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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[trans] 110114 Interview with Park Yoochun (2) – “When Acting, I Got Really Angry.”

You are currently in the midst of the lawsuit with SME. Due to various circumstances, your appearances and activities have been limited. If you had stayed in your original place, you wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation now, and you would still be standing on the stage in an untouchable position. It was such a level of glory, why did you give it up? 

We had already decided to do it. I don’t deny that we gave up the glory. Standing at the top position, we never thought about such problems, we just want to continue performing for a longer time. (Not wanting the glory, just wanting to stay in this line for a longer time). Now, we just want to form a new family, while working. 

Upon hearing that you would be acting, many people mocked, “Why are you even acting?” but now, everyone is looking forward to your next project. The anticipation towards “Actor Park Yoochun” has increased. 

I’ve received a lot of drama and movie scripts, but I’ve not had the time to look through every book. I will not pick a project on impulse, but discuss the good projects with people around me before making a decision. This situation arose because of the popularity of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” (laughs)

You are still a newcomer at the moment, so it’s inevitable that people are more critical about your acting. I think that this necessary in your path to becoming a good actor. But towards your own acting, were there times that you got really mad?

Of course there were. While shooting “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” I prepared a lot, but the director said that my acting skills were not up to par. Every time this happened, my mind would blank out. I really wanted to do well in front of the director, but when things did not go my way, I got really angry at myself. 

After filming was completed, what was going through your mind?

Two days after completion, I was really unwell. For those two days, I stayed at home doing nothing, and I couldn’t even remember anything about the filming location. After I got better, it dawned on me, “Ah! My drama is over.” Initially, I wanted to know everyone’s reactions to my acting, so I switched on the computer and went online to look around, but it got a bit embarrassing so I shut it down. Other than that..Did I make any mistakes in front of the seniors? Or did I do anything wrong? Did I forget to bow to anybody? Things like that, I keep thinking back to the time when we were shooting, the people that I did not manage to extend courtesies to, I called them one by one to do so.

In this line, how long do you think you will work for?

During our concert in Japan, I suddenly asked myself, “How long can I hold on for?” Firstly, I thought about making my mom, brother, fans, members, and everyone else around me happy, and I want to do this until everyone is satisfied. But, a long time from now, when my mom is old and has may even have difficulty walking, during then, I want to be by her side, taking care of her.” 

You were able to win 3 awards, and this shows the power of your fans! But have you thought of the future, when your acting becomes recognized, will you be seeking even higher accolades?

This is why my burden is even heavier, and I feel sorry. During that time, I really felt really good, but I was really doubting if I won that award. Winning this award is a positive motivation for me. 

Also, thinking back to the annual award shows, I realized that actors participating in popular projects win the big awards by doing only one project a year. However, I don’t think this way. I feel that since you win a big award, you should try to gain recognition by participating in various projects. 

Being an actor or a singer, which do you think suits you more? 

I like music and acting, not the profession of Actor or Singer. I started composing from middle school, and recently, even if I am not able to compose every night, I will still try to play the piano for a while. I recognize that I really love music. Once inspiration hits, I will start writing the tune out immediately. (Laughs.) With regards to acting, reading the script is a big burden, but once shooting begins, I immerse myself in it. Ah, I’m actually very interested (in acting.) I like both music and acting, and am interested in both, because they give me a sense of accomplishment. 

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