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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[news] 101220 JYJ says there is a possibility of resuming activities as a 5 member TVXQ

With the second court hearings having taken a place not too long ago, the result of JYJ's lawsuit against SM Entertainment is still unknown.

After debuting in 2003 in Korea and becoming the most successful Korean boy band in recent years, they then marched towards Japan in 2005. In Japan, they became the most successful Korean artist to ever enter the market, having eight #1 singles on the Oricon chart (record is unsurpassed). The group then ended their activities and went on hiatus on April 3, 2010 after releasing their final Japanese single, "With All My Heart", and final Japanese album, "Best Selection 2010".

After a 2 year 3 month hiatus, members Yunho and Changmin will be returning to the music scene as TVXQ and releasing an album on January 5th, and Japanese single on January 26th. They have already released an OST for the drama "Athena".

What is JYJ's reaction to Yunho and Changmin's comeback?

In a recent interview with Money Today Star News, JYJ expressed their disappointment that TVXQ must promote as two separate teams. As frustrating as that may be, the trio expressed that they would like to see each other to do well.

Yoochun commented, "It's not important who gets to use the name TVXQ right now. We three were and still are TVXQ, all five are members of TVXQ."

Junsu then added, "It is complicated and disappointing but we must continue on with our activities without shame, even though there is a wall between us."

Then Star News asked the question many fans have been wanting to voice, "Is there any possibility for the members of TVXQ to come back together?"

The members relpied, "We are always open to the possibility. If it was a problem we could solve among ourselves, we would solve it right away."

Lastly, Jaejoong added, "Even though it is disappointing with the current situation. We would like to welcome the activities of the two members. When the five of us are together, we bring out the best of TVXQ and it gives us great pride that we are part of the group that is worthy of that name. If you are true to the name TVXQ, please buy their album."

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