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Friday, January 14, 2011

[trans] 110108 SM Singers' 'Concentrated Fire' On JYJ For The First Time In 18 Months.. Why?

SM Entertainment's singers are in the spotlight for revealing their feelings of disappointment all at once towards JYJ's Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who left the agency and their places in TVXQ one year and six months ago.

Shim Jae Won, a former member of Black Beat and current choreographer at SM, left a comment on his personal Twitter on the 7th that seemed to be directly aimed at JYJ's Junsu as he said, "You're going too far there... Little brother, what you're doing isn't right... Who are you to point fingers at others, don't act like you're disappointed. Can't you see who is really hurting right now... Even ingratitude has its limits."

Following this, 'Asia's Star' BoA, who has been in SM for over 10 years, retweeted what Shim Jae Won said, implying that she agreed with his stance on the issue.

Fellow SM singer Shin Dong from Super Junior also retweeted Shim Jae Won's tweet and left his own words targeting JYJ as he said, "Enemy(敵): A person you wish to fight or harm. Ingratitude(背恩忘德): Having an attitude that betrays those they are indebted to. It means that calling one's family a person you wish to fight or harm means that you have an attitude that betrays those you are indebted to."

Sungmin, another member of Super Junior, left a note on the same day on his homepage that seemed to be towards JYJ as it said, "I'm leaving a few words on here because I can't take it anymore. Are you incapable of remembering the days till now when we told each other to work hard and said fighting together. We used to enjoy even just rehearsing. Have you forgotten when we used to dream about being on TV, even just once... I hope you look into the mirror once more and think whether or not you've lost your original intentions."

He continued to say, "Thinking of the affection we stacked during our time together, I forgave you and understood you for leaving us without a word, saying that you were off to find your own path, and scarring us. But I don't understand why you're using lies and hurtful words to make even those, who are silently working so hard, look like fools."

Jung Mo of TRAX, another SM singer, left words on his homepage as well that seemed to pinpoint JYJ that said, "I'm leaving a few words because I feel frustrated. No matter which way I look at it, this just isn't right. There are even limits to repaying kindness with revenge. People can always change but I feel more scared by the day. Don't they realize the presence in their lives that they've left behind and how much that presence took care of them?"

Many are speculating that Junsu's tweet was the catalyst to this burst of disappointment publicly shared by SM singers, one year and six months since JYJ and SM's dispute began.

On the 6th, Junsu left a tweet on his personal twitter that read, "Till now, I believed that.. it wasn't true.. it couldn't be true.. We all used to share the same thought that.. they are the enemy of all five of us ..It seems they were not the enemy to all of us.. To show thanks.. to that which we all once considered to be our enemy... Many things must have happened during the times we were not together.. I feel so worn out."

Following this, he also left another tweet saying, "I'm trying to think.. hear.. and see only good things.. I've been doing that till now.. But I'm finding that so hard to do today.. Though we are apart ..This isn't right hyung... We used to share the same thoughts.. Why.. Why.. Why are you doing this.."

The majority of netizens state that Junsu was referring to TVXQ and was directing the tweet at the group's leader U-Know Yunho. Therefore, it could be said that Junsu was showing his disappointment towards the new 2-member TVXQ who made a K-pop comeback on the 5th with a new album.

Some fans of K-pop have stated that Junsu was tweeting in response to U-Know's 'Thanks To' section in the special edition album that said, "Changmin, you know what I want to say even without me saying it, right? I love you! I feel so strong because I have you by my side," and "Shall we show them all just how much we've grown? So! Act 2 of TVXQ! Starts now!"

But Junsu's words have instead irritated various singers from SM who have been staying silent on the issue of JYJ and many speculate that this was why they simultaneously left words aimed at JYJ on various social networks.

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