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Sunday, October 31, 2010

[NEWS] 101031 JYJ talks freely and have wonderful relationship

JYJ other than having a lot to talk about, having great relationship, even in front of Taiwanese media they continue to to speak freely, funny episodes were plenty. On the 30th in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center showcase JYJ performed for 70 minutes and earned 15 million, before leaving Taiwan received interviews by the media, the three of them talked freely and very very funny, also continued the drinking topic from the showcase, about Junsu doesn’t like drinking and doesn’t pay, so the don’t ask him to go drinking again, and Jaejoong was recognized by the other two as poison tongued king replies “Sometimes the food is more expensive than the drinks!”

It’s their first time producing a English album, JYJ said were learning English while recording, and said when they were the happiest this year when they received this album. The three of their relationship is super good, in the short half hour talk, they continued talk freely to each other. When talking about drinking, they revealed they have been meeting privately for drinks, but Jaejoong said Junsu is like if you don’t drink, you don’t pay, so he starts to not ask him to go for drinks. At that time Junsu argues “Its almost all money for drinks”, and Jaejoong couldn’t help but respond “the food cost more than alcohol.” When asked about who is the poisoned tongue king in front of media, other than Junsu and Yoochun pointing to Jaejoong, even Jaejoong admitted he has a sharp tongue.

In addition to chatting about their new album and their recent activities, they talked about their deepest memories from their acting challenges. Yoochun reminisced filming “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, there was a romance scene on water, but his entire headdress fell off, instead of a romance scene it made everyone on site laugh. Junsu felt refreshing participating in his first musical. At this time Jaejoong said while laughing: “Yoochun and I did go watch, but we sat too far in the back so we only saw Junsu’s head.”

JYJ were careful when answering questions, always using their JYJ activities from this year as topic, seems that they want to temporarily avoid talking about the past, but when Jaejoong was asked about the meaning of his tattoos, he answered it was a memorial for their debut. Because they are now touring around the world, the three of them expressed they want to learn more languages, and be able to have better connection with fans.

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