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Friday, January 7, 2011

[trans] 110105 JYJ twitter updates

He's tweeting so much these days. SO PROUD ;A;
(Yoochun) After eating breakfast~ let's listen to some music!! Brocolli Neomajeo(5:59am KST)

Five thirty ... Not even the words I love you can comfort me... I'm currently listening to these two songs... (6:41am KST)

 There are times when I go crazy because I want to embrace you~ Autumn break and Cactus~ Epitone project ~DongHaeng~Ham Boo Yeong. These are the songs I like.... (6:51am KST)

 Al otro lado del rio~Jorge Drexler~ Listen to this song too~ (6:55am KST)

 Today's last song recommendation..thirteen senses~ The salt wound routine(7:23am KST)

And I have just one favor to ask... Can anyone tell me the location where the characters are feeling the last gust of wind... and the restaurant where the character had his first date with Jamie in the movie A Walk To Remember... I'm planning on going there... It's a movie I saw while I was in the US... and I feel like I have the time now to visit the place ^^ (7:26am KST)
 @6002theMicky Did you not sleep, or did you wake up really early?? keke(7:30am KST)
@CooooLDY I woke up early^^ Around 4am!!^^ What about you, hyung??(7:51am KST)
@6002theMicky I can give you a song recommendation but you have to listen to it while watching the video. Playing for change - stand by me , one love. Playing for change stand by me's talking part at the beginning is a work of art keke(8:03am KST)
 @CooooLDY Oh oh oh oh~ Call!!! I've heard it before~ I'm looking for it right now!^^ (8:09am KST)

(Yoochun) Ah~ I like Cyworld because you can listen to music there~ (5:56pm KST)

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