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Monday, November 1, 2010

[TRANS] 101031 Kim Junsu - 2010 Shining Creative Performing Artist

Kim Junsu (Singer & Musical Actor) - 2010 Shining Creative Performing Artist - Full of content from the experience of the stage

Performing for the first time in the musical "Mozart!" in January of 2010, Kim Junsu's performances were sold out in a matter of minutes, demonstrating the power of "Xiah Junsu". This is the first surprise.

The power of "Xiah Junsu" allowed Junsu to receive the support and recognition from people who have strong opposition for idols entering into the musical world, which is another surprise.

Although it was the idol celebrity "Xiah Junsu" that caused the sudden sell-out of tickets, the 'New Musical Star' that melted the hearts of the audience was Kim Junsu. With this project, he earned the 'Newcomer Award' and 'Popularity Award' at the 4th Annual Musical Awards and the 16th Annual Korea Best Musical Awards.

In the beginning of October, Kim Junsu performed with composer Sylvester Levay, at his request, for the 4-day 'Kim Junsu Musical Concert - Levay And Friends". Although as a singer, he has already had the experience of performing on several concert stages, it was a new challenge for him from a musical actor point of view.

Even amidst the TVXQ embroilment, Kim Junsu "has so many things to feel blessed and thankful for". Because he has the feeling of content from performing on a stage, he predicts that there will be another "Kim Junsu" comeback as a musical actor yet to come. 

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