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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[NEWS] SM Entertainment withdraws their preliminary injunction against JYJ

SM Entertainment’s preliminary injunction against JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun) to prohibit the sales of their first global album, The Beginning, has been withdrawn.
On October 27th, JYJ’s PR Agency Prain said, “On October 21st, through the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment withdrew their preliminary injunction to prohibit the sales of JYJ’s first album, The Beginning.”

SM Entertainment filed the injunction on October 12th believing that JYJ had signed an exclusive contract with CJeS Entertainment which would cause a dual contract situation.
However, CJeS is the agency that JYJ hired to handle their management work just like Prain has been hired to handle JYJ’s PR.
Source: Newsen
Credits: mtvkofficial
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101026 Yoochun Is A Good Example Of Idol Turned Actor

Yoochun is starring in the KBS2 drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” People related to the drama gave their verdict, saying “This is definitely a good example of an idol turned actor”

Acting as the main character Lee Seon Joon, Yoochun is now doing activities both as a singer and an actor, and is working on a hard schedule. However, despite his idol background advantage, the way he has thrown himself into the production has raised voices of approval from the staff.

A person from the “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s” production team said , “For about three months before the shoot, Yoochun underwent intensive acting lessons, and crammed in the basics, and also had great enthusiasm in learning from the actual filming location. Even as we enter the final stages of the shoot, he is giving his all for each and every cut.”

The drama’s chief producer Gwak Ki Won said, “Yoochun took this on with a hardworking, honest attitude, and this led to him receiving a good assessment. His ability to focus is so great, to the extent that I think it would be good if he could be a full-fledged actor,” evaluating Yoochun. Also, production company Raemong Raein representative Kim Dong Rae too, said “He has shown us acting skills beyond our expectations, and there is a high chance that he will become an even better actor from now on.” Following other idols turned actors that enjoy high popularity such as Eric (Mun) and Yoon Gae Sang, we look forward to seeing more of Yoochun in the future.

Source: [Chosun Online]
Translation Credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
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101026 "Kanye's New Boys," Article from a Norwegian Website

First Kanye West expressed his fascination for the "puppy boy" Justin Bieber. Now has he done a song with the South-Korean boyband trio JYJ.

Kanye West is in the highlight lately. Not only is he highly topical with the short movie Runaway, (probably) working on songs for the upcoming record My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is released 22nd November.

He has also expressed his excitement for Justin Bieber, something which ended in a Kanye and Raekwon-assisted remix of the teenager's "Runaway Love". But the hyperactive rapper's collaborations obviously won't stop so easily. Now he has collaborated with boyband JYJ for a song on their debut album The Beginning, which was released recently.

JYJ is named up after the first letters of the three singers in the group, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, who created a sensation in their home country and Japan since they started the band TVXQ in 2003. After arguing with their management they started on their own earlier this year, and have since got American assistance, both from Kanye West and the produsent Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, on their way to a wider fanbase.

Source: nrk.no/lydverket
Translation: ★'ᅳ支那敏 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 101012 JYJ Worldwide Showcase in KL, M'sia Fan Account 2

What's a concert without delay? So the showcase started an hour late, but all that waiting just disappear when Junsu, JaeJoong, and YooChun elevated slowly out to the stage, the crowd went WILD! They sang a total of 5 songs and there was a break in the middle for them to communicate with the fans. JunSu said Malaysia is hot, JaeJoong said, in this exact words; "Malaysian women are so beautiful!", AND! YooChun said they probably come back next year in the summer :) I know he's just picking something out from the brain to say something when the MC asked, but I really hope they come back :)

So, since I purchased the VIP ticket, we have the privilege of meet&greet and autograph session, BUT BEING TYPICAL, JYJ'S MANAGEMENT CANCELLED THE AUTOGRAPH SESSION. So we had photograph session, but 10 fans per photos. Take what you can get right? So we had to RUSH to the hotel.

