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Monday, November 1, 2010

[trans] junsu's twitter upate 101101

영어공부하고있는데...갑자기 내 공책위로 자리 깔고 누운 티거..공부 그만하고 놀아달라는거니...? 
I am studying english but.. suddenly Tigger lays on top of my book... Should I stop studying and just play...? 

어허..이놈봐라..너 형 공부어떡하하고..혹시 잘려는거니..?아..니..지? 
Uhuh... look at this boy... how can your hyung study... Are you making me flunk...? You're.. not.. right? 

헐...이거 오늘 공부 끝났네..끝났어...아주 자리를 깔았네..
Whew..I will finish studying now... finished now.. he really laid down there...

우리티거..그래도 사랑해~^^ 
Our Tigger... even when you're like that, I love you~^^

 both of them look soooo cute >,<

trans by: jyunshyu @twitter
shared by: atenjaejoong

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