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Friday, January 14, 2011

[trans] 110112 SBS's Official Statement, "JYJ's "Good Morning" Episode Cofirmed To Air On The 20th"

It has been confirmed that the JYJ episode of 'Bae Gi Wan-Choi Young Ah-Jo Hyeong Gi's Good Morning' will air on the 20th.

A SBS representative revealed on the 12th that, "It has been confirmed that JYJ's 'Good Morning' episode will be aired on the 20th." 

Though the episode was filmed on December 27th last year and was set to air on the 5th this month, the 'Lee Beom Soo' episode was aired instead on this date and was met by complaints from viewers. The episode was postponed to the 19th, but the chances of this happening slimmed and JYJ fans were not pleased with this.

PD Jo Dong Seok of 'Good Morning' wrote on the Viewers' Thread on the 7th that, "Though we posted an official notice confirming the airing of JYJ's episode on the 19th, we realized that this decision was made disregarding the government's confirmation hearings that will be held from the 17th to the 20th," and "There is a high possibility that the hearings will be aired from the 17th to the 19th as this is an important event. It would be safer to assume that JYJ's episode will air on the 20th."

PD Jo continued to add that, "To ensure that JYJ's episode receives the full 80 minutes that are usually allotted for the show, it has been decided that the 20th would be the best date."

Many expressed skepticism at this remark but SBS has confirmed on the 12th that the episode will air on the 20th.

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