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Friday, December 31, 2010

[photos] 101231 JYJ - Rehearsal

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[info] 101231 2010 KBS Drama Award Schedule

Part 1

(3 other awards omitted)

Best Couple
  1. Park yoo chun + Park Min young
  2. Yoo Ah In + Song Joong ki (lol I kinda want them to win)
  3. Moon geun young + Jang geun seok (geun-geun coulpe XD)
  4. Yoon si yoon + Lee young ah
  5. Jang hyuk + Lee Da hye

Rookie awards

Presenter Lee Min ho, Kim so eun
Nominees M: Park yoo chun, Yoo ah in, Yoon si yoon, Joowon, Ji chang wook, Taek yeon
Nominees F: Go ah sung, Kim Ha eun, Oh ji eun, Su woo, Lee si young, Ji yeon

Part 2

(4 other performances omitted)

Popular Awards

Presenter Kim soo hyun, IU
Nominees M: Park yoo chun, Song joong ki, Yoon si yoon, Jang hyuk, Jung ji hoon
F: Kim yoo jung, Moon geun young, Park min young, Lee na young, Lee si young, Han eun jung


Netizen Awards
Presenter Yoo Ah In, Koo Hye sun

Part 3

JYJ - Found you


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[photos] 101230 Stalking Jaejoong

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[photos] 101230 JYJ at Hongdae Filming Guerilla Date

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[trans] 101230 JYJ Interview with Chosun.com

-JYJ’s heartfelt confession regarding the predicaments faced due to their previous management

-JYJ “What should we do?” .. in the midst of thinking of advancing into Japan next year.

-Junsu’s new year greeting: “I shall think of the year of the rabbit as my year.”

“Thinking that only good things will happen right? This kind of conclusion has not been reached. Because we are prepared and settled even in the worst situations, we don’t feel depressed daily due to the uncertain circumstances surrounding us.”

Before we knew it, 3 months has passed since JYJ came out from DBSK and formed their trio. And this is the statement that JaeJoong, YooChun and Junsu delivered.

Even while complications arise with their previous management and previous contract, JYJ released their latest album “The Beginning” and are looking forward to new stage activities. Early next month, they plan to release their “Music Essay”.

In a recent interview with Chosun.com, JYJ said, “A year and a half ago, we had this similar resolution. During our golden days as DBSK, we had the intention of creating this huge resolution. Because we had the readiness to be able to form the life of a singer, and appeared from such a position, all our activities now are precious and we are thankful for them.”

After H.O.T, DBSK ruled the world of singers and were the best male group; it is difficult to forget such a splendid past. 

JYJ said, “We are forever DBSK. In the future too, as DBSK, we cannot disappoint our fans. We have no intention of losing reputation and value. Because of that, now, we are determined to treat JYJ’s every move with the greatest care and deliberation. Though becoming from 5 members to 3 members is seemingly a very big change, compared to us having transformed, we would like to hear stories of us moving forward from now on.”

Due to the lawsuit regarding their contract with SM Entertainment and “restrictions on appearing in Broadcasts” etc, the surrounding circumstances have made the 3 members’ individual movements messy. 

However JYJ said, “Because we have to independently deliberate and come to a decision on everything, there will be moments when it gets difficult. Sometimes when the issues aren’t solved well, we ask ourselves, “why even for those parts where it can be easily settled , we have to go through it so difficultly”, and became depressed, but in the end, we met a good management and agency and enjoy working and the end result is also good.”

“What will you guys do?” “is 3 months long?” While JYJ was formed separately, there were many negative viewpoints surrounding them. However JYJ recently released a formal album, and while going back and forth between Asia and America, they completed their showcases with the least strain. While revealing that they are now in the process of discussing with the Japan management on their advancement into Japan, a commotion has started in the music industry.

Next year January, JYJ’s worldwide album will be formally released for sale in America. Their management said, “Over in Japan, the interest in JYJ is growing, and we see that there is a lot of anticipation. It is true that the discussion of holding activities in Japan is ongoing. Full fledged activities should begin sometime next year.”

JYJ said, “It has already been 7 years since we have been together. Now, just by looking at each other’s eyes, we can tell what the other person is feeling. We are also in full anticipation of what we will be able to present in future.”

