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Saturday, October 30, 2010

[JAEJOONG/YOOCHUN/JUNSU] 101030 JYJ tweeting up a frenzy after their Taipei showcase

(1020PM KST) YooChun says: 건영이형^^난 형이참 좋아요!!!선물~~ http://yfrog.com/6wh5enj
Gun Young Hyung ^^ My Hyung whom I really like!!! Gift~~

(1021PM KST) JaeJoong says: 끝났다 너무신났어 대만 고마워!
It has ended. It was so much fun. Thank you Taiwan!

(1022PM KST) JunSu says: 대만..마음으로 느꼈습니다..^^
Taiwan.. I felt it with my heart.. ^^

(1023PM KST) JaeJoong says: ^^ 응?이라고하는 지지 http://yfrog.com/49urlkj
^^ Eh? JiJi who said "eh"

(1026PM KST) YooChun says: 기쁨보다 더욱 기쁜 기쁨을 받았어요...너무고마워요!!아~~좋다!! http://yfrog.com/f5q24aj
It was so much happiness, more than just plain happiness. Thank you very much!! Ahhh~~ It feels good!

(1027PM KST) JunSu says: 어느날 우리 은혁님께서..방송에서 내가 술을 마셨다고..그말이 와전되어서 내가 술을 즐겨마시는걸로 되어버렸어..켁..확실히 말하지만..난 술을 마셔본적이있을뿐이지 지금도 난 좋아하지않고 마시지않아 ~ ㅋ얘기하다보니 우리 혁재가 보고싶네..에긍
On some day our EunHyuk-nim.. He said on-air in a program, that I drank alcohol. That comment has now come true. I have come to know and enjoy the taste of alcohol.. Kekek.. To put it right.. It's only just that I've tasted alcohol.. I still don't like it now and don't yearn drinking it~ Now that I'm talking about this I miss HyukJae...

Source: JaeJoong's, JunSu's, YooChun's Twitter Accounts
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