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Saturday, December 25, 2010

[info] The6002.com: For Micky Yoochun's International Fans

The6002 was created to provide all of Micky Yoochun's international fans a place to hang out together, stay up to date on Yoochun news, enjoy Yoochun pictures and videos, and chat about our favorite passionable composer! As a part of the red ocean of Cassiopeia, we will always support all 5 members in whatever path they go down, but here, we focus on our Yoochun and will cheer him on in all of his endeavors!

By popular decision, international Yoochun fans are called Chunsa. In Korean, Chunsa means angel. This name suits Yoochun fans everywhere as we watch over him and support him from all corners of the world!

If you're a big Yoochun fan, please don't hesitate and visit the6002.com for more Yoochun goodies! Support our Smiling Angel :)

Visit this website for more info: HERE

credit to: DBSKnights
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