JaeJoong said, “It would be great if we could carry out the activities as ourselves, while with all members being healthy and not falling sick, and always cherishing each other like that and being strong.”

Junsu said, “Till now, I have been working while we monitor each other and receive reliable strength. Even if we were to carry out our own individual projects once again, it would be great if we were to all try our best and achieve great success.”

YooChun said, “Since our debut, this is the first time I have gone on a holiday with the members after finishing a concert, it was really awesome. In the future if we could go for holidays often and also make room to meet with our families, it would be great.”

We were curious about how JYJ feels regarding SM Entertainment’s official announcement that the 2-membered unit of DBSK will be resuming their activities from the start of next year.

JYJ said, “It would be great if thinks work out well for them. Though we feel some regret that they will be appearing with the name DBSK, we do not believe that DBSK means 2 members. We hope that without losing the value of DBSK, they will present awesome and cool activities.”

“Giving New Year greetings.”

The three members of JYJ talked about their New Year wishes for themselves and presented their fans with New Year greetings.

Because on his profile, his birthday is written as 1/1/1987, Junsu is often mistaken as having been born in the year of the rabbit. However, his real birth date is 15/12/1986. Next year is the year of the rabbit, and his name keeps getting included as celebrities who are born in the year of the rabbit. 

With regards to that, Junsu said, “Even though I am another year older, isn’t it good to eat more? (laughs) I shall think of next year, the year of the rabbit, as my year, and pray that I will achieve many good things. I hope to portray a good image of myself in the musical “Tears of Heaven” that I am acting in now.”

JaeJoong said, “I am in anticipation to hold activities more freely and vivaciously as JYJ. In the future too, I would like to show a more amazing image of myself through the world tour concert. I hope that the fans will be able to achieve all of their New Year wishes.”

YooChun said, “The Music Essay which will be released this round is a production which includes brand new stories about things which have happened to us and the relationships between the members, which are told through music. So I hope that the fans will show even more interest. I hope that you will receive a promising New Year.”

Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Credits: Chosun.com
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[photos] JYJ-Their Rooms Music Essay

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[news] 101230 JYJ Hongdae Guerilla Date, streets overcrowding

On the 30th JYJ held Guerilla date in Seoul, in the streets of Hongdae.

JYJ was interviewed and filmed for KBS 2TV “Live News Time”, and on afternoon of the 30th around 2:30 started Guerilla interview in the streets.

Initially the members planned to hold the Guerilla date in the Myeongdong, but the information spread before the event, due to the large amount of fans gathered in the streets of Myeongdong making it impossible to move in the streets, which led to the quick change of site to Hongdae.

However, also the moment after they first appeared in the streets of Hondae it turned into a crowd of chaos, especially with the craze and screams of fans in their teens and 20s made the scene vibrant.

The program will broadcast on the afternoon of the 31st, in this interview, there is JYJ’s sincere conversation of the stories of youths in their 20′s, their recent situation, and their plans for the new year.

In addition, on the 31st JYJ will appear on “2010 KBS Drama Awards” stage, they will perform the theme song, Found You, of the KBS 2TV Sungkyunkwan Scandal which starred Yoochun.
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[news] 101230 JYJ Freezes Hongdae with their Guerilla Date

JYJ froze up a section of Hongdae on December 30th with their surprise fan guerilla date.

The trio set out on the streets with a reporter from KBS 2TV’s “Speedy Source” for a live interview. Although the guerilla date was originally scheduled for Myung-dong, the location was changed to Hongdae due to the sheer amount of fans who swarmed the area after catching wind of the news.

Despite the change in location, Hongdae was still packed with excited JYJ fans attempting to catch a glimpse of the trio in person.
The episode featuring their interview will be broadcast at a later date.

Source: OSEN via Nate
Credits: Allkpop

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[news] JYJ makes their appearance on “KBS News Time”

JYJ delighted fans by appearing on a public broadcast for the first time.

On the morning of December 30th, the trio joined KBS’s “News Time“, and shared their gratitude on being able to make the appearance, as well as discussing their future goals.

Juggling their individual schedules and preparations for another world tour, the members were asked if they had time to celebrate Christmas. They answered, “We really just only drank!”

