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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 110121 Gmarket Exclusive! JYJ♥NII Sales Begin!

Gmarket Exclusive! JYJ♥NII Sales Begin!
Gmarket Original Photo Set Present for All!

Sales begin 21 January 1400 hours!!

Gmarket Exclusive – Latest NII Products! Hot items worn by JYJ!

Purchase any of the items from 1-6 and receive an unreleased JYJ Photo Set Present!

1) Junsu’s Vest ¥3,500
2) Jejung’s Vest ¥3,500
3) Yuchun’s Vest ¥3,500
4) Junsu & Jejung’s Outer Wear ¥6,500
5) Jejung’s Long-sleeved Tee ¥4,300
6) Jejung and Yuchun’s Hooded Tee ¥5,700

Upcoming Sale! Check the Mail Magazine! Jejung’s Lu T-Shirt

Source: [Gmarket.jp]
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