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Monday, January 24, 2011

[news] 110123 JYJ Delivers Controversial Lyrics for "Untitled Song Part 1"

“When you need us, we’re family, but when we need you, we’re strangers.”

JYJ’s latest album,”Their Rooms, Our Story,” was finally released today, and as many predicted, lyrics from a particular song has been causing some buzz in the media due to its negative portrayal of SM Entertainment.

Titled ‘Untitled Song Part 1,’ the song was self-written and composed by member Yoochun. According to Korean media outlet, Kuki News, the lyrics state:

“After finally being met with jackpot success overseas and finding out that we had created unimaginable results, I headed to the company on the day of our pay with light steps. But on the statement of accounts that I received that day, the results were a minus. I thought maybe I read wrong and checked again, but everything was written as an expense. Damn, all that money was written off as expense. Exactly what kind of expense was it that all that money disappeared? I still can’t forget the higher representative’s words that told me that it would be difficult if I left the company. What the seniors said were right: Would you want to keep the ones that still willingly want to make money for you?“

It continues, “This is never our efforts as a product. The day I die as a human being. It’s an effort made because I don’t want to be left with regrets.”

The album is currently ranking in on the ‘Top 5′ of weekly best seller charts.

Source: Kuki News via Nate
Credits: allkpop

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