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Saturday, December 25, 2010

[trans] 101223 JYJ's Junsu, "I want to stand on stage with Jo Seung Woo."

JYJ's Junsu, who has become the comet of the musical word, has stated that he wishes to stand on stage with actor Jo Seung Woo.

Junsu will be meeting fans once more as the lead role in the large-scale production 'Tears of Heaven' next February. Junsu, who has already proven his ticket power and talent in the musical 'Mozart!', has become a star to keep an eye on in the musical industry.

When we made a comment to Junsu that, "There have been many articles comparing you to Jo Seung Woo. As your musical will be held around the same time as Jo Seung Woo's 'Jekyll and Hyde', many have pitted the two of you against each other as rivals," he replied back that, "I am both thankful and sorry to Jo Seung Woo that many people talk about the two of us. In other words, I feel honored."

He continued to add, "Though I've been a singer for 6, 7 years, I've only been doing musicals for one year, so for my name to be mentioned in the same sentence as that of Jo Seung Woo, one of the best actors in the industry, makes me feel great but also puts added pressure on me to work harder."

Junsu also spoke of his wish that, "This is the first time I'm saying this, but I want to stand on stage with Jo Seung Woo. 'Jekyll and Hyde' is a production I really want to perform in. But if we were to play the same role, we would never be able to stand on stage together, so I would like to play a different character just to stand on stage with him."

Source: [osen+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

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