So 10 by 10 went in, and then came our turn, the boys were standing on the stage and the fans stand on the floor with a barricade of bodyguards. Meeting the boys face two face, just two feet away was so freaking intense, I nearly pass out. I tried reaching for Jae but he smiled at me with the most apologetic smile and gave me a hand gesture that he wasn't allowed to reach out. After giving their management a dirty look, I exited the room. 

I went to meet up my friend at the swimming pool at the same hotel, coz for one, I was starving as hell and second, I wanted the place to clear up and the traffic of fans to die down. After an hour or so, we decided to go back. The halls were practically empty when we waited for the elevated. I think the fans rushed to the airport right away. Screw the airport, I was exhausted. And then, the elevator went TING! THE BOYS CAME OUT FROM THE FREAKING ELEVATOR!!!!!!! I SAW JAEJOONG FIRST, THEN JUNSU AND YOOCHUN LAST. jAEJOONG WAS WEARING A PAIR OF DARK SHADES AND DARK ATTIRE, I COULDN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT JUNSU WAS WEARING AND YOOCHUN HAD HIS SIGNATURE SCARF AROUND HIS NECK. IT WAS JUST ME AND MY FRIEND. My friend saw them first, since she wasn't a fan, she just pointed "isn't that...." and then comes my high pitched "OH MA GOD!!!!" Right that moment, I couldn't work out the cameras, I forgot their names!!! They went to the back door, filing in, until the last person, then my senses came back and I shouted "YOOCHUN!!!" You should've seen the look on their faces, it was hilarious. They had the most awkward look ever and the bodyguard was on stand by in case I decided to jump on the boys. And off they went. And I just went nuts! It was like... They were there, just for me to watch! It was so incredible, I've never felt anything like that before. We went to our elevator and my friend nodded with an impressed look, saying; "they have nice skin"... -_-

most popular photo today!!26102010

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101026 Jaejoong - Ryu Siwon's Wedding

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compilation of micky's tweet update (oct 16th-26th)

Read from top to bottom

Joy spreads to the world. ^^ 
[trans]Joy spreads to the world. ^^ 

[trans] Oreum-sshi^^ So, this is how you do it!!! Hahaha

부모를 돌볼수있는 능력 돈이아닌 따뜻한 말한마디...배고픈 추억을 삼켰던 그동안의 무모했던 웃음이...지금 날 너무 아프게해...
[trans] Taking care of your parents is not measured through money but through warm words the smile recklessly given during those times we swallowed our memories of hunger... it really pains me right now...

아!!!그리고 트윗 처음합니다...다른건 다사칭!!
[trans]Ah!!! This is my first time to tweet... the others are posers!

@ 형 ~오름씨한테 전쟁선포하셨다면서요^^
[trans] @ Hyung~ Oreum-sshi declared war^^

@ 너...너..지연이야??오빠가이런거 좀둔한데^^마스터하면 너이상한사진 다올려줄께...걱정마!!^^
 you..you..are you Jiyeon??Oppa is a bit slow at this thing^^ If you say 'Master' I'll upload all you weird pics..don't worry!!!

[trans] @ Be strong..!!!☂ 
@ 아인아....너 죄진거있어??내가 널 어떻게 신고하니....
[trans] @ AhIn-a...Did you beat somebody up?? Then how can I report to you..

@ 새로나온 물인가??무..리..수ㅡㅡ

@ 니자리 내자리가 어디있겠습니까??걸오사형...밥머꼬 걸오오세요^^ㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] Where could be your seat and my seat??? Senior Geol-oh... eat and walk here^^ hahahaha

@ 너무 피곤해서 그런가보다^^에고!!ㅎㅎ생각해보니...너에게 신고하는 중이였어...아...음....
[trans] @ Must be cos I'm so tired^^Aigoo!!Haha But when I think about it... I was reporting to you... Uhmmmm..

