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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[TRANS] 261010 Xiah JunSu Musical Concert - Levay Latest Interview

Composer Levay, came to Korea for "Kim Junsu Musical Concert".

Grammy awards winning "Mozart" and "Elizabeth" composer Sylvester Levay once again visited Korea for "Kim Junsu Musical Concert" dated on 7th October. The musical will include exciting tracks like "Mozart" and "Elizabeth" which will debut in Korea in 2012.

After arriving in Korea, Levay had been concentrating and working hard with the orchestra for the performances. We met him on the 5th when he had some free time.

PD: We heard that you are very busy at the moment because of the preparation for "Kim Junsu Musical Concert."

On the 1st of this month, I went to the practice room alone and I met up with the actor. Thou was the feeling back at 'Mozart' performances, but Korean musical actors capability are not any less than actors from other countries. This time round, it was the orchestra which made me very surprised. They were very impressive. Right now, the director Kim Mun-Jeong had ended with the overall practice; I'm currently going through the process of blending the atmosphere (to match the performance). The modifications I brought up were all accepted positively and were corrected even further. This is really not an easy job.

PD: It was said that Mr. Levay played a big role while planning for this musical. I'm very curious why would you name this musical as "Kim Junsu Musical Concert."

After "Mozart!" ended, I went to Munich and watched Kim Junsu's concert DVD as a singer. After looking through at a few information regarding his performances, the thought of "It would be so much better if Junsu could performance once more on stage" deepens. I tried to proceed with this idea and thus, there was a musical concert as a result.

By saying "performance," I didn't mean a performance whereby he only sings, but including more of the musical genre; this way it could present a different Kim Junsu and that he would have the opportunity to climb to another level of success with this musical concert. I had this kind of thoughts.

With wonderful tracks from "Elizabeth" which had not been opened to the Korean audience, and also actors from one of their favourites - "Mozart!" to complete this colorful performance. German musical actor star Uwe Kröger who had also cast in "Mozart!", "Miss Saigon", and "Phantom" will be starring in this musical as well. At the end of the musical, the song composed for Junsu will also be known; I will personally play the piano accompaniment and present Junsu who will be the first one performing this song.

PD: There is big anticipation regarding your composition for Kim Junsu.

Both of us had started communicating when we first met each other. We shared our stories about this and that. Junsu requested from me if I could write a song for him, and of course, I had agreed. I feel that if Junsu's music world and mine was to meet with each other, it will comprise of a very meaningful world. When I was writing it, I did not have the thoughts of targeting it as the musical's theme song nor was it pop music, I was simply and purely producing a song. I wanted to share the story we interacted by a music piece and so that Kim Junsu can hundred percent display his charming voice.

PD: I heard that you went to every stop of Kim Junsu's "Mozart!" It's also said that you rated highly of his talents.

Yes, I'm a fan (laugh). After seeing Kim Junsu at the practice room and I had that feeling of "This friend does really know how to run forward." He has surprising talents and is a very intelligent friend. His emotional voice in "Mozart!" is the first thing which attracted me. The rich emotions moved me deeply. Even though one's singing abilities are important, it is important as well to know how to express your emotions while singing.

PD: You must have also received the hanbok as a gift from Kim Junsu's fans as well.

Oh, I must express that I am really very thankful to them! It was really a beautiful hanbok (laugh). It is a wonderful thing to be seeing enthusiastic fans in Korea, Europe, Japan and from other countries as well.

PD: We are also looking forward to "Elizabeth" which will be first open up in Korea through “Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert”.

We will be able to watch 6 brilliant performances for the concert this time. I’ve also heard that there was a huge curiosity regarding the chosen casts. It was confirmed to be performed approximately on the year 2012; however, the selected casts are not notified yet. That was due to the actors’ schedules. The producer and I wished that there are at least 3 to 4 names who was selected for this performance will chosen. Another thing that I was more certain was that I wished “Elizabeth” lead actor will have Kim Junsu’s name on it.

PD: In “Elizabeth,” what are the important points for that led to responsive Korean audience?

First of all, if it could be as well-loved as “Mozart”, then it will be really amazing. The life of a sixteen-year-old woman to the Empress Elizabeth, by focusing on these fundamentals, there are quite a number of parts which could move the Korea audience. Her desires to be freed from the strict rules of the imperial palace is similar as to the issues of today's life. Characters such as Death who will be introduced as her love, and also other roles as well does meet the Koreans' conditions of charismatic. I think that this will definitely relates to the Korea audiences. Please enjoy the rest of the story through the performance.

PD: I had heard that "Elizabeth" female lead is a very fascinating character.

Yes, even though it is a difficult role to play as one have to 100% display the character perfectly with one's singing and acting abilities, she is able to show that. One has to digest the characters from a 16 year-old to a 60-year-old. Despite that I had not met her personally, I had troubles selecting which Korean theme songs would be most suitable.

PD: What are your afterthoughts after contacting with Korean musical?

First of all, I will have to fanatically praise every part. I've watched the musical "Hero"; the actors, stage, music, storyline and dance are very outstanding. This is an opportunity for me to know how talented Koreans are. From "Mozart!”, I started with this thinking -- "Isn't the time frame for preparation too short?". However, when I stepped into Korea, and I saw the enthusiasm and how attentive that the actors and backstage workers are, I understood, "Ah, as long as there's positive attitudes, everything is possible."

After the short rehearsals, I do not have any negative points to say about Korean musical. It is because it is really, very amazing.

PD: Something to say to the audience of "Kim Junsu Musical Concert"?

It is going to be very special. You will be able to see different sides of a singer and a musical actor Kim Junsu, able to encounter the unforgottable touching moments created by the awesome orchestra and the actors. 4 new songs which will surprise the audience will be played as well; this is a secret! Come and witness this for yourself.

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