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Saturday, November 6, 2010

[photos] 101106 JYJ Nature Republic

feel like buying it~~kukukuku

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[photos] 101107 Yoochun In An interview

CAUTION: DONT DROOL OVER UR LAPIE~~KEKEKE..i changed my mind bout his haircut..he looks wayyy cute~might defeat JUNSU oppa!!


 *heart bursting*

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[trans]JYJ twitter update nov 6th-7th(early morning)

Junsu Ratting on/Totally Praising the Other Two in the Recording Studio
Yoochun's Manager expands his Bromance to Junsu

Junsu Reciprocates the Bromance Love but is Worried that Some Might Take it the Wrong Way
Manager Sang Ho Knows Junsu's Weakness... Uh oh LOL (junsu LOOOOVEEEEss) CHICKEN
Jaejoong JUST realized that Yoochun is a Genius.. We knew that all along bb♥
Jaejoong is Optimistic about JYJ's New Song... Preview please
Junsu wants Clams, Om Nom Nom
Jaejoong says Goodnight!
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[TRANS] 101106 JYJ's Hawaiian Showcase Canceled.. Due To "Micky Yoochun's Accumulated Fatigue"

The Hawaii showcase of JYJ, a group comprised of YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, has been canceled.

JYJ representatives reported this through Facebook on the 6th. JYJ was planning on holding a showcase in Hawaii on the 10th. However, a JYJ representative stated in a phone conversation with Star News that the showcase was canceled, "Due to visa problems and Micky Yoochun's accumulated fatigue."

As none of the members have served their military duties, they must file for a US visa for every performance but this did not work out. Also, Micky Yoochun's health problems, stemming from accumulated fatigue, also affected the outcome of the Hawaii showcase.

It has been found that Micky Yoochun's health is in a bad condition due to accumulated fatigue from filming for the KBS 2TV drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' while holding performances in China in between his filming schedule. The JYJ representative stated, "After holding the Shanghai showcase on the 6th as planned, JYJ will have a short break."

Micky Yoochun drew the attention of netizens when he did not show up to the 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' celebratory closing party. It has been found that Micky Yoochun went to a meeting instead regarding his overseas performances and the possibility of canceling the Hawaii leg of the showcases.

The JYJ representative stated that as there is much enthusiasm for JYJ's overseas showcases, the trio will hold their showcases in New York on the 12th, Las Vegas on the 14th and LA on the 19th as planned after a short break.

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Date of Shanghai showcase has been changed from 6th to 7th. The article said 6th but it's on the 7th ^^;; My apologies!

[INFO] 101106 JYJ's Hawaii Stop Cancelled

Information for the Hawaii stop has been removed from the Entitled Entertainment page (US promoter).

Announcement by JYJ US Tour FB

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[photos] JYJ's epic pics 5

 i'm a tough man~~AM I??
 u waaaaa~~!!!!
 jae oppa sexy hair??
 this is the therapy for cute kid~~
omo!!micky oppa~~hihihi

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[photo] junsu's expressionSSSS~

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