJ will be releasing a new Korean album next year, and it’s been revealed to be in the form of a written photo book, or “photo essay”.

“The new, self-composed Korean album that JYJ will be releasing is in the form of a ‘photo essay’,” confirmed JYJ’s agency on December 28th.

The “photo essay” will contain handwritten messages by the members, along with their photos. As part of their fan service, the members will be writing about their gratitude for their fans’ support.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credits: Allkpop

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[news] 101228 JYJ to greet the new year on KBS’s “Live News Time”

JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s “Live News Time” on December 30th.

Prain representatives spoke with Star News and revealed on the 28th, “The trio of JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s news program for the 30th at 8 AM in order to talk about their U.S. activities and show their determination for the new year.”

Continued news of the trio’s broadcast appearances have been delighting fans, especially with their upcoming Korean album release, which contains songs written entirely by them.

A world tour is currently in discussion for their international promotions.
Source: Star News via Nate
Credits: AllKpop
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[news] JYJ's Junsu signed a no-marriage contract?

photo of a contract with JYJ Junsu's signature on it was posted on the internet recently. The contract states that the signer cannot get married for a certain amount of time. A Korean fan wrote up the paper and brought it to a fansigning. Without even a glance, Junsu signed it for her.

Fans have responded with amused responses such as, "How cute! Next time, I'll write one too and bring it."

What do you think of the agreement? Who would you write a marriage contract for?

Source: Baidu
Credits:Koreaboo + DBSKnights

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[trans] 101227 JYJ as NII presenters “JYJ effect this time?”

Sejung Company (Representative Park) chose JYJ as NII models.

Well-known brand, “NII”, officially chosen JYJ for endorsement. “NII” using stars marketing method with Big Bang to ensure popularity and also after hiring stars like Yoon Si Yoon, CN Blue etc, will choose JYJ for endorsement next year.

JYJ is a new unit formed with 3 members of DBSK: Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu. They are not only active as singers; they are also performing in dramas, musicals, etc, and they are enjoying a high-level of popularity. Since JYJ will be beginning their domestic activities on a full-scale next year, we anticipate that utilizing JYJ for NII marketing will have a huge effect.

NII is scheduled to reveal JYJ advertisement photos, making videos, etc. for a new ‘NII’ in mid-January.

source: fashionchannel
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[trans] VOGUE: 2010 Keyword & Awards


What happened in the world during this year? In order to wrap up the year 2010, we picked keywords from 8 categories to describe this year. As much as there were good news, yet we had ones which were saddening too. We selected the ‘Vogue’ awards based on an objective basis and subjective standards. Unfortunately, this award has no trophies, nor prize money.


6. Dramas with unexpectedly high viewer ratings.
Dads and moms have definitely taken over the living room remote control. “Dong Yi’s,” “Giant’s,” “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo’s,” and other national dramas’ high viewer ratings are the evidence. Dramas that received a lot of attention even before broadcast, such as “Road Number One,” “Personal Taste”, “Fugitive,” and “Marry Me, Mary” did not have satisfactory results, while “Playful Kiss’s” ratings were a joke. “Gumiho” was an unexpected treasure. Spunky youngster, Tak Goo’s activeness was surprising. (The highlights of) “Life is Beautiful,” “Cinderella’s Sister,” “Dae-Mul,” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” were the earnest scholars who did not let our hopes down. However, no matter what anyone else says, the ones who received the most attention in the drama category are Sungkyunkwan’s flower boys!


5. JYJ and Jaebum’s Restarting of activities.
SM quietly withdrew the legal complaint that kept JYJ from releasing their new album. Compared to last year when their future looked dark, it seems like they have accomplished much on their own. Although the “Invisible Hand” that they must overcome still exists, older sister and fans earnestly watch over them. Though there are so many idols in the entertainment industry, (we’ll wait for them) because losing a gem of a talented person is sad news.


1. Idol singers Gone Musical Actors.
“Mozart!’s” Xiah Junsu, “Rock of Age’s” Onew, “Spam-a-lot’s” Yesung, “The Three Musketeer’s” Kyuhyun… We cannot rate idol singers with the devaluing idea that they are in musicals simply because of their “idol” title because the musical stage is one that demands so much skill. This year, we were able to see many fierce idols in musicals. It’s reasonable to say musical ticket sales and the growing interest in musicals were influenced by them. Since SM and YG have set up musical production companies, it’s safe to say that the idol industry is in support of idol-singers performing in musicals.
credit: VOGUE
trans: johnna-ssi@sharingyoochun 
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