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Sunday, October 31, 2010

[NEWS] 101031 JYJ’s Storm in Taiwan, Earning 15000K Yet Yoochun Keeps Pushing Drinking Bill Away

Performing without the big name of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu formed group “JYJ” which is still widely popular.

They held a showcase in Nangang Exhibition Centre on October 30th, with 5000 tickets all sold leaving no empty seats in the venue. In their 2 days 1 night, 29 hours Taiwan trip, the members earned NT 15,000,000 with ease, singing 6 songs in the showcase. Although so, Jaejoong blathered that his fellow member Yoochun had been stingy, as he never pays the bill when they drink.

800 Fans Welcoming them at the airport
JYJ arrived in Taiwan yesterday and 800 fans came to welcome them. With hundred securities to maintain the crowd’s order, lucky fans who were able to take pictures with their idols, cried out of happiness.

As implied that the trip was tight in time, the moment they checked into the hotel, Junsu went showering, ate Korean cuisine, and everyone soon proceed to the venue for rehearsal.

At the night of album showcase performance that lasted for 70 minutes, all songs performed were in english. The venue immediately became crazy with the music from opening song “Empty” being played. Junsu even used Chinese to greet his fans: “How are your parents’ health? (你爸爸妈妈身体好吗)”, evolving laughter among audiences.

When they were asked about their recent whereabouts, Yoochun laughed and said that while he was filming “Sungkyunkwan and Scandal”, Jaejoong and Junsu brought 160 fried chicken while were visiting him. It seems that the other members have been generous to him, yet he himself was being babbled for being stingy.

Jaejoong splurted that everytime he went drinking with Yoochun, he would be the one who pay, “Because Yoochun always appear earlier at the arranged location, thus when I got there, he is already drunk, hence does not have to pay. There was once when I found a chance to let him pay, I still got to repay in the end.”

Junsu has been attracted to…
Recently, Junsu has been attracted to own cats, and as he saw Jaejoong’s cute cat, he bought 4 cats all at once, “I think Jaejoong completely does not know how to look after cat, therefore I asked him to pass and sell his cat to me, his cat is cuter than mine.”

Jaejoong admitted that he is no expert in bringing up cats, “My cat is too fat, I put him on treadmill to make it losing weight once and got scratched by him, leaving a scar on my hand.”

The members left Taiwan by Cathay Pacfic flight CX420 after the showcase.

Credit: Chinatimes
Trans: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: DBSKnights

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