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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[trans] 110107 JYJ Participates In A Book Campaign - Jaejoong Recommends A Japanese Author

Popular Korean group 「JYJ」 will be participating in 「Samsung Share a Book Everyday Campaign」. This was confirmed by Samsung Campaign's press relations company, Prain on the 7th. 

Prain explained, "In this campaign, JYJ will participate through Samsung's blog, and recommend "a book of hope" which holds a special meaning to themselves." The books that 「JYJ」 recommend, along with books chosen for the campaign will be gathered and donated to a choir for the disabled.

Jaejoong recommended author Suzuki Hideko's「辛いときはただ泣きなさい」(Just Cry During Tough Times), Junsu recommended poet Jung Ho Seung's「내 인생에 힘이 되어준 한마디」(A Word That Gave Me Strength In My Life) and Yoochun recommended photographer Jo Seon Hui's「힐링포토」(Healing Photo).

Jaejoong, who recommended Suzuki Hideko's「辛いときはただ泣きなさい」, expressed this thoughts on the book, saying that "the line 'Be grateful for everything on Earth' hit home "and "after reading this book, you feel that if you look at everything positively, your life can be beautiful".

On the other hand, Yoochun revealed, "I have all of his books in my study, but I keep 「힐링포토」in my room." He also added "Some years ago, when I felt very beaten down, I received the book as a farewell present from the one who gave me strength." Junsu said, "Feeling the importance of "A Word" and understanding the need to be alert when I talk", and recommended 「내 인생에 힘이 되어준 한마디」.

Through sites like Twitter, net users can participate and the members also sent this message, "Even in tough times, we want the members of the choir, who continued with music (despite everything), to read the recommended books and feel happiness and hope."

In this same campaign, net users can choose "a book of hope" along with stars, and donate books to low-income earners, childcare centres and people who have a lesser chance at contact with books. 
Source: [Wow!Korea]
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