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Monday, December 27, 2010

[news] JYJ to appear on talk show, SBS’s “Good Morning”

JYJ will be making their first public broadcast appearance of 2011 on SBS’s “Good Morning.”

A SBS representative revealed on December 27th, “JYJ recorded for ‘Good Morning’ today. While discussing possible celebrities that will be promoting in 2011, we decided to request JYJ’s appearance. The trio finished about an hour and a half of footage and still have additional recording left.”

The trio will also be performing for the first time on public broadcast through December 31st’s KBS’s “2010 Drama Awards“. These two confirmed appearances have industry representatives speculating over whether JYJ’s door of opportunity is slowly widening.

Regarding the speculations, CJES Entertainment carefully replied, “At this time, we’re aggressively working towards getting JYJ on public broadcast shows.”
“Good Morning” will air January 5th, 2011.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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[news] 101227 JYJ is Excited to be Performing for KBS's "2010 Drama Awards"

As they await their first public broadcast performance through KBS’s “2010 Drama Awards,” JYJ confessed to Osen that they were very excited for the stage.

Sitting down for an interview with the news outlet, the reporter asked, “You’ll be going public for the first time on December 31st, how do you feel?”

With bright smiles, they replied, “It feels like we received an extremely big present. It wasn’t easy for us to go on public broadcast programs because of the situation we’re in, so we’re thankful for all those who’ve waited for us. We’d also like to thank the broadcast representatives who consistently asked why we couldn’t appear in Korea, and to Yoochun, who gave us an opportunity to perform at the ceremony because of his participation in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘.”

They continued, “Even with just one broadcast appearance, we’re really very thankful. It feels like we’ve returned to our mindset from our rookie days.”

When asked whether they had anything special prepared for their first performance, JYJ replied, “It’s a ballad song, so without any impressive show effects, we’ll be doing our best in singing the song.”

JYJ will be performing “Found You” at the ceremony scheduled for December 31st.
Source: OSEN via Nate
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[info] Top 20 Most Followed Korean Artists on Twitter

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Overall Ranking:
#8 Jaejoong
#10 Park Yoochun
#14 Junsu

Entertainers ranking:
#6 Jaejoong
#8 Yoochun
#12 Junsu
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[trans] 101226 Micky Yoochun’s Younger Brother To Debut As An Actor!

Earlier, it was reported that JYJ member Yoochun posted a picture of his younger brother Yoohwan on his twitter and left him a message of encouragement. Many people have speculated that Yoohwan will follow in the footsteps of his brother and step into the music industry.

However, Park Yoochun’s management company revealed on December 26 that Yoohwan will be debuting in the entertainment industry as an actor. “Park Yoohwan has been preparing for his debut in the acting industry this year. His target is to appear as an actor in the earlier half of 2011.”

According to the management company, Park Yoohwan has been studying acting techniques as a trainee for at least 6 months now. Born in the year 1991, Yoohwan will be in the same company as his older brother, and many people are anticipating his debut.
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[trans] 101226 FANACCOUNT - Jaejoong at Gwangju's Fansign

A 30-year-old fan prepared a list of things to say to Jaejoong before Gwangju's fansign.

On that day...
Jaejoong: What's this?
Fan: Ah, this is a cert... given by fans in recognition of your hard work (said out precisely as what I had practiced at home)
Jaejoong smiled
Jaejoong: Ah! This one? (JJ told that when he saw me digging out the aromatherapy candles)
Fan: (said the line as planned) These are the aromatheraphy candles... (couldn't finish the line since I was interrupted by Jaejoong...)
Jaejoong: Whoa!! This is very expensive... (it is branded... hahaha)
Fan: You know this?
Jaejoong: I like it very much... I'm currently using it.
Fan: Then do you know how to use it?
Jaejoong: This one no need to lit it, just open the cover, the aroma is nice.
(To open the cover and smell the scent, this is only done by people who really understand how it works)
Fan: Oh, so you know that...
Jaejoong: That's because I'm using it.
Fan: After handling fresh fishes, use this to get rid of the odors, this is the best. (Giving him this kind of aunty-like advice... aigoo~)
Jaejoong: Whoa~~ Where did you buy this? It can hardly be found here... It is difficult to buy here right? Ah! This is very expensive, is it okay to give them to me?
Fan: This is for you, so please faster take it... now please sign autograph for me...
Fan: Hand... Both hands.
(Jaejoong didn't know what I wanted from him, so he showed his hands to me cluelessly. I put the hand sanitizer on his hands)
Fan: Put it on... The flu is quite serious nowadays.
(Jaejoong looked puzzled but did all what I asked him to do in a serious manner)
Jaejoong: So, now...
Fan: Now we should shake hands
(Jaejoong stretched out his hand, I really wanted to hold his hand tightly, but in the end I just shaked his hand gently)

No matter what, I'm already a 'ahjuma fan'... a 30-year-old but still young at heart. The way his lips moved when he was explaining the methods to use them to me, and the shape of his lips, I can still remember them vividly.... He is a lively person, which is totally different from his cold appearence...

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[trans] 101227 JYJ twitter updates

Errr, what to title this with (My brain is feeling slow today)
(Jaejoong) It's all thanks to you, it's all thanks to you all, and it's all thanks to everyone.. All that is needed is for me to work harder^^ (7:13pm KST)

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[trans] 101226 JYJ twitter updates

Jaejoong's somewhat cryptic tweet
(Jaejoong/English Tweet) As you do so. Our faith will be stronger. (3:27pm KST)

My love for Brian just grew.... a lot
(Brian) @0101xiahtic @6002theMicky I hear it's your 7th anniversary today... Congrats, Congratulations^^... Hwaiting~ (10:28pm KST)
 @Brianjoomuzik Thank you hyung~!!^^ (10:48pm KST)

Jaejoong shows off his prezzies~
(Jaejoong) The presents we received at the Gwangju fansign event have finally arrived just now. I'll be accepting them with gratitude. They've become Christmas presents^^http://yfrog.com/h8i8fmj (11:13 pm KST)


Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong's Twitter]
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