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Saturday, October 30, 2010

[INFO] JYJ launches official Youtube Channel + first contest

JYJ has just announced their first contest! THe winners will receive 2 tickets to any of the US tour dates. The deadline is Thursday, November 4th! To enter, just create a 'creative video' and subscribe to the JYJ Youtube Channel. Check out the details below:

Video Contest #1: WHY ARE YOU THE #1 JYJ FAN IN THE WORLD??!!

1) Make a creative video
2) Ask & link to "SUBSCRIBE TO http://facebook.com/JYJtour"
3) Share it with us here!
...4) We'll add you to our YouTube playlist!


Deadline Thursday, November 4th, 2010. Winner and new contest will be announce on the 5th! Winner will receive 2 tickets to from any of the US tour dates.

JYJ's management team has just announced that the trio has opened their official Youtube channel! They'll be holding contests, events and more on their page. JYJ's team says you'll be able to "WIN FREE TICKETS & MUCH MORE!".

So far, the page only has one video uploaded, which is an intro video to JYJ's World Tour and debut album.

Source: JYJ Tour Youtube Channel
Credits: Koreaboo
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