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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

compilation of micky's tweet update (oct 16th-26th)

Read from top to bottom

Joy spreads to the world. ^^ 
[trans]Joy spreads to the world. ^^ 

[trans] Oreum-sshi^^ So, this is how you do it!!! Hahaha

부모를 돌볼수있는 능력 돈이아닌 따뜻한 말한마디...배고픈 추억을 삼켰던 그동안의 무모했던 웃음이...지금 날 너무 아프게해...
[trans] Taking care of your parents is not measured through money but through warm words the smile recklessly given during those times we swallowed our memories of hunger... it really pains me right now...

아!!!그리고 트윗 처음합니다...다른건 다사칭!!
[trans]Ah!!! This is my first time to tweet... the others are posers!

@ 형 ~오름씨한테 전쟁선포하셨다면서요^^
[trans] @ Hyung~ Oreum-sshi declared war^^

@ 너...너..지연이야??오빠가이런거 좀둔한데^^마스터하면 너이상한사진 다올려줄께...걱정마!!^^
 you..you..are you Jiyeon??Oppa is a bit slow at this thing^^ If you say 'Master' I'll upload all you weird pics..don't worry!!!

[trans] @ Be strong..!!!☂ 
@ 아인아....너 죄진거있어??내가 널 어떻게 신고하니....
[trans] @ AhIn-a...Did you beat somebody up?? Then how can I report to you..

@ 새로나온 물인가??무..리..수ㅡㅡ

@ 니자리 내자리가 어디있겠습니까??걸오사형...밥머꼬 걸오오세요^^ㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] Where could be your seat and my seat??? Senior Geol-oh... eat and walk here^^ hahahaha

@ 너무 피곤해서 그런가보다^^에고!!ㅎㅎ생각해보니...너에게 신고하는 중이였어...아...음....
[trans] @ Must be cos I'm so tired^^Aigoo!!Haha But when I think about it... I was reporting to you... Uhmmmm..

@ 하이형^^!!!ㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ Hi hyung^^!!! Hahaha

@ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ^^나한테 함물어보지^^
[trans] @ Hahaha^^ Of course you're asking me^^

정말 자유롭고싶다면...날개는 잘라버리자...
[trans] If you really want to be free... cut off your wings...

@ 유환아...형 마이 배고프다^^
[trans] @ Yoohwan-a... I'm hungry^^

Good night everyone^^! keep the faith always!! No matter what!!!

@ 형^^유천이요!!^^잘지내요??ㅎㅎ항상 응원해줘서 너무고맙구요~요즘 현장에서 통못보내요~^^
[trans] @ Hyung^^ this is Yoochun!!^^ Are you doing well??Haha I'm very thankful because you've always cheered me on~I can't contact you much because I'm at the shooting site~^^

@ 잘다녀올께요^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎ형은 정말 친형같아!!^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ I'll get back safe^^ Hahaha Hyung, you're really like a real brother!!^^ Hahaha

@ 지금 내옆에있으면서 유천아는...느쩝!!!
[trans] @ While you're beside me right now you call out 'Yoochun-ah'... tsk!!!

@ 준수야 꼬셨다니...인도한거지^^!!
[trans] @ Junsu-ya, what do you mean I tempted you... I led you here^^!!!

@ 형지금내옆에있자나...말로해 ㅡㅡㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ Hyung, you're beside me right now.. why don't you just tell me ㅡㅡ Hahahaha

@ 쥰슈야(<---LOL at this)...너두 내뒤에있자나..
[trans] @ Jyunshyu-ya... You're also behind me...

난 그럼 하랑이!! 
[trans] Then I'll show you Harang!! 

@ 자신이 미인인줄아는....우리 헤어디쫘이널!!!
[trans] @ Our hair designer who's confident she's a beautiful woman!!

@ 오름씨...살빼!!!!얼른시집가야지!!!!모하는겨!!!!자꾸 살이 오름??
[trans] @ Oreum-sshi... lose some weight!!! You need to get married soon!! What are you doing!! Your weight keeps on increasing??

@ 데이트는 무슨....그런사람있으면 소개나시켜주고 그런말이나해!!!!!ㅠㅠ아~~
[trans] @ What 'date'.... if there's a person like that, introduce me and then you can say those things!!!! ㅠㅠ Ah~~~

^^알았어 알았어요!!^^
[trans] ^^I know, I know!!^^

일주일남은촬영이젠 가족이되어버린우리스탭분들배우들에게 좋은환경과 조금이라도 더쉴수있도록그시간조차 웃으면서 고생하시는 우리 성균관스캔들패밀리 너무고맙고 조만간 제가 골든벨한번울릴께요 
[trans] one week left to shoot... to our staff and actors who have now become a family.. a good enviroment and though only for a while at that time you are able to rest and smile...our Sungkyunkwan Scandal family who worked hard thank you very much and soon I will upload one Golden Bell

그리고 정말 많은관심과 사랑해주신 분들^^진짜 감동인거알죠??고마워요...
[trans] And to everyone who showed love and support^^ You know we are really moved, right?? Thank you....

@ 형집몇호였죠??
[trans] @ Hyung, which floor is your house again??

@ 함께하는거지^^이젠 너의스모키화장을볼수없는거냐??ㅠㅠㅎㅎ그래 차라리그게 더 속편하다!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[trans] @ of course we're doing it together^^so we can't see your smokey makeup now??ㅠㅠ haha Well, that's more carefree!! Hahahaha

@ 나있는데~버렸나??음~~
[trans] @ I have it~ you threw yours?? Uhmmm....

촬영끝^^에고 한시간뒤 바로시작!!^^이동중 모두들 잘자요!!
[trans] The end of shoot^^ Aigoo We start after an hour!!^^ now we're moving good night everyone!!
cre: yookcheoni @twitter
shared by: Aten Jaejoong

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