When questioned on issues due to an ongoing dispute, the members replied: “We’re not going to say that we’ll be able to solve the many problems that lie between a celebrity and its agency. We’re still trying to direct everything towards a positive path, and although we’re not sure what the outcome will be, we’d like for all celebrities to be able to work in a good environment and system.”

Yoochun also expressed about their new start, “I’m so genuinely happy.” When one of the MCs commented that it must’ve been like passing through a tunnel, he continued, “We’re still in an extension of the tunnel. There’s still a lot of things for us to worry about, and we must make more efforts.”

The trio revealed that they’ll be working on their acting careers for 2011, with Yoochun in a drama, Junsu in a musical, and Jaejoong in a Japanese drama. Junsu added, “There’s pressure in having to do something on your own since you’re always used to being together. When we’re working as a team, you work to not fall behind while giving each other strength, bravery, and a home.”

Regarding their rise in the older ‘aunt fanbase,’ Yoochun credited his appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“. “We’ve gotten older, and it seems as if our fans are getting older with us. I can feel the difference in ages at events. They still give us hope and strength,” he said.

Junsu gave viewers a glimpse of the song they’ll be performing at their congratulatory appearance on KBS’s “Drama Awards”, by singing a few lines of Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s “Found You” on the spot.

Concluding their appearance, they stated, “In January, our worldwide album will officially be released in the U.S., and we’ll be having promotional activities for it.”

Source: OSEN via Nate
Credits: ALLKPOP
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[news] 101229 JYJ will Have Guerrilla Date with Fans in Myeong-dong, Broadcast by KBS TV

Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun) is planned to surprise fans in Myeong-dong by holding a Guerrilla date.

JYJ representative confirmed on the 29th, “On the 30th afternoon, JYJ will have a Guerrilla street date with fans in Myeong-dong. The event is going to be aired by KBS 2TV ‘Live Nationwide News’ afternoon broadcast.” he also added, “On the day, the 25-years young men JYJ are also expected to share an honest talk regarding their whereabouts and convey plan for future activities. Through this free public meeting, fans are able to have time communicate with them more closely. Each members will be given time to prepare their special year-end gift as well.”

On the 31st after JYJ greeted audiences through ‘Live Nationwide News’, few hours later after the opening of ’2010 KBS Acting Awards’ the members are advancing to stand on stage for an expected brilliant performance.

JYJ will also make appearance at ‘KBS Live News Time’ on December 30th in the morning and in January next year they’ll get the second SBS broadcast at ‘Good Morning’ to have talk show with fans.

With the news of subsequent national broadcasts for JYJ despite their activities being disrupted by the problem with their former agency SM Entertainment, it seems the group has now run to a better condition thus put their fans in delight.

Meanwhile, the members have planned a fan service by releasing a Korean album that consists their own self composed songs. This album includes songs the members performed in their previous concert and even more new songs.

credit: OSEN
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[trans] 101229 JYJ twitter updates

(Junsu) We have a new member in our family^^ He's a Bengal and his name is Pard!! He's 4 months old but.. he's so energetic and lively...lol Tigger is the alpha cat in this house... but I think this kid will knock Tigger down when he grows up...hahahttp://yfrog.com/h6iarsj (11:14am KST)

Lol Kim Junho is WTFing with me right now XD
(Junsu) Oh, by the way, the Bengal's special characteristic is its leopard spots..^^ I put him next to Tigger and they kind of go well together and look awesome~ And his breed was..the most..ex..pensive...lol (11:15am KST)
@0101xiahtic You brought another one home????............................Why don't you just buy like 100 cats and get a house for them~ㅜㅜ(11:16am KST)
 @iamzunoya heehee ~Cats are just what I need to overcome this loneliness!! My companions^^ (11:22am KST)

Oh Kim Junsu, you have a way with names like no other...(Ohhayo_JeJe) @0101xiahtic This time, it's Pard from leopard? haha Who takes care of this big family~ Good morning to you! :) (11:19am KST)
@Ohhayo_JeJe Oh, oh. Bingo^^ (11:24am KST)

Oh...my...god pfffft What are they going to do, start mewing to HUG?
(Junsu) And now there are five!! I'm going to form a group.. Kitty Shinki.. (11:28am KST)

Junsu ranks his cats!
(Junsu) Ah, I'm going to say this now because talk about ranking came up.. Tigger is 1st, Leon is 2nd, Leo is 3rd, Bakira is 4th ...And then there's super rookie Pard keke(11:32am KST)

