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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[TRANS] 101012 JYJ Worldwide Showcase in KL, M'sia Fan Account 2

What's a concert without delay? So the showcase started an hour late, but all that waiting just disappear when Junsu, JaeJoong, and YooChun elevated slowly out to the stage, the crowd went WILD! They sang a total of 5 songs and there was a break in the middle for them to communicate with the fans. JunSu said Malaysia is hot, JaeJoong said, in this exact words; "Malaysian women are so beautiful!", AND! YooChun said they probably come back next year in the summer :) I know he's just picking something out from the brain to say something when the MC asked, but I really hope they come back :)

So, since I purchased the VIP ticket, we have the privilege of meet&greet and autograph session, BUT BEING TYPICAL, JYJ'S MANAGEMENT CANCELLED THE AUTOGRAPH SESSION. So we had photograph session, but 10 fans per photos. Take what you can get right? So we had to RUSH to the hotel.

So 10 by 10 went in, and then came our turn, the boys were standing on the stage and the fans stand on the floor with a barricade of bodyguards. Meeting the boys face two face, just two feet away was so freaking intense, I nearly pass out. I tried reaching for Jae but he smiled at me with the most apologetic smile and gave me a hand gesture that he wasn't allowed to reach out. After giving their management a dirty look, I exited the room. 

I went to meet up my friend at the swimming pool at the same hotel, coz for one, I was starving as hell and second, I wanted the place to clear up and the traffic of fans to die down. After an hour or so, we decided to go back. The halls were practically empty when we waited for the elevated. I think the fans rushed to the airport right away. Screw the airport, I was exhausted. And then, the elevator went TING! THE BOYS CAME OUT FROM THE FREAKING ELEVATOR!!!!!!! I SAW JAEJOONG FIRST, THEN JUNSU AND YOOCHUN LAST. jAEJOONG WAS WEARING A PAIR OF DARK SHADES AND DARK ATTIRE, I COULDN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT JUNSU WAS WEARING AND YOOCHUN HAD HIS SIGNATURE SCARF AROUND HIS NECK. IT WAS JUST ME AND MY FRIEND. My friend saw them first, since she wasn't a fan, she just pointed "isn't that...." and then comes my high pitched "OH MA GOD!!!!" Right that moment, I couldn't work out the cameras, I forgot their names!!! They went to the back door, filing in, until the last person, then my senses came back and I shouted "YOOCHUN!!!" You should've seen the look on their faces, it was hilarious. They had the most awkward look ever and the bodyguard was on stand by in case I decided to jump on the boys. And off they went. And I just went nuts! It was like... They were there, just for me to watch! It was so incredible, I've never felt anything like that before. We went to our elevator and my friend nodded with an impressed look, saying; "they have nice skin"... -_-

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