@ 하이형^^!!!ㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ Hi hyung^^!!! Hahaha

@ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ^^나한테 함물어보지^^
[trans] @ Hahaha^^ Of course you're asking me^^

정말 자유롭고싶다면...날개는 잘라버리자...
[trans] If you really want to be free... cut off your wings...

@ 유환아...형 마이 배고프다^^
[trans] @ Yoohwan-a... I'm hungry^^

Good night everyone^^! keep the faith always!! No matter what!!!

@ 형^^유천이요!!^^잘지내요??ㅎㅎ항상 응원해줘서 너무고맙구요~요즘 현장에서 통못보내요~^^
[trans] @ Hyung^^ this is Yoochun!!^^ Are you doing well??Haha I'm very thankful because you've always cheered me on~I can't contact you much because I'm at the shooting site~^^

@ 잘다녀올께요^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎ형은 정말 친형같아!!^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ I'll get back safe^^ Hahaha Hyung, you're really like a real brother!!^^ Hahaha

@ 지금 내옆에있으면서 유천아는...느쩝!!!
[trans] @ While you're beside me right now you call out 'Yoochun-ah'... tsk!!!

@ 준수야 꼬셨다니...인도한거지^^!!
[trans] @ Junsu-ya, what do you mean I tempted you... I led you here^^!!!

@ 형지금내옆에있자나...말로해 ㅡㅡㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ Hyung, you're beside me right now.. why don't you just tell me ㅡㅡ Hahahaha

@ 쥰슈야(<---LOL at this)...너두 내뒤에있자나..
[trans] @ Jyunshyu-ya... You're also behind me...

난 그럼 하랑이!! 
[trans] Then I'll show you Harang!! 

@ 자신이 미인인줄아는....우리 헤어디쫘이널!!!
[trans] @ Our hair designer who's confident she's a beautiful woman!!

@ 오름씨...살빼!!!!얼른시집가야지!!!!모하는겨!!!!자꾸 살이 오름??
[trans] @ Oreum-sshi... lose some weight!!! You need to get married soon!! What are you doing!! Your weight keeps on increasing??

@ 데이트는 무슨....그런사람있으면 소개나시켜주고 그런말이나해!!!!!ㅠㅠ아~~
[trans] @ What 'date'.... if there's a person like that, introduce me and then you can say those things!!!! ㅠㅠ Ah~~~

^^알았어 알았어요!!^^
[trans] ^^I know, I know!!^^

일주일남은촬영이젠 가족이되어버린우리스탭분들배우들에게 좋은환경과 조금이라도 더쉴수있도록그시간조차 웃으면서 고생하시는 우리 성균관스캔들패밀리 너무고맙고 조만간 제가 골든벨한번울릴께요 
[trans] one week left to shoot... to our staff and actors who have now become a family.. a good enviroment and though only for a while at that time you are able to rest and smile...our Sungkyunkwan Scandal family who worked hard thank you very much and soon I will upload one Golden Bell

그리고 정말 많은관심과 사랑해주신 분들^^진짜 감동인거알죠??고마워요...
[trans] And to everyone who showed love and support^^ You know we are really moved, right?? Thank you....

@ 형집몇호였죠??
[trans] @ Hyung, which floor is your house again??

@ 함께하는거지^^이젠 너의스모키화장을볼수없는거냐??ㅠㅠㅎㅎ그래 차라리그게 더 속편하다!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ of course we're doing it together^^so we can't see your smokey makeup now??ㅠㅠ haha Well, that's more carefree!! Hahahaha

@ 나있는데~버렸나??음~~
[trans] @ I have it~ you threw yours?? Uhmmm....

촬영끝^^에고 한시간뒤 바로시작!!^^이동중 모두들 잘자요!!
[trans] The end of shoot^^ Aigoo We start after an hour!!^^ now we're moving good night everyone!!
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[TRANS] 261010 Xiah JunSu Musical Concert - Levay Latest Interview

Composer Levay, came to Korea for "Kim Junsu Musical Concert".