And he keeps going...
(Junsu) So I think Tigger..treats Leon better than the rest... Like when Leon chases Pard away for a while and comes back, Tigger licks Leon keke (11:40am KST)

(Junsu) I've opened up registrations for Kittyopeia..^^;; (11:43am KST)

omg O__O Well... I guess Jaejoong would be happy about this lol
(Junho) @0101xiahtic If you're going by loneliness....I would need to bring home 5 elephants, not 5 cats...^^kekekeke (11:38am KST)
 @iamzunoya kekekeke (11:51am KST)

Nawww brotherly love<3
(Junho) Being a singer, I have such a happy job.. I'm realizing that more and more each day. When I stand and sing in front of a large crowd and spend time with my fans... I am not lonely^^ http://yfrog.com/gys0ctkj (11:48am KST)

(Junsu) @iamzunoya Don't feel lonely hyung..You have me~ (12:00pm KST)

Kim Junsu, a.k.a. Kim Junho's adoring #1 stan
(Junho) I suddenly remembered what I said in a phone conversation during Come To Play a long time ago.. Truth. And lies ^^ (12:15pm KST)
@iamzunoya Eek~!!!!! It seems like you're doing so well these day^^ My hyung is so cool~ (12:34pm KST)

(Su Young) Today. I received Jaejoong's photobook as a gift.... Whenever JiJi-sama. was being loud... Jaejoong would stick his toe at him..... Now...he does the same thing...to his dad, he's so cute... JiJi-sama (3:25pm KST)
 @Shie486 Noona, I haven't even seen that photobook yet.. (4:23pm KST)

Somebody stop him, he's ruining the Kitty version of my ot5 ;A; but oooooh kitty
(Junsu) I just adopted another one!! ^^ He's a White Angola..!!! hahahahttp://yfrog.com/h3j2rpj (10:43pm KST)

 (Junsu) By the way~ He's an odd-eyed cat (T/N: Cat with different colored eyes)!^^http://yfrog.com/h6srcjj (10:44pm KST)

Topics that Junsu talks about 1) Cats 2) Junho 3) Cats 4) Cats....
(Junsu) Pard is settling in well~^^ http://yfrog.com/h3e8vodj (10:48pm KST)

Oh no, the crazy cat lady's off and running again O__O
(Junsu) For the first time in a while.. Our Leo, who is really sweet^^http://yfrog.com/h8tntxbj (10:54pm KST)

And finally.. Our alpha cat, Tigger the Best!! http://yfrog.com/h8pypyj(10:54pm KST)
(T/N: Junsu wrote "Tigger the Best" like how Changmin's name is written Choikang Tigger. Bawwwww ;A;)

Send him a name suggestion!
(Junsu) The Angola that came home today~ I'm receiving suggestions for his name^^(11:04pm KST)
 My White Angola!! Isn't he pretty?^^ What should I name him..http://yfrog.com/h4vjnwdj (11:07pm KST)


OMG NO WAY I SUGGESTED THAT (<-Very hyper Korean translator jumping around rn)
(Junsu) His name.. is Odd!!!^^ (11:19pm KST)

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Others' Twitter]
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[trans] 101229 JYJ Park Yoochun, The Rise of Mr. Hyde Bizarre Face Expression… “He’s lovely no matter what”

JYJ Youngwoong Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun transformed to Mr. Hyde.

Recently through an on-line community the picture of JYJ members having bizzare facial expression was released and has been a hot topic.

The picture captured the three members having various bizarre expressions thus attracted a lot of attention. Netizens especially noticed Park Yoochun who exactly had similar expression that reminiscent to Mr. Hyde (from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). While Kim Junsu’s sulking face and clown-face like of Kim Jaejoong also arouse laughter to all netizens for their amazing expressions.

Netizens who saw the pictures left various reactions such as “This is unbelievable. I almost couldn’t recognize Park Yoochun.” “Once I saw it, I said ‘who is this?’” “They’re still adorable” “Things like this make people have no choice but to love them.”

Meanwhile on the coming 30th, JYJ will appear at ‘KBS Live News Time’ to tell stories about their US activities, preparation for New Year’s gigs, and are planned to send out messages to all fans.

credit: news.nate
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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