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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

101026 Yoochun Is A Good Example Of Idol Turned Actor

Yoochun is starring in the KBS2 drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” People related to the drama gave their verdict, saying “This is definitely a good example of an idol turned actor”

Acting as the main character Lee Seon Joon, Yoochun is now doing activities both as a singer and an actor, and is working on a hard schedule. However, despite his idol background advantage, the way he has thrown himself into the production has raised voices of approval from the staff.

A person from the “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s” production team said , “For about three months before the shoot, Yoochun underwent intensive acting lessons, and crammed in the basics, and also had great enthusiasm in learning from the actual filming location. Even as we enter the final stages of the shoot, he is giving his all for each and every cut.”

The drama’s chief producer Gwak Ki Won said, “Yoochun took this on with a hardworking, honest attitude, and this led to him receiving a good assessment. His ability to focus is so great, to the extent that I think it would be good if he could be a full-fledged actor,” evaluating Yoochun. Also, production company Raemong Raein representative Kim Dong Rae too, said “He has shown us acting skills beyond our expectations, and there is a high chance that he will become an even better actor from now on.” Following other idols turned actors that enjoy high popularity such as Eric (Mun) and Yoon Gae Sang, we look forward to seeing more of Yoochun in the future.

Source: [Chosun Online]
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