Grammy awards winning "Mozart" and "Elizabeth" composer Sylvester Levay once again visited Korea for "Kim Junsu Musical Concert" dated on 7th October. The musical will include exciting tracks like "Mozart" and "Elizabeth" which will debut in Korea in 2012.

After arriving in Korea, Levay had been concentrating and working hard with the orchestra for the performances. We met him on the 5th when he had some free time.

PD: We heard that you are very busy at the moment because of the preparation for "Kim Junsu Musical Concert."

On the 1st of this month, I went to the practice room alone and I met up with the actor. Thou was the feeling back at 'Mozart' performances, but Korean musical actors capability are not any less than actors from other countries. This time round, it was the orchestra which made me very surprised. They were very impressive. Right now, the director Kim Mun-Jeong had ended with the overall practice; I'm currently going through the process of blending the atmosphere (to match the performance). The modifications I brought up were all accepted positively and were corrected even further. This is really not an easy job.

PD: It was said that Mr. Levay played a big role while planning for this musical. I'm very curious why would you name this musical as "Kim Junsu Musical Concert."

After "Mozart!" ended, I went to Munich and watched Kim Junsu's concert DVD as a singer. After looking through at a few information regarding his performances, the thought of "It would be so much better if Junsu could performance once more on stage" deepens. I tried to proceed with this idea and thus, there was a musical concert as a result.

By saying "performance," I didn't mean a performance whereby he only sings, but including more of the musical genre; this way it could present a different Kim Junsu and that he would have the opportunity to climb to another level of success with this musical concert. I had this kind of thoughts.

With wonderful tracks from "Elizabeth" which had not been opened to the Korean audience, and also actors from one of their favourites - "Mozart!" to complete this colorful performance. German musical actor star Uwe Kröger who had also cast in "Mozart!", "Miss Saigon", and "Phantom" will be starring in this musical as well. At the end of the musical, the song composed for Junsu will also be known; I will personally play the piano accompaniment and present Junsu who will be the first one performing this song.

PD: There is big anticipation regarding your composition for Kim Junsu.

Both of us had started communicating when we first met each other. We shared our stories about this and that. Junsu requested from me if I could write a song for him, and of course, I had agreed. I feel that if Junsu's music world and mine was to meet with each other, it will comprise of a very meaningful world. When I was writing it, I did not have the thoughts of targeting it as the musical's theme song nor was it pop music, I was simply and purely producing a song. I wanted to share the story we interacted by a music piece and so that Kim Junsu can hundred percent display his charming voice.

PD: I heard that you went to every stop of Kim Junsu's "Mozart!" It's also said that you rated highly of his talents.

Yes, I'm a fan (laugh). After seeing Kim Junsu at the practice room and I had that feeling of "This friend does really know how to run forward." He has surprising talents and is a very intelligent friend. His emotional voice in "Mozart!" is the first thing which attracted me. The rich emotions moved me deeply. Even though one's singing abilities are important, it is important as well to know how to express your emotions while singing.

PD: You must have also received the hanbok as a gift from Kim Junsu's fans as well.

Oh, I must express that I am really very thankful to them! It was really a beautiful hanbok (laugh). It is a wonderful thing to be seeing enthusiastic fans in Korea, Europe, Japan and from other countries as well.

PD: We are also looking forward to "Elizabeth" which will be first open up in Korea through “Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert”.

We will be able to watch 6 brilliant performances for the concert this time. I’ve also heard that there was a huge curiosity regarding the chosen casts. It was confirmed to be performed approximately on the year 2012; however, the selected casts are not notified yet. That was due to the actors’ schedules. The producer and I wished that there are at least 3 to 4 names who was selected for this performance will chosen. Another thing that I was more certain was that I wished “Elizabeth” lead actor will have Kim Junsu’s name on it.

PD: In “Elizabeth,” what are the important points for that led to responsive Korean audience?

