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Monday, November 1, 2010

[photos] JYJ's epic pics for today


will upload the epic photos day by day~~ekee..just for fun!!mianhae oppa~~
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[TRANS] 101030 Celebrities Are Also Tuning In To SKK Scandal

Amongst the viewers in Korea who fell for the attraction of “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, celebrities are also included in this loyal group of viewers.

Kang Soo Jeong, who stated that she is a loyal fan of Lee Seon Jun (acted by Park Yoochun), is one of them. She even went to catch the JYJ showcase in Hong Kong held on the 24th of October. Soo Jeong wrote, “I think I would cry after next week”, indicating her regrets for the broadcasting of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” that is coming to an end.

There are also many other female artists who are captivated by the charm of Park Yoochun. Kim Tae Hee once stated that she came to know about Park Yoochun through “SungKyunKwan Scandal” and has been paying special attention to him since then. In an interview, Lee Yo Won also revealed that she was very surprised by Park Yoochun’s acting and that he is very suitable for the role of Lee Seon Jun.

There are also many artists that fell for Geol-oh’s charm. YounHa, who’s preparing for her comeback as a singer, also stated in her Twitter page: “Though I’ll be very busy preparing for the concert, I still have to watch ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ even if it’s the repeated broadcast.” She also revealed that she’s mesmerized by the charm of Geol-oh acted by Yoo Ah-In. Male actor Song Il Guk also praised the acting of his junior actors via Twitter, and stated that he’s a loyal viewer of “SungKyunKwan Scandal”.

Director of the drama series has expressed his gratitude for the love and support given to “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, and that though a lot of people may feel sorry that the show’s coming to an end, he will still do his best till the end.

TV drama series “SungKyunKwan Scandal” have started various trends, with nicknames like Micky SeonJun, Charming Geol-oh, Attractive Joong-ki, Demonic Yu-Rim. Responses from the viewers are very overwhelming.

Source: Han-Xing News TV Daily+TVXQBaidu
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[TRANS] 101101 Ken Wu - "It Was A Shame That Junsu Couldn't Eat His Boneless Fried Chicken Last Night"

Ken Wu is Taiwan MTV's famous talkshow DJ for "Japan/Korea Music Crazy" (wordplay for "Wind")
He was the MC for the Taiwan showcase

Thank you to all of JYJ's fans for leaving me messages of support and encouragement, but with regards to last night's Korean buffet dinner, everyone has misunderstood. The Kimchi was just a small side dish when there were actually more than 10 main dishes, most of them being meat. It was a shame that Junsu couldn't eat his boneless fried chicken, but they were able to have the soup dumplings they wanted eat before they left Taiwan~

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[INFO] 101101 November Fancafe Rankings

1. TVXQ 766,709 -1982
2. Big Bang 352,457 -1408
3. SNSD 305,351 +823
4. SS501 246,822 -1688 (This cafe has been temporarily closed)
5. 2PM 209,424 -2870
6. Super Junior 193,517 -1049
7. BEAST 134,102 +12413
8. SHINee 127,113 +3268
9. Wonder Girls 105,286 -759
10. FT Island 101,586 +4
11. 2NE1 99,773 +1380
12. MBLAQ 82,527 -232
13. f(x) 65,044 -111
14. 2AM 60,581 +1036
15. KARA 55,553 -79

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[photo] 101101 JYJ With Andy Lau

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[photos] 101101 SungKyunKwan Scandal Official Photo

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[PICS] 101101 Making Of Ayy Girl PV

 oily junsu~~i loike..haha..*cheesy me*

 before this,jae..now,junsu..how romantic~~
 hello kitty~~i bet it's his stylist noona's...


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[PICS] 101031 JYJ Nature Republic

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[TRANS] 101031 Kim Junsu - 2010 Shining Creative Performing Artist

Kim Junsu (Singer & Musical Actor) - 2010 Shining Creative Performing Artist - Full of content from the experience of the stage

Performing for the first time in the musical "Mozart!" in January of 2010, Kim Junsu's performances were sold out in a matter of minutes, demonstrating the power of "Xiah Junsu". This is the first surprise.

The power of "Xiah Junsu" allowed Junsu to receive the support and recognition from people who have strong opposition for idols entering into the musical world, which is another surprise.

Although it was the idol celebrity "Xiah Junsu" that caused the sudden sell-out of tickets, the 'New Musical Star' that melted the hearts of the audience was Kim Junsu. With this project, he earned the 'Newcomer Award' and 'Popularity Award' at the 4th Annual Musical Awards and the 16th Annual Korea Best Musical Awards.

In the beginning of October, Kim Junsu performed with composer Sylvester Levay, at his request, for the 4-day 'Kim Junsu Musical Concert - Levay And Friends". Although as a singer, he has already had the experience of performing on several concert stages, it was a new challenge for him from a musical actor point of view.

Even amidst the TVXQ embroilment, Kim Junsu "has so many things to feel blessed and thankful for". Because he has the feeling of content from performing on a stage, he predicts that there will be another "Kim Junsu" comeback as a musical actor yet to come. 

Source: [baidutvxq]
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[trans]101030-31 Yoochun’s into AION!

AION: online game

They also went to Taiwan for their showcase and here we see he’s having some R&R and went out drinking with their Super Dancer Gun Young (he’s been their dancer/choreographer since Hug days!!~^^)… Great he finally got to rest up a bit!!~
I just don’t know why the boys suddenly went all emo after that showcase.. Junsu was the first to post a sad tweet  and he followed about two or three hours later (maybe after he got back to his hotel from drinking outside?)….
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[trans] junsu's twitter upate 101101

영어공부하고있는데...갑자기 내 공책위로 자리 깔고 누운 티거..공부 그만하고 놀아달라는거니...? 
I am studying english but.. suddenly Tigger lays on top of my book... Should I stop studying and just play...? 

어허..이놈봐라..너 형 공부어떡하하고..혹시 잘려는거니..?아..니..지? 
Uhuh... look at this boy... how can your hyung study... Are you making me flunk...? You're.. not.. right? 

헐...이거 오늘 공부 끝났네..끝났어...아주 자리를 깔았네..
Whew..I will finish studying now... finished now.. he really laid down there...

우리티거..그래도 사랑해~^^ 
Our Tigger... even when you're like that, I love you~^^

 both of them look soooo cute >,<

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