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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[trans]110212 SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong : “I Came To Support JYJ’s Kim Junsu”

SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong attended the musical performance by JYJ’s Kim Junsu. 

On 12 Feb, at the National Theatre of Korea, Kim Junsu’s second musical performance, “Tears of Heaven” had begun. On this day, Kim Hyunjoong, who wearing a black beanie, came for the 8pm performance, and appeared at the venue 30 mins before the opening. Once he appeared in the hall, the waiting fans started to cheer, and Kim Hyunjoong bowed in greeting as he hurried towards the VIP room. 

The musical “Tears of Heaven” is a story about a young soldier Joon (Junsu), who aspires to be a writer, and falls for the Vietnamese Singer Lihn (Lee Haeri), a love that transcends fate and time. 
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