First of all, if it could be as well-loved as “Mozart”, then it will be really amazing. The life of a sixteen-year-old woman to the Empress Elizabeth, by focusing on these fundamentals, there are quite a number of parts which could move the Korea audience. Her desires to be freed from the strict rules of the imperial palace is similar as to the issues of today's life. Characters such as Death who will be introduced as her love, and also other roles as well does meet the Koreans' conditions of charismatic. I think that this will definitely relates to the Korea audiences. Please enjoy the rest of the story through the performance.

PD: I had heard that "Elizabeth" female lead is a very fascinating character.

Yes, even though it is a difficult role to play as one have to 100% display the character perfectly with one's singing and acting abilities, she is able to show that. One has to digest the characters from a 16 year-old to a 60-year-old. Despite that I had not met her personally, I had troubles selecting which Korean theme songs would be most suitable.

PD: What are your afterthoughts after contacting with Korean musical?

First of all, I will have to fanatically praise every part. I've watched the musical "Hero"; the actors, stage, music, storyline and dance are very outstanding. This is an opportunity for me to know how talented Koreans are. From "Mozart!”, I started with this thinking -- "Isn't the time frame for preparation too short?". However, when I stepped into Korea, and I saw the enthusiasm and how attentive that the actors and backstage workers are, I understood, "Ah, as long as there's positive attitudes, everything is possible."

After the short rehearsals, I do not have any negative points to say about Korean musical. It is because it is really, very amazing.

PD: Something to say to the audience of "Kim Junsu Musical Concert"?

It is going to be very special. You will be able to see different sides of a singer and a musical actor Kim Junsu, able to encounter the unforgottable touching moments created by the awesome orchestra and the actors. 4 new songs which will surprise the audience will be played as well; this is a secret! Come and witness this for yourself.

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[twitter]jae conv with zzzkissme(Ms. Cha Oh Reum)

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@realISAK's tweets about JYJ and to @mjjeje

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26102010-jaejoong twitter update

(via @mjjeje)
[trans]Good morning~~~~~

Gooooood mornin~~g:o
[trans]Gooooood mornin~~g:o

[trans]Good morning!!Everyone~~

[trans]Jjan ☺ 

@ 플레시가터져서그만..
[trans] @ there's already a flash so stop it...

엇 의외의칭찬이다..ㅎ
[trans] Whut. It's an unexpected compliment.. Haha

ㅎㅎ형 촬영잘해요 성균관화이링!
[trans] Haha hyung, you film well... Sungkyunkwan fightin'!

@ 오름씨촬영중?
[trans] @ Oreum-sshi, are you shooting now?

@ 형 회신했어야하는데 혼자말해버렸어요..아직적응중이라..ㅎ
[trans] @ Hyung you should've replied but I'm now talking just by myself..cos I'm still trying to get used to this...haha

@ 형멘트가너무멋져요7 
[trans] @ Hyung your ment is really cool 7

@ ㅎㅎ사랑해요
[trans] @ haha I love you

@ 아이다~나한테 트윗보냈었어?
[trans] @ Ida... did you tweet me?

@ 팔로우했어 어디야 미국인겨?
[trans] @ Ok, followed you now... where are you? in the States?

그렇구나 통 사람들소식을못들어서..다들잘지내지?
[trans] Oh, so that's how it is.. because I really can't catch up with what's happening with everyone... everyone's doing great right? (i think he read all the mentions!!kekeke..take ur time oppa)

@ 방금시원이형결혼식다녀왔다 그사이에난또회신을안하고 혼자말하고..ㅎ
[trans] @ I just came from Shiwon-i hyung's wedding.. and that was me again talking to myself and not sending a reply haha

@ 고마워 ^^역시아리랑이야. 암튼 나바로촬영가야하니까 시간날때또연허이~~다들안부좀전해주구
@ Thanks^^ as expected,it's Arirang.Anyway, since I have to go straight to shoot,I'll get back to you again when I have time~~please send my regards to everyone

trans by:joejjang @ twitter