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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[trans] 110113 JYJ twitter updates

*shuffles over to Junsu* ........... *hugs*
(Junsu) I believe in fate.. I believe in love.. I thank the heavens that I met you.. My dark days now shine bright, I can't believe it.. The world has turned upside down.. I see only one person. Because of you, this whole world has changed.. When you see my face, when you see my lips, you will know everything you need to know. That our love will never change (8:47am KST)

 I've never.. loved.. like this before.. (8:47am KST)

 Look at that shining sun.. it always watches over you.. No matter where you are, I will be by your side like the sun.. When my prayers reach the sky.. They will ride the wind and you will hear my whispers.... (9:05am KST)

 Can you hear me.. I love you... Listen to this voice... Even if we were.. very far apart.. I will probably live.. facing the spot you stand in. (9:05am KST)

It doesn't matter who.. and it doesn't matter when.. words dropped easily can become knives.. The words.. that scarred will always come back again.. Think about it.. Think about who really are the ones who are hurting the most and are the have the most regrets.. Look at that place deep within my heart, there is a deep love hidden there.. Some open their hearts to others.. and others build a high wall.. (9:09am KST)

 And close the door to their hearts.. But will that make the heart feel lighter.. All it will bring are scars.. We can't know anything about what has already passed, as they are in the past.. Happiness or sorrow.. We can't know when this will end.. That is what living is about.. I've always been waiting for this moment, calling your name.. My earnest heart reaches you, it must be the work of the heavens.. (9:11am KST)

 Now it's your turn.. Open the door to your heart to him.. For you.. (9:12am KST)

So... You all can make your own assumptions on who this text is going to
(Jaejoong) I want to give you an answer to this subject myself. I, myself, will be the person to tell you this. The text messages I sent you, though there weren't that many.. Do you know just how hard it was for me to send them to you.. I've just texted you again, so please check your phone.. (12:32pm KST)

Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong's Twitter]
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